7 Ethical/POC-Owned/Woman-Owned Brands to Shop Now

One thing I don’t often share on the blog are brands that I adore and follow closely on Instagram. Although I don’t follow too many, the ones I do follow are special and unique to the fashion industry, whether it be through their mission, creation process, or clothing. The majority of my favorite brands are smaller and are less well-known, so today I’m going to be sharing seven of them with you! All seven are either ethical, sustainable, POC-Owned, Woman-Owned, or LGBTQ+ Owned shops that are doing their absolute best to be inclusive in an industry that loves to exclusive. Let’s get into the first one!


Radimo is an unapologetic genderfluid marketplace filled with brands that are “run by queer, trans, black, POC, PWD, women, & plus size small business owners.” From societal-slamming graphic tees to ethereal accessories, Radimo is the one-stop-shop for any and every being.



Dazey LA is a brand based in LA that focuses on sustainable and ethical fashion. From their own clothing line, to other amazing woman-owned brands, the site has all the empowering good-good one needs in their life. Plus, they feature diverse and fearless women as their models and recently upgraded their sizing to be more inclusive.



True & Co. is a WOC-owned and woman-run lingerie company. The company pioneered the first ever “fit quiz” to determine the best bra for any and every body beyond band and cup size. True & Co.’s main mission is to ensure that everyone is comfortable and empowered while wearing their daily lingerie.



Founded by the social media sensation, Jenn Im, Eggie brings diverse and never-seen-before pieces to the table. From classy Reformation-style dresses to pops of color and polka dots on versatile tops, this brand knows what the modern content creator wants to wear. Eggie just released their Spring Collection, which contains several sustainably-made dresses and tops. However, the sizing of the clothing could be more inclusive.



Automic Gold is an all-inclusive jewelry brand created by wives, Alëna and Kiera. When browsing their site or Instagram, one will never see retouched images or solely cishet models. Automic Gold hires “size-inclusive, non-cis, and non-white models year-round, not just for awareness months.” Not to mention, all jewelry on the site is sustainable, eco-friendly, and ethically-made in the US with their solid gold pieces being 100% recyclable.



The Series is a genderless and seasonless clothing line handmade in New York. The Series is all about creating pieces that are for every body, but can be worn differently on every body. Every piece is created from renewed or already existing pieces, giving it the all-important sustainability factor.
With a timeless, yet vintage feel, the prominently denim pieces are statement pieces like no other.



Girlfriend Collective is an all-inclusive active wear company that prides itself on being as transparent as possible when it comes to their design and manufacturing process. Their infamous workout sets are made from recycled plastic bottles, their LITE leggings are made from recycled fishing nets, and they go to every length to ensure each item is ethically made in safe factories. When it’s cute, comfy, has all-inclusive sizing, and is completely sustainable, what’s not to love?


I hope you all enjoyed this look into my top 7 favorite brands when it comes to helping the Earth and equality out. Leave a comment below with brands that you love because of their mission and focus. Feel free to ask any questions or give any blog post ideas while you’re here. Thanks so much for reading!

💜Love, Olivia

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