a 10-step, (mostly) foolproof plan to making this summer the best yet

My last day of sophomore year was today and that means… IT”S OFFICIALLY SUMMERTIME!! I’m excited to start working towards my summer goals and focus more of my time and energy on my passion projects like this blog and Faces of Feminism. Earlier this week, I asked for blog post requests on my Instagram story (@absolutelyolivia) and a post about “making the most of this summer” was requested. Your wish is my command, as Absolutely Olivia would not operate without you, so here it is!

Keep reading for a 10-step, (mostly) foolproof plan to making Summer 2019 the best yet! Kudos to @therayofsunshineblog for requesting this post 🙂


Ah, the classic summer bucket list! As I mentioned before, summer brings along high expectations of what it should be like leading many to craft a list of experiences, goals, travels, and things they would like to pursue throughout the 3 short months of the unofficial season. Personally, I believe this is a fantastic idea as it allows you to visualize your summer before it happens and encourages movement towards achievement of what’s on your list.

Summer goals can range from working on a passion project to taking a day trip every other week to completing an online summer course to skydiving; the options are endless and varying depending on who you are and what you are looking to fill your summer with. Make a list of your aspirations to create motivation and prioritize what needs to happen to make this summer your best one yet.

Olivia’s Summer Goals include:

-Redesign/Re-brand Absolutely Olivia
-Hit 2,500 on Instagram and 3,100 on the blog
-Finish a rough draft of my own poetry book
-Be able to run a 5k without stopping


If you ever get the chance to travel, TAKE IT AND RUN as fast as you can towards the destination! Travel is a privilege, but even getting somewhere new for a day can be super beneficial. Whether it’s the next town over or across an ocean, travel allows you to learn more about yourself, the people around you, and have eye-opening experiences that can change your perspective.

Fun time is summertime, so even if you’re working away at a job for the majority of the time, grab a couple friends on your off-day and head to a new town nearby for a day trip. Being with people you love and being somewhere new is always a recipe for exciting disaster and interesting stories…after all, that’s what summer is all about, right?


Going to sleep late during the school year vs. going to sleep late in the summer are two completely different experiences. During the school year, homework is forcing you to stay up late, but during the summer, staying up late is more of a choice. Stay out late, hang out with friends, work late on a side hustle, binge movies, and late night snacks are all ways to take advantage of the ability to stay up late and sleep in the next day.

In conclusion, take advantage of the night and do things you normally wouldn’t do when studying is taking away your free time.



Obviously, sleeping in is warranted (as discussed in the previous point), but you can’t have the best summer of your life while dreaming. Get out and DO! If it takes setting multiple alarms like during the school year, do it. You can thank me later 🙂


During the summer, you have more of a choice on who you see everyday. Don’t feel pressure to keep up friendships you felt were toxic during the school year, but take the time-off as a chance to grow your friendships and spend time with the people you want to. Also, summer allows plenty of time to get to know new people, so expand your friend group! There’s nothing like getting closer with your fave people under the summer sun 🙂


This season is a time to explore new realms of life. It’s the most opportune time to start a side hustle or passion project, the best weather to get outdoors, the most sensible time to travel, and all around a great time to try new things! What’s been on your bucket list or to-do list for awhile now, but always gets pushed away for other priorities? Whatever jumps to your mind is what summer is here for.

Take and look for opportunities as they come and don’t be afraid to do something completely different than what you do in daily life.


My #1 tip for tackling summer school work? Don’t wait until the last minute! Yes, I’m well aware I sound like every teacher ever when I say that, but I know from experience that cramming your summer reading into one week is not ideal.

Always give yourself a couple weeks off at the beginning of summer to let your brain rest and to fully immerse into a summer routine. Then, try to spread out your summer work in a way that makes sense. For example, if you are going to have an in-class essay/test/project your first week of school on some of your summer work, start that work in mid-July, so that it is more likely to stay in your brain. Summer work sounds like a hassle, but in reality doesn’t take long, so just do it!


Take time for yourself and time to relax. Whether you’re working a job all day or hanging by the pool, don’t forget that coming home and reading or writing or laying on your bed is still an essential part. Don’t feel guilty for not being busy all the time, there’s a reason it’s called summer break.


The biggest issue when summer rolls around is people’s fear of missing out aka FOMO. Social media becomes flooded with perfect vacation photos and experiences, not to mention real-time Instagram and Snapchat stories of people having the time of their life. FOMO happens to the best of us in times like these, but it’s important to remember that having THE! BEST! SUMMER! EVER! isn’t always necessary or possible. And that’s okay.

Make the most of your summer in the best way you know how while making new memories for you to fondly look back and smile at later. Realize that what’s on social media is only what people choose to put out there and not necessarily their reality. As long as you’re content and having fun right where you are in the present is what really matters.

With that being said, it’s in your hands to make this summer your best yet, so GO DO IT! I BELIEVE IN YOU!

💜Love, Olivia


5 thoughts on “a 10-step, (mostly) foolproof plan to making this summer the best yet

  1. love the idea of a summer bucket list! YES to not sleeping the summer away!! it’s so nice to catch up on sleep, but SO much time wasted. & so important to take some time to relax & unwind as well, love this! & i’m loving your outfit & the vibe of these pictures too 🙌🏻

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  2. you are an absolute inspiration, olivia! every time I open wordpress and see that you have posted something, I get really excited to open it and see what new brilliance you have posted. I am going to seriously take into consideration all of these things as I attempt to have the best summer ever.
    xo, emma jo

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