Q&A!! fashion, life, activism, and more!!

Last July, I did a Q&A on the blog and got a great response from it, so I thought, why not make this an annual thing? My views and life changes from year to year, as does everyone else’s, so I’m excited to make this sort of a life update post as well. Without further ado, here are the questions you asked me…with answers!


Top ten tips to surviving high school (especially drama, friendships, etc.)

  1. Cut out toxic people, even when it’s hard!!
  2. Make sure you’re changing for yourself and not for others!!
  3. DO NOT PROCRASTINATE!! (it’s hard, but you will thank me later)
  4. DO YOUR HOMEWORK!! (it’s an easy A, that you’re probably gonna cheat on anyway, so just get it done)
  5. Check up on yourself and your mental health, know your warning signs.
  6. If you’re uncomfortable in a situation, you have every right to leave. The right people will understand why you did.
  7. Get to know your teachers (these people are actually really cool and will be writing your college recommendation letters 😉
  8. Bring a pair of headphones always…again, you will thank me later.
  9. Embrace EVERY moment, even the ones that are sad, frustrating, draining, scream-worthy, etc. because they’re all teaching you something valuable.
  10. Don’t talk shit. People will figure it out in the blink of an eye. Be kind.
  11. BONUS: PEOPLE CHANGE!! Learn to let go of some friends and accept new friends with open arms.

Advice for freshmen year?

Click to read my blog post…The Myths of High School: What They Don’t Tell You About Freshman Year for all the advice you’ll need!

What’s your fav and least fav part about high school?

I love this question! My favorite part of high school is the people and social interactions it allows. This is a cliche answer, I know, but my best memories have been made during the school day. I’m a severe extrovert and thrive off of social interaction, so being around other teens for 7 hours, 5 days a week is a god-send for me. I’ve met my best friends in the past two years as well as built-up and cultivated good relationships with all my favorite teachers. I’m very lucky to say I feel this way about the people at my school and I wouldn’t change it for the world!

Now, my least favorite part of high school is 1) the amount of stress the work can cause and 2) the strange experiences that accompany being in high school. My freshman year was a breeze in all aspects of school, but my sophomore year was a tough one when it came to workloads and experiences. I got panicky, frustrated, and stressed a lot about classwork and homework which led to EXTREME procrastination that I still regret to this day. On the experience side of things, let’s just say I have a few interesting stories up my sleeve that sometimes I wish I didn’t have, but I know taught me good lessons in the long run.

Are you thinking about college applications?

All. the. time. College is extremely important to me, and has been since I was little. I’m going into my junior year of high school this year and it’s the most vital year in regards to applying to colleges because these are the grades and SAT scores that will be on your application. With that being said, I’m constantly reminding myself this is the year to do well, and I am looking for new and unique ways to build up my resume.

The colleges on my “Definitely Applying List” are Elon University, Boston University, Northeastern University, University of South Carolina-Honors, and Syracuse. I’m clearly planning to stay on the east coast for college 😉

Do you know what you are interested in studying in college?

Yes! I want to have a career in Advertising with a concentration in either Copywriting or Creative Direction when I grow up. Finding an Advertising specific major is hard to come by (out of my list above only Boston and Syracuse have it), so if my major isn’t Advertising it will most likely be Strategic Communications or something related to that.

I am also hoping to double major or minor in either another Communications related field, Finance, or Economics.


Thrifting tips?

Click to read my blog post…Thrifting Tips! for all your thrifting tip needs 🙂

Has blogging been fulfilling? As in getting to share your voice and show your interests?

The short answer is yes. Being able to share my thoughts and views with people who are genuinely interested in what I have to say is a dream! The opportunities and relationships I’ve built through blogging are amazing, and it’s allowed me to build up a skill set that I wouldn’t have otherwise. Sometimes, it does leave me feeling a bit empty due to the lack of real life interactions. I find it frustrating that blogging isn’t tangible, it’s something you create, yet something you can’t physically hold or show people. Occasionally, I struggle to find the meaningfulness of it all because the feedback I’m getting isn’t face-to-face, but through a screen.

However, the platform Absolutely Olivia allows me is something I will forever feel lucky to have, and the comments remind me that I am impacting people even when I may not feel like I am 🙂

What are some of your fav environmentally-conscious makeup and clothing brands?

Clothing Brands: Dazey, The Series, Girlfriend Collective, and Reformation

Beauty Brands: Blume and realHer

Who’s your #1 style influencer?

Tezza. End of story. Follow her on Instagram @tezza.

What’s the blog’s origin story?

To be honest, one August day I sat down with my dad and we just did it.  I literally had no idea how many other blogs were out there, and I didn’t even have Instagram yet to follow bloggers on.  I had never visited or really heard of a blog in my life, but my aunt said it might be something I could share my sense of style on so I did it!  It wasn’t completely spontaneous, but it definitely wasn’t planned out either.  I wrote my About page and pressed Publish.  Now look at where we are!

How do you come up with blog post ideas?

The type of content that I like to produce for the blog has changed immensely within the past few months, so if you haven’t noticed, I’ve been posting about once a week instead of my typical twice a week. I’ve begun to stray away from more “surface-level” content like makeup looks, playlists, etc. and have been more drawn to creating more “deeper” posts. (No hate to people who write makeup, playlist, etc. posts because I still read that content on the daily! I’ve just decided to take my blog a different route lol)

Now, my blog post ideas stem from experiences that I’ve had in life lately and shape a post from that. I always want to be able to help and/or relate to you, so I find that the best way to do that is write like I’m writing to my past self.

How do you edit your photos?

Click here to read my How I Edit My Photos!!


Was there a moment when you felt it was necessary to become involved in activism?

Yes. I learned about what it meant to be gay in 1st grade. I was in middle school when gay marriage became legal. With that came my church’s decision to publicly come out and support gay marriage. It wasn’t until many, many people decided to switch churches that I realized being gay wasn’t widely accepted. This knowledge propelled me to begin researching other current events concerning human rights and figure out how they were impacting communities around the world. This was the start of my activism journey, and now I have co-founded a media platform devoted to human rights, Faces of Feminism!

Also, as a white cishet woman, I hold a lot of privilege. Some people are forced or born into being an activist solely because of who they are or how they look. With that being said, I would like to note that it was my privilege that gave me a choice to participate in activism.

Have you ever been to any marches/protests?

Yes! I’ve been to the March for Our Lives to protest gun violence in schools and I’ve stood outside my capital to protest Climate Change and Trump’s declaration that building a wall is a national emergency. I highly recommend participating in any march or protest you are able.


How did you become comfortable with yourself and expressing who you truly are?

I’ve talked about this in an Instagram caption before, but my insecurities have rarely stemmed from my looks, instead stemming from my personality. So, in terms of comfortable in posing for photos and in my body, I’m fortunate to say that’s always been a part of me. However, this doesn’t mean I don’t have insecurities about the way I look, it’s just fortunately not an everyday thing.

Becoming comfortable in expressing who I truly am is definitely something I matured into. I think certain experiences made me realize that someone is always going to think what you do is strange or weird or uncomfortable, no matter what you do. Keeping that in the forefront of my mind daily helps me to put myself out there and do my best to ignore what other people may think.

Self-love and comfort is a JOURNEY that spans your entire lifetime, so take your time and explore what makes you happy. If you’re not at a good point yet, keep going, you’ll get there. I promise!

Do your friends ever make comments about you wanting a more sustainable lifestyle?

Yes, but always in good fun! It’s more teasing and jokes than it is actual hate. The main question I do get asked is: why are you limiting yourself, you’re only a teenager? For some reason, a lot of people think that living more sustainably or going vegetarian is “limiting” and stopping me from living my life to the fullest…which is far from the truth. I’ve chosen to lead my life this way and I love it! I don’t feel limited at all! So yeah, that’s really the only slightly negative comment I receive.

What has been your holy grail for time management?

Limiting my phone time and taking a phone-free hour everyday! I limit my phone time to 3 hours everyday (sounds like a lot, but it used to be a lot higher) and have phone-free time because the phone is my biggest distraction when it comes to getting work done. I highly recommend this to anyone reading this because it has done wonders for my productivity!

Favorite thing to write about and favorite classic book?

Like I mentioned previously, I love to draw on personal experiences when I’m writing whether that be blog posts, poetry, or short fiction. Currently, my favorite thing to write is poetry!

I can’t think of any of my favorite classics right now, for some odd reason, but my favorite book at the moment is On Earth We Are Briefly Gorgeous by Ocean Vuong.

I hope you all enjoyed this Q&A post and feel free to ask me any other burning questions in the comments! Thanks so much for reading and for all your constant support!

Love, Olivia

4 thoughts on “Q&A!! fashion, life, activism, and more!!

  1. This was such a fun and interesting post to read. I can totally understand finding blogging to be a bit surface level/frustrating because of a lack of face to face interaction. At the same time blogging like a Godsend for people who might be socially anxious or introverts. I love one to one interaction, though big groups are a bit intimidating.
    I’ve never been to any marches, though I really want to. Taking atleast a no phone hour is so so sO important uffff. Screens really fry your brain lol. I really need to work on my time and energy management. This summer is all about self improvement for me! Hope your Germany/Europe trip goes well/went well! X

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