what i would’ve worn if i had gone to coachella

My motto this past week has been: if you can’t afford to go to the desert, bring the desert to you. 😉 Coachella is the music festival to end all music festivals with headliners like Ariana Grande, Kasey Musgraves, and Billie Eilish. Every year that it comes around you’re either going or scrolling through your Instagram feed, admiring the stand-out festival fashion. I’m always doing the latter as there is something about festival fashion that sucks me in. The way everyone is boldly and uniquely themselves with their hair, makeup, and outfits for a weekend is a phenomenon I love to participate in.

Today, I’m bringing you my third annual Festival Lookbook to give you all a taste of what I would wear if I had gone to Coachella. Since I got to go my first ever music festival in Atlanta last September, I have a better grasp on balancing style with practicality when it comes to standing and dancing all day. Let’s get into Day 1!


Gotta pull out all the stops for day one…metallic: check, fringe: check, funky shoes: check, and too many accessories: check. Festival looks are the most fun when they’re unique, but also when they move with you as you sway (or sporadically dance like me) to your favorite artists. A skirt or flowy top always does the trick, just make sure to wear shorts/spandex underneath! Also, this is the time to wear your vibrant accessories as they go with any and every outfit at a festival.


This outfit is all about the basics of festival fashion. Although black is a hot color, it’s sleek, classy, and looks good on everyone. Pair overalls or sets with a funky bralette and you’ve virtually conquered Festival Fashion 101. Pop on some cat-eye sunnies and a western belt because did you even go to a festival if you didn’t wear a western-style belt at some point?


The final look is easy, breezy, and makes me feel beautiful. It’s hard to go wrong with a sundress at a festival. They’re easy and efficient to style and throw on when rushing out the door to go see your favorite artist on the lineup. Pair them with edgier accessories like combat boots and layered jewelry, and BOOM! You’ve nailed it! Get ready to dance and run around from show-to-show.

Well, folks, there you have it! Music festivals are peak fashion events and I’m glad I got to channel that for a few shoots 😉 I hope you enjoyed this post and got some inspiration for your own festival looks! Let me know which outfit was your favorite in the comments below, and feel free to drop any questions or blog post ideas you may have as well. Thanks for reading and happy festival-going!

💜Love, Olivia


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