Running Late: Hair, Makeup, and Outfit

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During the school year, it is inevitable that you’ll run late at least once. For me, I’m on time for the better half of the year then slowly get to school later and later until tardy slips are one bell away or in my hand.  And as a lot of us know, just because you … Continue reading

4 Quick & Easy Hairstyles for ANY Hair Length

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My beautiful friends!! Welcome back to Absolutely Olivia, and happy June 🙂  Back in April, I cut about 5 inches off of my hair, it didn’t seem like a lot, but I definitely wasn’t able to pull off some of the same styles I had with my long hair.  This led to a whole afternoon … Continue reading

Spring Favorites

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Hi friendzz!! I’m here today with a highly-requested post that I’ve been meaning to do for awhile… my Spring Favorites!  Bloggers are where I learn about most of my fav products that I use today, so I decided why not recommend my favs for you to fall in love with 🙂  I love sharing favorites with you to help you all find products that genuinely WORK, and that I use on the daily!  So without further ado, here… Continue Reading

How to Spice Up Your Hair for Spring

It’s super easy to get caught in a rut doing the same-old, same-old when it comes to styling your hair, which if it looks good, I don’t blame you! But, there’s always those times when you’re ready to spice things up a bit and take your hair game to the next level. With a new season coming up, I figured it’s the perfect time to share with you all one hairstyle and two simple tips that can help you style your hair in new, yet fun ways… Continue Reading

Top 10 Beauty Products


It’s mid-November which means… another Top 10 post! This is my seventh in the series and I cannot believe I’ve been doing this since April. I’ve come such a long way since then, but it’s nice to have something still going from back then. Today’s Top 10 is all about my favorite beauty products, and everything from makeup to face washes is mentioned! I don’t wear a full face of makeup everyday, so a lot of these products aren’t being used… Continue Reading

October Favorites

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October has gone, and with Halloween right at the end, holiday season has officially started! Before holiday posts start appearing on my blog left and right, I wanted to share with you all my October Favorites. You all gave me such a great response on my last favorites post, and I’m hoping this one will also give you items to add to your shopping list and maybe even your Christmas… Continue Reading

Bronze Eye Tutorial

It’s been a while since a new post has graced the Beauty page of my website, so I figured  now is better than never!  Today, I’m sharing a bronze-y eye shadow look that I completed using the drug store palette, The Nudes from Maybelline, and like to wear during the fall time.  It’s not too hard to do, and can be easily recreated using similar eye shadow shades.  Also, for all my fellow blue-eyed gals… Continue Reading

2 Hairstyles for the Busy Gal

I’ve found myself to be sprinting out the door in the mornings lately, and hurrying between activities in the afternoon, and I know I’m not alone!  This leaves little or no time to do my hair at any time throughout the day, which I hate.  So today, I’ve put together a post for all my … Continue reading

Running Late: Hair and Makeup

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Last year, I always got to school pretty early.  Well, at least for the first month or so. 🙂  As the school year progressed, I slowly arrived there later and later, until I was almost begging for the late bell to ring before I got to class!  I know exactly what it’s like to have … Continue reading

Brow Routine

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Some of you may have noticed this already, but I’m going to say it anyway.  My eyebrows are, for the most part, non-existent (if you don’t believe me look at the second picture in this post!).  Although, that doesn’t mean I have to walk around with no eyebrows all the time.  In the last month … Continue reading

Tarteist Pro Eye Shadow Tutorial


I got the Tarteist Pro Eyeshadow Palette for my birthday a few weeks ago, and to say I have fallen in love with it is an understatement!  The colors are gorgeous, extremely pigmented, and blend easily.  After watching a few YouTube tutorials with this palette to get acquainted with it, I came across a look … Continue reading

Braided Up-Do Tutorial


One of the first ever things I uploaded onto this blog was a picture of a braided up-do I did on my sister.  This hairstyle is your classic, cute braid up-do.  The look seems like it took a while, but in reality it probably takes 10 minutes tops!  Today, I am going to show you … Continue reading

Bubble Braid Tutorial

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On my last post, Solo Style: Chill Day, I wore my hair in a chic take on the regular boxer braids, and several people commented on how much they liked them!  Whenever I am having a bad hair day or wake up rocking second-day, even third-day hair or just running late I always turn to … Continue reading


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Gold Glitter Eye and 250 Followers!

Before I even begin this post, I just want to say thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone!  I have gotten so much love and support over the past month and it is more than I ever would have asked for.  Being nominated for awards, receiving the kindest of comments, and gaining 250 followers … Continue reading


This makeup look I am showing today is extremely simple, quick, and easy to do, but really quite pretty and also draws attention to your eye in a subtle way.  I love wearing this look almost anywhere and I find it is not hard to make this base look more bold and extravagant by darkening… Continue Reading


~ Braided Space Buns

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~ Fishtail Wrapped Ponytail*



~Fall Smokey-Eye*


Using The Nudes Palette from Maybelline New York.


~Multi-Twist Into Ponytail*



~Twisted Braid Updo*


*All of these photographs feature my sister and the hairstyles or make-up I have created on her!