a REAL week in my life

Happy Wednesday and welcome back to the blog! Clearly, I have been very sporadic with my posting, so I though a great reentry to posting weekly would be a look into my daily life. This past week was filled with school, tennis, play rehearsal, meetings, and more, so keep reading to get to know me better!

Sunday, October 20

Normally, my Sundays are the most uneventful days of my week, as I reserve them for any last minute weekend homework and downtime. However, after finishing my Math, AP Government, and IB Literature take-home exams, it was off to the South Carolina state fair with my family! This day was the last day of the fair, but it was still packed. We rode rides, visited the animals, and walked around the cake-decorating exhibit.

Later that evening, I grabbed dinner with a couple friends from my tennis team at my favorite pizza restaurant and went to Cookout (my absolute MECCA for milkshakes). Then, I headed home for a quick phone meeting with the other Student Ambassadors of Student Voices, an activist organization I am a part of!

Also, fun fact: I woke up at 2:30 am this night and chugged a whole bottle of orange juice, just in case you were wondering.

Monday, October 21

First up, I started my day where I am legally mandated to be…school. This entailed a French exam (fail #1), 30-minutes spent out in the hallway during AP Macroeconomics because I was sent out due to talking (fail #2), and shooting my shot in an 86-person group chat (fail #3). However, I do these things to myself, so I merrily continued on my way to high school tennis practice after school. We won regions last week and our state playoffs start next week, so this won’t be the last time you about tennis practice in this post!

After tennis, I came home, showered, ate dinner, shot a few Instagram stories, worked on my Geography and Macroeconomics homework, wrote some emails, and I am now sitting here at 8:43 pm writing the exact words you are reading right now. Funny how that works out 😛

Total time at school: 8.5 hours

Tuesday, October 22

On Tuesday, school included, but was not limited to an English exam, a Dance Marathon meeting (a charity organization I am helping with), and rushing to put final touches on my take-home math exam during third block before it was due the next class.

Then, it was Mamma Mia rehearsal time! I have the esteemed role of ensemble, along with about 50 other people, so you could say it’s kind of a big deal… 😛 If I’m being honest, rehearsal is the highlight of my week. Being able to sing and dance at the same time makes me feel like an absolute Broadway star, no matter how bad I am at both. This day we worked on the dance for Waterloo, the final act.

After rehearsal ended at 5, I ran home to eat dinner before heading BACK to school an hour later for an extra credit movie night for my IB US History class. To wind down, I face-timed a friend while I finished my homework and attempted to clean my room, but as you can see from the photo below, sleep hit before cleanliness did.

Total time at school: 11 hours

Wednesday, October 23

School was randomly uneventful on hump day, aside from the random tears that collected within my eyes during French class. Just your casual mid-week breakdown was occurring, no biggie. However, I did have tennis practice once again from 4:30 until 5:45 because playoffs!!

After that, I came home ate a sad dinner of two bagels with cream cheese and participated in my favorite part of every week, which is catching up with my sister in between our busy teenage lives.

Alas, nothing lasts forever and out I went back into the wilderness that is my city around 7 for a meeting with my college consultant. We discussed SAT scores and practice and whether or not I could potentially enter college as a standing sophomore (which would be absolutely epic because workforce Olivia is dying to come out). Lastly, it was time to fill up my car’s gas tank, do homework and go to sleep.

Total time at school: 8.5 hours

Thursday, October 24

School today involved sending off a letter for my final quarterly project on period poverty to the Executive Director of Schools in my district. Next up that afternoon was Mamma Mia rehearsal! We worked on the dance for Voulez-Vous and then I left early for yet another tennis practice.

After, I headed to the grocery store for last minute breakfast food for my class breakfast the next day (yes, I count Takis as breakfast food), then drove home as fast as possible to get on a call with the Director of Ambassadors at Student Voices to clarify my project!

I had to force myself to pack for the retreat I was going on that weekend because packing always leaves me anxious as all get out. A lot of times I end up on my floor curled up in a ball trying to calm myself down, but I’m sure I’ll unpack that later at a therapy session down the road.

Right before bed, I finished my homework and unboxed a package from the Boys and Girls Club of America, who I am partnering with on a campaign in November. It was a nice way to end an anxiety-inducing packing session!

Total time at school: 11 hours

Friday, October 25

On Friday, I woke up in good spirits because I had slept in braids the night before so my hair was curly! It’s my fav way to where my hair and it’s the small things like that that make me smile.

But, I did not let that dull my day as I got to post an Instagram post ( I hadn’t had time to all week) and left my city around 4:30 on a bus headed to the mountains with a bunch of my friends! Keep scrolling for photos from the retreat!

Total time at school: 7 hours 🙂

Total time at school this week: 46 hours out of the required 35 hours

Saturday, October 26

Saturday was the first full day of the retreat. I woke up around 7:45 am to walk around the camp and take in the morning view, then spent the rest of the day hanging out with my friends. We played ultimate frisbee, rode go karts, danced and raved the night away, and mud slid when the rain hit at night. The fog was insane; it was almost like we were walking in a cloud all day!

I’m always incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to go on this retreat ever year, as it is always a great autumnal refresher before the second half of first semester begins.

I hope you all enjoyed this peek into my daily life and personality 🙂 Thanks so much for reading! Follow along on Instagram, @absolutelyolivia, for a better look into my weeks.

Love, Olivia

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