6 Ways to Style a Babydoll Dress for Spring

Babydoll dresses are seemingly timeless, as I haven’t seen a year where they haven’t been a popular spring/summer staple. I recently purchased a beautiful yellow one and found myself brainstorming every way I could style it because—-if I could— I would wear the dress every day. After I spent too much time of a Sunday trying the babydoll dress on with other pieces in my closet, I came up with six foolproof ways to style it. So, naturally, I’m here to share them with you! These 6 styles are based around pieces everyone has in their closet, so that you can wear them yourself.

Also, I made a video version of this post that I’m super proud of! If you want to watch it, head to me Instagram, @absolutelyolivia 🙂


No explanation needed. With the right accessories and shoes, a babydoll dress, on its own, is one of the cutest items you can have in your closet for warmer weather.


One of my favorite ways to style a babydoll dress is to add a new dynamic by way of a knotted t-shirt over top. This adds more interest to the look and is a great way to make your dress more versatile for when you want to wear it more than one day in a row 😉


The same t-shirt you wore on top, can be worn underneath the babydoll dress just as well. This is a more basic take, but still adds that extra ounce of style we’re all chasing after. Bonus points if it’s a graphic tee!


Almost everyone has an Oxford button down somewhere in their closet, so put it to use! My button-down is cropped so that it fits with the dress better, but any size (and pattern) works. It gives off the sophisticated look of “I know what I’m doing,” which I love.


Just like the t-shirt, the button-down can also be styled underneath to create a classy rendition of your favorite summer dress.


Spring where I live can have its chilly mornings and windy days, so sometimes turning my warmer weather outfits into cooler weather outfits is a must. On these days, styling a turtleneck under the babydoll dress is the way to go.


If it’s just a chilly Spring morning and the afternoon is supposed to warm up, pop a sweater over the dress. This makes the cutest on-the-go look and again, gives you those extra style points we all want.

And there you have it: 6 Ways to Style a Babydoll Dress! I hope you enjoyed this post and got some style inspiration out of it. Let me know in the comments which style is your favorite and don’t forget to head to my Instagram for the video version of this blog post! Thanks for reading.

Love, Olivia

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