Solo Style: Pink + Red Cardigan

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Even though fall is the season of neutral and dark colors, sometimes it is important to shake things up a bit and wear your summer brights!  Today, I’m back with another Solo Style, and this one is full of PINK.  I spotted this purple-y pink cardigan from Tobi, and immediately knew it was a must-have.  … Continue reading

First Fall Look + Collab with Classy Abbie

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Happy October, everyone!  Today, I’m so excited to be ringing in my favorite month with my first fall look of the year, and you know what makes it even better?  This post is a collab with the wonderful Abbie from from Classy Abbie, which means you’ll get double the outfit inspiration if you head over … Continue reading

My Thrift Finds

I love having items of clothes that no one else has and are completely unique to me, so I turn to thrifting! You may or may not be surprised that a lot of the outfits I post on here and my Instagram contain something thrifted. Honestly, some of the outfits that I get the most … Continue reading

Lookbook: In the RED

I consider (fire engine) red to be my power color. I have loved this color for the past couple of years for its vibrancy and how easily it makes you stand out in a crowd. Usually, I would search stores relentlessly for any item in red, but could never find anything besides the occasional graphic … Continue reading

Outfits of the Week: First Week of School


My summer break officially ended last Tuesday, which unfortunately means essays, tests, and homework are back to bite me. :/ I’m sad to see my freedom to do whatever I want go, but this also means I have 180 days to stroll down hallways in style! Like I’ve said multiple times before, I feel good … Continue reading

How to Beat the Dress Code: Part 2

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I think we can all agree dress code is the biggest hassle when it comes to back-to-school/work shopping. There are so many do’s and don’ts that it can be hard to find something you won’t get stopped at school or work for. Let’s be real, in this day and age, finding shorts that are school-appropriate … Continue reading

How to Beat the Dress Code: Part 1

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For my second back-to-school post, I wanted to help you out with something I have struggled and seen many other people struggle with; Dress Code. I can’t tell you the amount of times I have been stopped in school hallways and been told that something I had on wasn’t “appropriate” (i.e. too short shorts, thin … Continue reading

Top 10 Ways to Make Your Uniform Stand Out: Rock the Hallways

As we all know, school is sadly starting back soon, but there’s positive things that come along with it.  Seeing your friends for 7 or so hours a day, playing high school sports, and having fun at lunch are some highlights of mine.  What I’m really excited about though, is all the back-to-school posts I’ll … Continue reading

How to Beat the Heat… In Style

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Even though summer is slowly and sadly winding down, the heat is still coming.  August is typically one of the hottest months of the year and since it just began I figured it was a good time to put up this post all about how to stay cool, but still look cute.  Believe it or … Continue reading

Solo Style: Little White Dress

Casually waiting to be handed my movie tickets. You always hear about little black dresses, but I’m here to tell you about my favorite little white dress.  Personally, I don’t like just wearing a solid black or white dress, there has to be something special to it.  And in this dress’ case that something special … Continue reading

4th of July Lookbook

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4th of July has to be one of my favorite holidays for many reasons.  In America, this is the day to celebrate our country’s creation with cookouts, parties, and red, white, and blue clothes, which is always so much fun.  I love finding any patriotic pieces I might have and pairing them together to create … Continue reading

Solo Style: The Most Perfect Summer Dress (I’m Not Exaggerating)

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Welcome to this Solo Style post, where I am so so excited to be sharing with you one of the best summer dresses I have EVER purchased!  This beautiful blue and white striped J. Crew maxi dress is light and airy, and has a cute ribbon you can tie around your waist in a bow. … Continue reading

6 Ways to Wear a T-Shirt


Now that it is summer (unofficially), it is extremely hard to escape the scorching heat. Since the past week where I live has been in the late 90’s, with the real feel being over 100 degrees, I find myself looking  at my closet and asking: what can I wear that will keep me the coolest? … Continue reading

How to Mix-and-Match a Set for Summer

Two-piece skirt sets are the perfect thing for summer and are becoming increasingly popular, especially ones in bright colorful prints.  Yet no matter how cute they are, it can get boring and repetitive to wear the same 2 pieces together whenever you go out.  That’s where mixing and matching comes in!  In this post, I … Continue reading

Festival Lookbook 2017

Lately, I have been obsessed with all the festival outfits and makeup that are popping up on YouTube and Instagram.  The glitter, jewels, bold lips, and out-there styles are things you don’t normally see, until suddenly they’re everywhere at the end of March/ beginning of April.  Now that festival season is in full swing (with … Continue reading

~Sister Style: Crushin’ It in Velvet

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Today, I am bringing you a new Sister Style post.  Although some places have been seeing snow lately, spring is finally upon us!  Blooming flowers give off such a cheery vibe during this season and were the perfect setting for this shoot with my sissy, Camille.  For me, now is the time to transition into … Continue reading

~Solo Style: Majestic Purple Jacket

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I have been really into statement jackets lately.  My last two style posts (linked HERE and HERE) have both included wonderful coats that really make any outfit!  I am the tiniest bit sad that the cold days of the year are coming to end because now I won’t be able to whip out these jackets … Continue reading

~Solo Style: Funky Blue Camo Jacket

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Today, I am sharing with you an outfit that has a fun, flirty feel, but also has a tad of toughness.  For this look, the baseball jacket from Members Only is the star of the show and the pastel pinks complement it nicely.  When I saw the stand-out colors and pattern on this jacket, I knew … Continue reading

~Solo Style: Camel Coat Staple

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The outfit I am about to share with you is my most favorite outfit I have ever posted on this blog!  The camel overcoat from HYFVE is such a staple and one of the most treasured pieces in my wardrobe.  The simple, yet chic graphic tee paired with black jeans that I so lovingly put … Continue reading

~Solo Style: Chill for Days

These outfits are for those days when you just want to throw on something and go.  They are definitely my go-to for weekends when I don’t feel like staying in my pajamas all day. I feel relaxed, yet still put together in these pieces.  The first outfit you will see is some blue sweatpants with … Continue reading

~Solo Style: 1 Sweater, 2 Ways

One of my Christmas presents this year was a chunky sweater which could be worn casually or  formally. I wore the first outfit of a burgundy sweater dress and dark gray over-the-knee boots with the sweater on Christmas Day and is perfect for any dressier winter party.  Also, these … Continue reading

~Solo Style: Holiday Party

2016-12-14 04.49.57 1.jpg

It’s the holiday season! Obviously, the best possible outfit is needed during this time of year, for festivities and parties are abundant.  Making sure the outfit you choose is appropriate for whatever event you are going to,  cute, yet comfy, and on-trend can be a lot.  I was struggling with this in the weeks that led up to a party… Continue Reading

~Solo Style: Around Town

2016-11-23 03.47.28 1.jpg

Although winter is right around the corner, before it becomes to late, I want to share one last fall piece with you.  This outfit is definitely more of a casual, laid-back way to be comfy and still look cute.  I wore this out to lunch… Continue Reading

~Solo Style: Epitome of Fall

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As you know, every time I step out the door, looking good is key.  This ensemble was quickly thrown together (I lose track of time, which leads to rushing to find clothing to put on), but I was very happy with the outcome… Continue Reading

~Solo Style: Fair Day


For me, October brings lots of little joys; the changing leaves, cool weather, pumpkins, Halloween, trick-or-treating, and the FAIR.  I love the fair for… Continue Reading

~Sister Style: Bomber Hour


Bomber Jackets are honestly my favorite fashion staple of the moment and now that fall has come around they are definitely a must!  My sister found her jacket at Zara at about the time I really wanted one and it only… Continue Reading



For the past few months I have been on the hunt for the perfect pair of denim overalls, but what I ended up finding was better!  Being a person who feels good when she looks good, this outfit has been my go to for more laid back… Continue Reading

~Red, White, Blue and NYC Too



When I was in New York City earlier this summer, I wanted to make sure I was wearing clothes that were comfortable enough to walk miles everyday in.  But, with New York being one of the fashion capitals of the world, the clothes I took had to be… Continue Reading


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