50 Instagram Story Ideas for YOU!

Last Sunday, I shared my #1 tip to connecting on Instagram. It got a fantastic response, so I decided to continue with the Instagram tips this week. Instagram stories are debatably my favorite feature on the app and I will rave about them to anyone and everyone until the day they prove unworthy of my love (which I assure you, is not anytime soon).

Today, I’m sharing one lil piece of advice on Instagram stories along with 50 Instagram story prompts for when you’re at loss for what to post only our story. Let’s get into it:


The #1 question I get about Instagram stories is: How do you find the confidence to talk on Instagram stories?

It can feel extremely awkward at first to talk on your Instagram stories and watching back the stories where I first started talking is a complete and total CRINGE FEST. That being said, after awhile, my “um”s and “like”s became a lot less frequent and now I talk on my stories almost everyday.

Getting the “confidence” to talk on Instagram stories really just comes down to pushing yourself to share. It’s a jump headfirst type of thing that you have to do once to do it again. Talking allows more intimacy because now your followers are getting a more well-rounded view of who you are, but it fosters connection and new relationships with other content creators.

If you’ve been debating whether or not to talk on your stories, do it, especially with the 50 story prompts I’m sharing below 🙂


-photoshoot behind-the-scenes

-food photos!

-before and after editing

-follow Friday (post your fav Instagrammers as of late)

-5 facts about yourself

-post about your latest blog post

-book review

-share a cause that’s important to you

-share what music you’re currently listening to


-photo of what you’re currently reading

-talk about a movie you’ve been loving

-talk about a TV show you’ve been loving

-share your latest post

-shopping haul!

-bloopers/outtakes from photo shoots

-participate in various story challenges

-make your own story challenge

-do a story template

-walk your followers through a typical day in the life of you

-repost a content creator’s post you’ve been loving

-no makeup selfie 🙂

-post content that didn’t make the feed

-start a discussion about a certain topic (encourage your followers to join in by DMing you or responding to a questions sticker)

-ask for feedback using polls and/or the question sticker

-ask your followers how their week has been then reach out to them through DMs with a message specific to how they answered (my fav thing to do)

-share photos from your day

-skincare routine!

-morning routine

-nighttime routine

-makeup routine

-how to tutorials

-study tips if you’re a student 🙂

-share throwback photos to show how far your content has come

-a story time

-try- on haul in the store, then share what you bought and what you didn’t

-how you edit your photos

-detail shots of your OOTD

-share inspirational quotes

-share your to-do list to motivate others

-monthly favorites

-ask for blog post or content recommendations

-host a Q&A… let your followers get to know you better

-exercise routine

-ask for music/book/movie recommendations (people love to give them!)

-items on your wishlist

-share your work outside of Instagram (writing, art, your career, school, etc.)

-sunset photos


-literally anything you want! Your instagram stories are yours and yours alone, so use them to share content unique to you!

I hope you all enjoyed this post and find it helpful for your own Instagram story ventures. Leave a comment down below with your favorite way to use your Instagram stories and feel free to drop any questions or blog post ideas you may have while you’re down there. Thanks so much for reading!

💜Love, Olivia

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