my multiple personalities go to new york fashion week: a lookbook

Woohoo, it’s Saturday! That means it’s time for another addition to my currently sporadic posting schedule! As many of my fellow fashion lovers know, New York Fashion Week was last week which means exciting runway shows, but also even more exciting street style. The most inspo I get from NYFW comes from the models, celebs, and others as they walk the New York streets from show to show. The colors, unique style, and boss outfits are the absolute coolest and inspire my wardrobe for months to come.

That’s why today, I’m sharing 4 looks I would rock if I ever got to go to NYFW. But what’s better than a simple lookbook? A simple lookbook based on personalities. Without further ado, I present to you My Multiple Personalities go to NYFW: a lookbook!

i swear i’m sane 🙂

This first look showcases a personality trait that I bring with me everywhere: my ability to look put together, but have my mind bouncing off the walls at the same time 😛 To me, this outfit screams “that bitch who always seems to have her life together” but is secretly whispering “i’m as lost and as weird as the rest of you.” I’ve noticed that’s the biggest gap that lives between online me and real life me. I have yet to master the best way to continue posting my curated content, but still be as authentic as possible with you.

I want you to know that I may seem like a time management expert, but procrastination is a trap I always fall into eventually. I want you to know that I creative direct the amazing photos I post, but it has taken years of practice and I’m STILL insecure about my photos. I want you to know that I am confident in myself, but I play the comparison game as much as you do.

Maybe that’s what this outfit actually represents: my internal struggle to bridge the gap between the online and real world. (Didn’t mean to get this deep into the first look, but what else would an AO blog post entail?)

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the grandma who won’t stop telling stories

The personality I show on the outside does not match up to this one at all, but my inner personality certainly does. To me, the simplest life events can become interesting and relatable stories if you just tell them right. A lot of times when writing (especially when writing Instagram captions), I aim to bring out my wittiest and wisest. From my experience, to grandmas, that side of storytelling comes out easily as they tell their grand-kids all the tales of their youth.

For this look, I added a street style spin with a hair scarf and industrial belt on top of a vintage dress to emulate that grandma that lives inside of me when I tell my stories 🙂

the earth is dying and so are we

Ah yes, just like every other Gen Z member, I also have a bit of “the world is ending” thought within me. My mom loves to point out that every generation has thought they’re screwed from the beginning of time, but nothing ever happens as extreme as people predict. This doesn’t stop my deprecating mind from wondering What if the world floods because we don’t have glaciers and we all drown? What if the super volcano under Wyoming explodes and us on the East Coast die of starvation? What if we’re actually a simulation and our programmers decide to pull the plug?

Although this is probably very extreme of me, I find it valid to face the world with a bit of pessimism from time to time. It allows me to remember what I need to be fighting for and reminds me to love and do the most, just in case none of us are here in 20 years or even tomorrow.

Here’s my wonderfully edgy look to symbolize the funeral march of Mother Earth that makes its rounds in my head sometimes.

the girl who never stops dancing

Hi, yes, it’s me! Although none of these photos show joy in my expression, that is what the red dress is here to do. I love to dance, I love to sing, and I LOVE to laugh. I think that maybe I spend 75% of my life laughing, 1/2 of those laughs directed at my own jokes that no one else finds funny. But alas, at least I’m entertaining someone 😛

Here’s the most me outfit in this post; the one that shows my love for statement pieces and my love for having fun! Also, these poses feel most like me as well, so enjoy!

I hope you all enjoyed this post and my multiple personality lookbook! I had so much fun planning the looks for this and would LOVE to know which one was your favorite. Let me know in the comments below and feel free to ask any questions or drop any blog post requests you may have. Thanks so much for reading!

💜Love, Olivia


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