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a REAL week in my life

Normally, my Sundays are the most uneventful days of my week, as I reserve them for any last minute weekend homework and downtime. However, after finishing my Math, AP Government, and IB Literature take-home exams, it was off to the South Carolina state fair with my family! This day was the last day of the fair, but it was still packed. We rode rides, visited the animals, and…Continue reading

Be Accepted: How to do the College Process RIGHT as a High Schooler

A couple weeks ago, I started my junior year of high school. Exciting, right? Well, junior year means seeing my friends every day again, but it also means harder classes, more homework, practicing for and taking the SAT. All of this is getting me prepared for one thing: the college application process. Although I’m not … Continue reading

a collection of european ramblings: poetry, journals, and photos

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I spent the better half of July traversing countries an ocean away from my home…aka I was in Europe. If I’m being honest, I never thought I would get the chance to see outside of the US until I potentially studied abroad in college at the age … Continue reading

Q&A!! Fashion, Life, Activism, and MORE!

Last July, I did a Q&A on the blog and got a great response from it, so I thought, why not make this an annual thing? My views and life changes from year to year, as does everyone else’s, so I’m excited to make this sort of a life update post as well. Without further … Continue reading

Why I Deleted Instagram Off My Phone for a Week

I’ve been debating on whether or not to share this post for the past couple of weeks. First off, that I have seen first-hand the mental health issues and side effects social media can create in the real world. I’ve been lucky to have never experienced cyber-bullying or any other extreme side effects from social … Continue reading

Why I’m Vegetarian + What it has to do with the Climate Crisis

I’ve been vegetarian for almost 6 months now and it’s been…well, pretty normal, if I’m being honest. I’ve been vegetarian during the summer in the past, but at the beginning of 2019 I decided that it was time for me to become a full-time vegetarian. This switch was no different than when I had switched … Continue reading

a 10-step (mostly) foolproof plan to making this summer the best yet!

My last day of sophomore year was today and that means… IT”S OFFICIALLY SUMMERTIME!! I’m excited to start working towards my summer goals and focus more of my time and energy on my passion projects like this blog and Faces of Feminism. Earlier this week, I asked for blog post requests on my Instagram story … Continue reading

50 Instagram Story Ideas for YOU!

Last Sunday, I shared my #1 tip to connecting on Instagram. It got a fantastic response, so I decided to continue with the Instagram tips this week. Instagram stories are debatably my favorite feature on the app and I will rave about them to anyone and everyone until the day they prove unworthy of my … Continue reading

The #1 Way to Connect with Your Followers in 2019

A lot of what we see on Instagram is all about the numbers. Who has more followers? More likes? More comments? However, lately I’ve been seeing a shift in the way people go about running their page. There’s a new, widespread intimacy to Instagram that wasn’t there even a year ago. Engagement is still key, … Continue reading

i’m 16 now… what does that mean?

A little over a week ago, I, Absolutely Olivia, left the not-so-humble age of 15 in the dust. 15 held all the usual highs and lows that people go on about…I can legally drive on my own, went to my first music festival, hit a few road bumps in October, got my first two bylines … Continue reading

i was rejected from art school…

Last week I received an email that I had been patiently impatiently waiting for since November. It was an email that very nearly altered my future and consequently, the rest of my life. Towards the end of the supposed receiving date, I was refreshing my email every second, ready for the news to arrive. It … Continue reading

Life Update // Getting Back on Track

Before I address anything else that’s been going on in my life, I want to talk about the most exciting thing that’s happened to me recently… I’M PUBLISHED!! IN A MAGAZINE!! If you follow my Instagram (@absolutelyolivia) you may have seen me posting frantic stories in January about my fear of failure in reference … Continue reading

Letting Go of a Passion

As you may or may not know, a large amount of my time between the ages of 7 and 14 (I’m 15 now) were spent playing and thinking about playing tennis. I started playing when my best friend at the time invited me to start doing group lessons with her and her sister, which led … Continue reading

Anything Goes: Let’s Talk Affirmative Action

This past October, I started a new and exciting series on my blog called Anything Goes.  In this series, I am going to be tackling topics that are taboo or uncomfortable for many to talk about, and will be including guest posts, interviews, and some of my own writing.  I plan to address stigmas and issues that … Continue reading

two years late and love still TRUMPS hate

November 9, 2016 I woke up at 6:00, an hour and a half earlier than when I typically open my eyes. It could’ve been because my family was being extra loud that morning, but it wasn’t. My house was dark. I was the first one up. It took less than a second for me to … Continue reading

Why You’re NOT Unattractive

How many attractive qualities can you name about yourself right now? If you named more than three, you’re doing incredible, my friend. If you named less than three, this post is for you. The definition of attractive means having beneficial qualities or features that are appealing to the senses. When one person tells you something … Continue reading

How to End Procrastination in the New Year

Earlier this week, I posted my first post of 2019 called “why I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions” and in it I briefly touched on how I made goals in December to beat procrastination. Here’s a lil excerpt: This past December I took initiative to end my procrastination. In November, I only posted four … Continue reading

I Don’t Believe in the “New Year” and Here’s Why

For the first time in a few months, I’ve been putting off writing this blog post. Why? Well, first of all, this is technically supposed to be THAT post of the new year where I share my hopes, dreams, and aspirations for the year ahead. I say that mockingly because I’m not sure if I … Continue reading

2018 Year in Review

We have made it to the end of 2018 everyone! Whether this year was one of your best or one of your worst, you’re still here, breathing, and ready for the new year. Although I’ve already posted a New Year’s Eve Lookbook and have made personal reflections to wrap up the year on my Instagram, … Continue reading

the reality of life… the biggest lesson I learned in 2018

As 2018 comes to a close, I’ve begun to reflect on the past 12 months.   I’ve gotten to vacation with family,  works with incredible brands, march for causes I believe in, spend my summer travelling all over America, head back to school, go to football games with friends, and create content incorporating all of this … Continue reading

Make Muse: the magazine that escapes the male gaze

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Hey friends!!  As most of you know, I’m a proud intersectional feminist who loves to mix in typical fashion posts with Instagram and blog posts calling for action and justice on a multitude of human rights issues.  I’m a supporter of all things women-related, especially when they are by women, for women. So, naturally, when … Continue reading

Anything Goes: Let’s Talk Mental Health


*Trigger Warning: various mental illnesses, self-harm, and suicide* Last month, I started a new and exciting series on my blog called Anything Goes.  In this series, I am going to be tackling topics that are taboo or uncomfortable for many to talk about, and will be including guest posts, interviews, and some of my own … Continue reading

How I Edit my Instagram Photos

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A question I always seem to get from time to time, but has picked up within the past month is: How do you edit your Instagram photos?  I did one this past Spring, but I think it’s safe to say my editing has changed a bit.  To me, editing photos is a part of the … Continue reading

Life Update // Toxic Thoughts and How to get Rid of Them

2018-11-01 01.05.55 1.jpg

Earlier this week, I asked on my Instagram for blog post ideas and someone requested a “how are you? like not just good, or bad, or fine, but how are you really” type of post.  This really hit me hard because the truth is, I’ve been trying to write one for weeks. To say October was … Continue reading

Anything Goes: Let’s Talk Periods


Today I’m starting a new and exciting series for my blog called Anything Goes.  In this series, I am going to be tackling topics that are taboo or uncomfortable for many to talk about, and will be including guest posts, interviews, and some of my own writing.  I plan to address stigmas and issues that surround subjects … Continue reading

How to Write Engaging Instagram Captions (pt. 2)

Something I’m most proud of when it comes to Absolutely Olivia and all its platforms, are my Instagram captions.  Some days they are the bane of my existence, but most days I get super excited to type out something meaningful to go along with my insta photo for that day.  I strongly believe that captions have as … Continue reading

How to Write Engaging Instagram Captions (pt. 1)

2018-10-20 10.51.03 3.jpg

Something I’m most proud of when it comes to Absolutely Olivia and all its platforms, are my Instagram captions.  Some days they are the bane of my existence, but most days I get super excited to type out something meaningful to go along with my insta photo for that day.  I strongly believe that captions … Continue reading

My #1 Productivity Tip

Hey, hey friends!!  Something I struggle with a lot during the school year is finding time and motivation to get everything from homework to tennis to blog posts done.  It’s easy to find yourself overwhelmed with a lengthy to-do list that only ends up leaving you stressed.  Obviously, productivity is key when trying to tackle … Continue reading

Why Your Vote Actually DOES Matter

I invite you to dig deeper than your political affiliations for a moment and think about what I’m about to tell you is showing the rest of America. A man goes out and assaults a woman, leaving her scared, scarred, and afraid.  He grows up and becomes a powerful politician.  She grows up and becomes … Continue reading

How to Pose for Instagram Photos (part 2)


Hey friends!!  I’m super excited about today’s post because a) it was fun to write b) I love sharing advice with you guys and c) this is my most highly-requested post EVER!  Since starting Instagram about a year and a half ago, I’ve learned a lot.  From how to scout locations to the best ways to get … Continue reading

what a haircut can’t fix: feeling restless, out-of-control, and stuck

2018-09-12 03.37.44 1.jpg

*Quick disclaimer:  This post is all over the place, mainly because I’m trying to explain the way my mind is working currently throughout it, which is no easy task.  My reason for writing this post is for those of you who may feel similarly sometimes and need someone to relate to so that you feel … Continue reading

How to Pose for Instagram Photos (part 1)

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Hey friends!!  I’m super excited about today’s post because a) it was fun to write b) I love sharing advice with you guys and c) this is my most highly-requested post EVER!  Since starting Instagram about a year and a half ago, I’ve learned a lot.  From how to scout locations to the best ways … Continue reading

10 People You Should Be Following On Instagram

Today, I’m sharing with you a post that has been the easiest for me to write in a long time.  I’ve written all about 10 of my favorite follows on Instagram that are constantly inspiring me, motivating me, and producing the most iNsAnElY cool content!  Normally, I would stare at the screen for a while … Continue reading

7 Lessons I Learned from Harry Potter

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I’ve been doing tons of back-to-school posts lately, but today is September 1 which means… HAPPY BACK-TO-HOGWARTS!! Yes, today’s post is bringing out my wEiRd side a little as I’m going to be geeking out about Harry Potter throughout it.  This year is the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter and September 1st is the official … Continue reading

5 Ways You’re WRONG About Women’s Rights

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Friends!!  Today is Women’s Equality Day here in the US, and of course, being an intersectional feminist I had to put up a post for it (especially since it fell on a posting day too hehe).  In this post, I’m going to respond to common arguments people make against women’s equality, and show you why … Continue reading

songs for when you don’t want to talk to people: my back-to-school playlist

I’m officially back in school for my sophomore year!!  Although my first three days have been surprisingly fun, I know there will come a time in the year when I just want to plug in my headphones and forget about school.  Especially on days when I’m not feelin’ the whole extroverted lifestyle I’ve been leading … Continue reading

Being Yourself + Staying Yourself as a Teen

2018-08-19 02.35.56 1.jpg

I think we can all agree that “being yourself” is a lot easier said than done, especially when it comes to being completely you throughout the school year.  Giving into the pressures around you to conform to one specific type of person is something we all go through, especially as a teen.  A lot of times in … Continue reading

6 Study Tips: How to Get A’s 

The school year is quickly approaching for many of us, leading to buying back-to-school outfits and school supplies.  What, you may ask, will we do with the school supplies? Well, we’ll write notes and solve problems that we will have to study later on for the dreaded test or quiz.  Studying for tests can easily … Continue reading

Myths of High School: What They DON’T Tell You About Freshman Year

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Quicker than the blink of an eye, it’s that time of year again: Back to School season!!  Some of us are more excited than others when it comes to having to dig out your backpack from the back of your closet to fill it with school supplies, but I’m just excited to be sharing some … Continue reading

real talk: travelling, school stresses, and *insert your crush’s name here*

Let me set the scene for you:  It’s 8:30 on a summer Sunday night.  A teen girl sits in bed as she vigorously types into the laptop propped up on a pillow over her legs.  She’s wearing a tie-dye shirt that reads “I’m with granddaddy” (a funky albeit proud Goodwill find) and mis-matching pink marble … Continue reading

Q&A: Answering YOUR Questions About Blogging

It’s Q&A time, and I’ve gathered tons of q’s together that you asked me on my Instagram about life, college, blogging, activism, books, and more.  In order to keep you from getting too bored with my lengthy answers (I am not a woman of few words), I’ve split this Q&A into two posts.  This one is everything … Continue reading

Q&A: Answering YOUR Questions About Life, College, and Activism

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I haven’t been so excited to share a post with you all in a while.  Maybe it’s because you will know heaps more about me after reading it, maybe it’s because I had the time of my life writing it, or maybe it’s because you all got to first-hand participate in it!  It’s Q&A time, … Continue reading

How I Resist

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Recently, I read a book that captivated my attention more than any I’ve read lately.  I’m not a book blogger and have no desire to be, but this book has compelled me to come on here and write a post inspired by it!  The book is called How I Resist and is a collection of … Continue reading

Week in my Life: Houston, Texas

Last week was quite possible one of the best weeks of my life so far.   I was in Houston, Texas with my youth group and 30,000 other teens from all over America for the National Lutheran Youth Gathering!  For 5 days, we did service around the Houston community, got together with kids from our state, … Continue reading

8 FUN Summer Photo Shoot Ideas

It’s officially summer, everyone!!  The solstice has come and gone, meaning there’s at least 2 months ahead filled with a bit more freedom and longer days to do more in.  One of my favorite things to do in the summer is to have fun fun FUN photo shoots with my friends and family.  And judging … Continue reading

once i do this, i’ll be happy: what I’ve learned about happiness + gratitude

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*beginning of one of my journal entries* June 15, 2018 A couple weeks ago, I met up with a friend I hadn’t seen in a while.  She mentioned how she had been keeping up with the blog, and how I “seem genuinely happy with what I’m doing.”  This lit a glow inside of me.  I … Continue reading

2018 Goals Check- Up #2

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My very first post this year was my 18 Goals for 2018, and I have every intention to meet all of those goals. However, sometimes I start to forget and lose motivation to complete them, which is where this post comes in! This post is a goals check-up, where I list all 18 goals and whether or not … Continue reading

Charleston Travel Guide: Where to Eat, Shop, and Visit!!

When I was younger, it was easy to dread travelling because of the long car rides.  Now, I’m able to see past that to whatever destination that always provides new adventures!  A place I love to visit (and doesn’t take too long of a car ride for me :)) is Charleston, South Carolina.  The beautiful … Continue reading

hi, i’m insecure

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Earlier this week on Instagram, I posted the above photo.  I was thinking about not posting the photo though because of how my legs looked.  I’ve always been aware of how short and stocky they are; after all, the beauty standard is long, tall, and lean legs. For some photos, I’ve even thought about lengthening my … Continue reading

Portrait Photography Tips for Beginners

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It’s been too long on the blog without a photography post, so to kick off May, guess what I’m posting??  A photography post! As an extrovert, I’m obsessed with people. Love being around people, hanging out with people, stalking people…on Insta, watching people on YouTube, looking at pictures of people, but most importantly: I LOVE … Continue reading

How to Find Your (Girl) Squad

2018-04-23 07.15.00 1.jpg

Woohoo, friendzz, today I’m bringing you a post that with advice I wish I had earlier on in life, all about how to find your (girl) squad and other friends!! This past year has gone from not-so-great to freaking fantastic when it comes to long-lasting friendships. A falling out with one of my besties led … Continue reading

Why I Blog + What it Has to Do With YOU

2018-03-25 02.32.29 1.jpg

Hey heyyy friends! I hope you all had the most fabulous week, and welcome back to Absolutely Olivia 😉 Although I’ve shared on here blog posts about the Story Behind Its Name, Why You Shouldn’t Be Scared of Standing Out, and Why AND How You Can Pull Off Anything, I’ve never shared my mission/purpose behind … Continue reading

Love at First Listen: FEEL GOOD Playlist


Woohoo gals and guys!! I’ve been feeling good after a up-and-down March month, and want y’all to feel that way too. Maybe it’s the warmer weather (if it’s snowing where you live, I’m sorry :/), maybe it’s the fact that the school year is winding to an end, or maybe it’s the fun time I’ve … Continue reading

How I Edit My Instagram Photos!!

Keep reading to see how I took my photo from the left side to the right side!   It’s no secret that Instagram is full of perfectly edited photos that are made to create everything from the feeling of wanderlust to the feeling of love in the viewer.  Some see editing as a bad thing, … Continue reading

What It Was Like to March for My Life

As most of you know, gun violence has been plaguing the United States for the many years, but especially for the past couple years. After the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Florida this past Valentine’s Day where 17 kids were killed, the call for gun reforms reached its peak thanks … Continue reading

2018 Goals Check-Up #1


My very first post this year was my 18 Goals for 2018, and I have every intention to meet all of those goals. However, sometimes I start to forget and lose motivation to complete them, which is where this post comes in! This post is a goals check-up, where I list all 18 goals and … Continue reading

Why the Fight for Gun Reforms is YOUR Fight + How You Can Help

2018-03-24 01.08.10 2.jpg

I hate going to movie theaters. When people ask me why, I tell them it’s because I hate being around strangers in the dark for so long. But that’s only part of the truth. The root of the fear comes from the fact that darkness masks shooters too easily. I should be able to go … Continue reading

Instagram 101: Answering YOUR Questions (Q&A)

2018-01-14 04.08.26 2.jpg

For the past 3 Thursday’s, I have posted an Instagram 101 post to help you all with anything that the app may be stumping you about. The three blog posts have addressed the topics of Getting Engagement, Getting Real, and Getting Connected on Instagram with 5 tips in each to achieve the following and influence … Continue reading

Upcoming Spring Trends as Seen on NYFW Runways

As most of you know, it’s fashion week season!!  From New York to Milan, there are runway shows galore, which is quite possibly my favorite way to have things be.  This means endless, and I mean ENDLESS, outfit and trend inspiration for the rest of the year ahead (or at least until the fall fashion … Continue reading

Instagram 101: Getting Connected

2018-02-17 05.18.40 1.jpg

It’s Thursday everyone, and that means a new Instagram 101 post!! Today’s topic is all about getting connected on Instagram, whether it be with your followers or other bloggers around you. It’s essential to build relationships with both categories of these people because these are the people that read your blog, like your photos, can … Continue reading

Instagram 101: Getting Real


As promised, it’s time for part 2 of my 3-part Instagram 101 blog series! Last week’s topic was all about getting engagement, and this week’s is about getting real. I’ve been on Instagram for just over a year (my one year was yesterday!!), and for someone who knew close to nothing about the app when … Continue reading

What to do When You’re Having an AWFUL Week

A couple weeks ago, I was at my wit’s end. My sleep schedule was sent way off track after a few nights in a row of staying up late, and I was working non-stop on my blog, Instagram, and schoolwork. I became super tired and unmotivated, which led to me not wanting to do anything at school or after school. Tennis was a nightmare, and my mood was not the brightest :/ All of this piled on top of each other, and created a wayyy less than fabulous week… Continue Reading

What Even is a Feminist??

A few weeks ago, one of my blogger friends, Cal (from Current Callan), reached out and wanted to start a small blog project that we could take on together. The project was one where we would be gathering photos and blurbs from followers and friends who identify as feminists, in order to show that a feminist can be anyone and everyone. As you know, especially if you follow me on Instagram, being a feminist and sharing those beliefs with you all is super important to me. So naturally, I said YES, YES, YES, I want to work on the project! As I received submissions from you… Continue Reading

Instagram 101: Getting Engagement

2018-02-07 05.33.21 1.jpg

New month, new blog series! I mean, that’s how it goes right?! This February rings in my one year anniversary on Instagram (follow me *wink wink*), and to keep the story short, I’ve learned a whole lot in these (almost) 365 days. From the best way to market your posts to the best times to post, you name it; I’ve learned it. Obviously, I am still a smaller account and am far from being an Insta pro, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a few tips and tricks that I want to share with you… Continue Reading

Love at First Listen: Winter Playlist


In my opinion, music is the window to someone’s soul, and today I want to give you all a little peek into my soul. It’s been a while since I’ve done a Love at First Listen, but hey, better late than never! Over the past few months, I have placed many new songs onto my Spotify playlists, and jamming out to them is my #1 favorite thing to do. I’m sure you all love to do that too, so here I am with 8 of my most-listened to songs… Continue Reading

January Photography + Moments

Although it has felt like February too many times to count already, January still went by way too fast! To give you all (and my future self) a glimpse into my personal life, I’ve decided to start a new monthly series on the blog called Monthly Moments. Just like in this post, it will include a blog and Instagram round-up, my highlights of that month, and my photography from the past 30 days or so! It makes me so excited… Continue Reading

Day in the Life: School, Tennis, YoungLife, and MORE

Today on Absolutely Olivia I’m bringing you another more personal, chatty post.  A Day in the Life was SUPER requested when I asked you guys what you wanted to see on the blog this year.  I set up a poll on my Instagram (@absolutelyolivia) to see whether you all wanted a regular or eventful Day in the Life, and the majority vote was for regular.  So here I am to share a typical school Day in the Life, with a couple extra… Continue Reading

Get to Know Me Better: 10 Facts About the Girl Behind the Blog

2018-01-02 10.59.53 1.jpg

This means you all want to know a bit more about me (I’m flattered ;)) and my daily life, so I figured what’s a better way to kick off a year full of getting to know the girl behind the blog than with a 10 Facts About Me post! I’ve done one before, but that was in June 2017 (read it HERE), and many more wonderful people have joined me on this Absolutely Olivia journey; that it’s only fair to do a little bit of a re-introduction… Continue Reading

#TimesUp on Sexual Assault


A few months ago, people were more or less stunned when the New York Times released a story detailing years of accusations of sexual assault against Harvey Weinstein, a film mogul in Hollywood. Several actresses, including Ashley Judd (a power feminist!), came forward against him. And it didn’t stop there. More and more well-known women in Hollywood came forward with assault allegations… Continue Reading

How to Make AND Reach Your Goals: Motivation Tips for the New Year

2018-01-04 05.32.52 1.jpg

Last year I came close to meeting every single one of my goals, and this year I am determined to not miss the mark on any of the ones I talked about in my 18 Goals for 2018 post. Today, I’m sharing how you can make attainable goals like mine, and how to make sure they’re reached by the end of the year. This post is full of tips I’ve picked up over the years… Continue Reading

18 Goals for 2018


Ahhh the New Year… It’s 2018 everyone!!  Knowing that it’s the new year always leave me feeling refreshed, optimistic, and full of fun ideas and plans for the 365 days yet to come.  One way I put those thoughts into the real world is by creating a list of goals to accomplish that can help me put all my creative and hard-working juices to the test.  Last year, I did 17 Goals for 2017, so, of course, this year I had to do 18 Goals… Continue Reading

2017 Year in Review: Absolutely Olivia, My Life, What I’ve Learned, and MORE

Just like that we’ve made it to the end of another year. In less than 2 sleeps, it’ll be a new year (2018, I’m coming for ya!), and with that comes new opportunities and great times to be had. But before I switch gears and bring this blog’s focus to the new year, I want to reflect on 2017. In this master post I’m doing a Year in Review of sorts, and I’ll be addressing the wonderful year Absolutely Olivia had (across all medias), the wonderful year I’ve had, a few lessons I’ve picked up along the way, and smaller… Continue Reading

Day In the Life: Christmas!

Christmas Day is arguably one of the busiest days of the year, but is just as fun as it is busy! Every year, I spend my Christmas with both sets of my grandparents along with all my aunts, uncles, and cousins. It’s really the most wonderful time of year as we’re able to spend time with those we don’t see every day, and the holiday season always leaves me full of love, laughter, and readiness for the new year with my family… Continue Reading

2017 Final Goals Check-Up: The Ones I Met AND The Ones I Didn’t

2017-11-30 04.38.11 1.jpg

Along with the holidays, December also brings the end of a year and the beginnings of a new one. At the beginning of 2017, I made 17 goals that I shared with you all, in hopes it would motivate myself and others to create goals they would stick with. To keep up with them, and remind myself throughout the year of goals I was slacking on; I did “goal check-ups” every 3 months or so. Today, I am sharing my Final… Continue Reading

Top 10 INDOOR Photoshoot Locations

The colder months of the year can be a difficult time for content creators (and even those of you that have lots of stuff to get done) because of the fading daylight hours, unpredictable weather, and lack of life in the scenery around us. This can lead to stressing out about not snapping the perfect photo before night hits, getting a photo with a bunch of dead trees and leaves in the background… Continue Reading

Holiday Gift Guide 2017

You guys, it’s officially Holiday Season!! I’ve been waiting to be able to say that for so long, and now that I can I’m ecstatic. This means Christmas trees, cute PJs, holiday parties, and fantastic music. For the second post in the Holiday series on my blog, today I’m sharing a Holiday Gift Guide! A lot of these gifts apply mostly to girls, but there’s a few gender neutral ones in here as… Continue Reading

How to Stay Organized… When You’re Unmotivated

This sounds like a post meant for back-to-school season, but honestly, it’s probably better off later in the year. When school (or work for some of you) starts back after a long summer break, the majority of people, myself included, are motivated and ready to work hard for those good grades. As the year goes on and the fall semester comes to a close, motivation starts to get lost little by little… Continue Reading

Week in My Life: Homecoming

Last week was quite possibly one of the busiest and best weeks of my life.  I got back from a wonderful weekend retreat to dive head first into my school’s spirit week for homecoming on Friday AND it was exam week!  The week was filled with float-building for a parade, crazy outfits, the fair, tons of dancing, a corn maze, and fun times with friends. I ended the week a tired, but very happy gal. 🙂  So, today, I am going to be sharing with you all everything… Continue Reading

Top 10 Fall Items: A Peek Inside of My Closet

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My Top 10 series was put on hold last month, but it is officially back and better than ever!  This installment is all about the Top 10 Fall Items in my closet, which I already know are going to be worn on repeat for the next few months.  Everything from jackets to shoes are covered … Continue reading

Love at First Listen: Fall 2017 Playlist


I did a playlist post this past summer, and you all seemed to love it, so here I am with another one! Music is a part of my daily life, and is the perfect thing to represent any mood you may be feeling. I mean, what’s better than a song that captures your exact feelings … Continue reading

Blogger Bloopers


If you’re reading this post, chances are you’ve seen one of my Solo Styles, Sister Styles, Lookbooks, or any one of my style posts in general (if you haven’t head over to the Style page of my blog). Those posts are made up of nicely shot photos that I have hand-chosen out of 60+ others, … Continue reading

Fall 2017 Trends


There’s always so much build-up before the fall season, of people sharing their autumnal favorites and talking about how much they can’t wait for cooler weather (I’m not throwing shade because as you’ve seen if you follow my Instagram, I do this a lot!)  Well, guess what?  Fall is officially here, and I could not … Continue reading

Runway Review: Prabal Gurung Spring 2018

One of my favorite weeks of the year just passed; New York Fashion Week. Although, I’ve never experienced it first-hand, I (and chances are, you do too) always get so happy looking at all the brand new collections from the best brands and designers out there. I get so inspired to branch out and buy … Continue reading

Absolutely Olivia: The Story Behind the Name


One of the most important things when starting a blog is choosing a name (…obviously). After all, the name will be the first thing people notice and read when they come to your blog, it’s like your blogging identity!  Whenever I think or talk about a blogger, instead of using their real name, I normally … Continue reading

2017 Goals Check-Up #3


At the beginning of this year, I wrote a post on my 17 Goals for 2017, and later on decided to do a check-up every 3 months to see if I’m meeting/working towards them. It’s hard for me to believe that I only wrote my last check-up in June and that my next one will … Continue reading

11 Question Game + Get to Know Me


Today, I am going to be doing the 11 Question Game. McKenzie from Styled by McKenz (one of my favorite bloggers and the sweetest gal that I mentioned in my last post) nominated me for this. Definitely go check out her 11 Question post because she answered her questions so truthfully and it’s a perfect … Continue reading

Seeing Past Your Privilege


As I’m starting this post, I have no idea how long or how short it will be, but sometimes that’s the point of a blog; to write off the top of your head about matters that are important to you. I’ve been wanting to write a post about the political climate of America for a … Continue reading

Absolutely Olivia: Year in Review

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One year ago yesterday, Absolutely Olivia was first published onto the Internet with only an About page and a promise for exciting posts to come. Yep, you heard that right, Absolutely Olivia has been out in the world for an entire year! Creating this Fashion, Lifestyle, etc. blog is the coolest and best decision I’ve … Continue reading

Summer Favorites

I normally look to fellow bloggers for recommendations or ideas when I’m searching for a certain item, whether it be a beauty product or a clothing piece. A lot of times to do that, I go through Favorites posts because then I know for sure I’ll be buying a quality item! I, myself, have never … Continue reading

Behind the Scenes of a Solo Style: Cairo, Illinois


*Before I get started into the post you came here to see, I’m going to take a quick detour. 😉 I got so much support on my last post where I announced that I’ve officially hit 1,000 on this blog! Everyone was so kind and congratulatory, and whenever I opened my notifications there was a … Continue reading

1,000 Followers + Promote Your Blog


So recently I hit… 1,000 FOLLOWERS on Absolutely Olivia (and I’m already at 1,030+, how crazy?!)!!! One of the OG Absolutely Olivia posts that shows my excitement over hitting 1,000 😉 I could not be any happier (obviously) as I’ve been waiting on this moment for a while now!  To be honest, I don’t know exactly what … Continue reading

Day in the Life: St. Louis, Missouri

On my last Day in the Life, I got a really positive response and my last post was a Travel Diary, I decided to keep being a “travel blogger” for a bit longer and write a day in the life of my trip.  Since my travel diary was on half of the vacation (Chicago, Illinois), … Continue reading

Chicago Travel Diary


Chicago at night. Every year my family and I go on a fun vacation during the summer.  This year we traveled to St. Louis, Missouri and Chicago, Illinois.  I adore reading about other people’s travels, so I decided to try my hand at travel blogging, even though I am in no way qualified to do … Continue reading

Top 10 Songs of Summer: Love at First Listen


Music is a universal language and when summer rolls around music becomes more than just a language, it becomes a lifestyle.  Lately, I have found myself plugging in my headphones more and holding dance parties for one in my room.  Almost any music I come across is good to my ears, but of course I … Continue reading

Being Vegetarian


About a month ago, I decided to take the jump from being an omnivore to being a herbivore.  In other words, I’m vegetarian!  I had been debating on switching for a while (since the New Year) and started during the first week of June.  Today, I’m going to highlight some of the things I have … Continue reading

2017 Goals Check-Up #2


At the beginning of this year, I wrote a post on my 17 Goals for 2017.  I decided to do a goals check-up every three months or so.  I’m a little late on doing this one though, but I always love to go back over the goals I set to see how well I am … Continue reading

Behind the Scenes of a Solo Style

A lot of times when I read outfit posts, I always wonder what was going on during the actual shoot.  How did they decide where to take pictures?  Did they ever get hot wearing pants in the middle of June?  Did they do anything before or after the shoot or did they go to the … Continue reading

Get to Know Me: 15 Facts


Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve gained quite a bit of newbies who have decided to hop on the Absolutely Olivia train by clicking the follow button, so I think it’s a good idea for me to create a post where everyone can get to know me better!  Yes, I do have an About … Continue reading

Top 10 Things To Do In Summer


One of my pictures from last summer! GO SOMEPLACE NEW (BIG OR SMALL) I live in a city, but there are tons of quaint little towns surrounding it.  One of my favorite  things to do is take a day trip to explore a town I’ve never been to before.  Cool photo ops, yummy eats, and … Continue reading

Room Tour 2017

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Today, I am so excited to show you all around the best place in my house, my bedroom!  My room is clean since I have been purging all the useless stuff out of it lately, so I decided it is the perfect time to share it with you.  The main colors are blue and yellow … Continue reading

Top 10 Places I Have Been: Summer

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Welcome back to the second edition of my Top 10 series!  Since summer is right around the corner, that means lots of people will be traveling to new and old destinations in the next coming months.  In this post, I am going to be sharing with you the Top 10 places I have been, in … Continue reading

Day in the Life:  Birthday Trip

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Lately, I have been loving to watch vlogs and to read Day in the Life posts.  It is so cool to see what the people you watch or read about do on a day-to-day basis.  My daily routine normally consists of school, tennis, and blogging with some downtime in between, which isn’t too exciting if … Continue reading

How to Take Professional Looking Photos on Your PHONE 2


Last week, I wrote a post called How to Take Professional Pictures on Your Phone and it was originally supposed to be way longer.  It was so much longer, that I had to make a Part 2!  In case you haven’t read the first post in this two-part series; the idea for … Continue reading

Off-White Runway Review and Styles


An American designer I have been watching for a year or so, ever since I read an article on him, is Virgil Abloh.  Abloh is the founder and creative designer of the Milan-based fashion label, Off-White.  The label’s big claim-to-fame at first were graphic tees that anyone could easily fall in love with, including myself. … Continue reading

How to Take Professional Looking Pictures on Your PHONE Part 1


Lately, I have received a lot of questions on what camera I use for the photos on my Instagram and blog.  At first, I was a little embarrassed to admit that I actually don’t use a professional camera at all, but rather the camera on my phone!  However, as I got more … Continue reading

Top 10 Accessories: It’s All in the Details

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Today, I am starting a new series on my blog called Top 10!  I have been wanting to do a series for a while now, and since  I have never done one before, I thought Top 10 was the perfect one to begin with.  It is quick and easy, but I feel like you can … Continue reading

2017 Goals Check-Up 

At the beginning of this year, I wrote a post on my 17 Goals for 2017.  To keep up with them and maybe even re-motivate myself to accomplish what I haven’t, I am going to do a goals check-up every three months or so.  (Disclaimer: I wrote this post back in March and forgot it … Continue reading

6 Things Tennis Has Taught Me


As you may or may not know, tennis is a big part of my daily life.  I love tennis and play it as much as possible!  This sport has had a great effect on me and has definitely helped to shape me into the person I am today.  That being said, I have learned and … Continue reading

Spring Trends: As Seen During NYFW

As most of you know, New York Fashion Week was this past week. Reading and seeing all the articles and pictures of the runway shows is always a highlight of my day.  Also, NYFW is one of the biggest times of the year for all the street style stars to come together in one place. … Continue reading

Why You Shouldn’t Be Scared of Standing Out

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I like to consider myself someone who has good self-esteem and always stays true to who I am and what I aspire to be.  All of these things are quite true, for the most part, but it was a saying that really put things into perspective for me.  It goes: “Do what you feel in … Continue reading


The Future Is Female

Women's March On Washington - March

“Our lives begin to end the moment we become silent about the things that matter.” ~Martin Luther King Jr. Recent events (i.e. Trump’s Inauguration, the Women’s March, and seeing lots of wonderful blog posts about these occurrences) have pushed me to write about a topic I have been wanting to talk about on my blog … Continue reading


Blogger Recognition Award


I am so excited to share with you that I have been nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award by the lovely Alli from wormalblog!  This is my first ever award and I am so thankful for the nomination.  This means so much to me! Here are the rules: Thank the blogger who nominated you and … Continue reading


17 Goals for 2017


As we all know, 2016 is quickly fading into the rear view mirror and the next year is fast approaching.  Like I said in my Christmas Tag, I don’t like setting New Year’s Resolutions, but instead New Year’s goals.  To me goals feel more attainable than resolutions.  For 2017, I decided to make 17 goals … Continue reading


Zuhair Murad Review


I love high fashion and runway shoes, so I live for fashion week!  Although it was a couple months ago, I discovered my new favorite designer in the midst: Zuhair Murad.  A Lebanese designer with a Fashion House in Paris, never fails to create pieces with the most intricately detailed, beaded, and glamorous dresses.  How … Continue reading


The Christmas Tag


Our Christmas Tree

Lately, I have been reading more and more tags and I have wanted to do one for a while!  Since, it is almost Christmas (17 days to be exact!!!), I am going to do the Christmas Tag!  I feel like this is one of the perfect ones for everyone… Continue Reading



Happy Friday!!!  This being my first post of December and with Christmas being right around the corner, I have decided to put together a Winter Wishlist.  Although I am not participating in Blogmas :(, seeing all the other posts have gotten me in the spirit to start blogging more, especially during… Continue Reading