2 Extremely Simple T-Shirt DIYS

The shirts I will be showing you how to DIY.  They are simple, but that is the point, as I didn’t want them to be the star of the show, but rather the star of the show’s sidekick. 😂 Hey everyone!  Lately, I have been loving to get cheap t-shirts and fix them up to … Continue reading

My Artwork and What Inspired It

One of my goals this year was to be more creative, and drawing is something I have been doing to reach that.  The media I use most is markers and Sharpies because I like the clean finish and vibrant colors they give.  Some of these drawings have inspirational quotes or political meaning, while others I … Continue reading

-My Drawings



Here are the drawings placed on my bedroom door!

I have never in my life considered myself an “artsy” person or thought of myself as someone good at art.  So it wasn’t until earlier this year that I realized art is everywhere.  Art is in the photos I take, the clothes I wearContinue Reading


  • Sayings on Canvas

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

I desperately wanted new art for my wall to go along with some prints I had bought in New York.  I wanted something that had cute little sayings on them!  Only thing was, I wasn’t willing to spend 20 dollars on art as simple as that.  So I decided to make it myself using a blank canvas and paint pens… Continue Reading


  •  Tape Canvas Art



It’s amazing what you can make with tape, a canvas, and some paint.  The finished look of this art project looks straight out of a modern art exhibit! You can easily choose paint to match decor in your rooms so you are able to hang the paintings… Continue Reading


  • Pencil Pouches


With school right around the corner, I was in desperate need of a new pencil-case; except I wanted one no one else would have.  So I decided to sew my own… Continue Reading



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