Winter Photography 2019

Photography has held a special place in my heart ever since I started this blog, but it has since expanded from amateur shots of the autumnal leaves changing to slightly better than amateur shots of people, objects, and places. Every season on the blog I share photos I have taken and I’m excited to be doing just that today! Photography captures spirit-filled moments that can showcase everything from love to laughter to melancholy to magical. There’s something about feeling a moment that you have never personally experienced because of a photograph, so I invite you into my Winter world through photos…

When two of my ballet friends reached out to me and asked if I could take photos of them for their auditions, I was scared and excited to delve into a new category of capturing motion that I hadn’t before!

Like a typical stage mom, I had to snap photos of my friends in their theater production of Urinetown, the musical!

Tennis courts are my #1 recommendation for any and every spontaneous photo shoot. Just make sure the courts have nets…unlike the ones in my photos :/

Night shots, including those of sunsets, are always some of my favorite to capture as it allows me to play around with flash, lighting, and other compositional elements that aren’t as important to pay attention to during the day. Plus, editing is always so exciting because night shots are versatile and easy to manipulate into the creation you want.

I played around with borders this Winter and now they’re my favorite go-to to take a regular photo to the next level.

These funky photos of my friends were taken for Retrograde, the magazine I’m a contributor to. Issue 2.1 just came out and not one, but two articles and photo sets by me are in it! I highly recommend checking out this magazine for yourself, as it perfectly captures the spirit of today’s generation, especially in this issue that is all about Coming of Age. The magazine can either be bought in print ($18) or digital ($7). Click HERE to check out their website and to buy the magazine 🙂

There you have it, friends: my Winter photography! I hope you all enjoyed this post and that it inspired you to go out there and snap away on your own camera 🙂 Let me know which photo was your favorite and feel free to include in your comment any questions or blog post ideas you may have. Thanks so much for reading!

💜Love, Olivia


25 thoughts on “Winter Photography 2019

  1. aaah, these are so good! honestly, you’re my role model in photography. I’ve always thought you could mainly find beauty in nature or inanimate objects, but I was so wrong.
    and retrograde was ah-mazing. you should showcase your photography more, olivia
    — vaishnavi

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  2. Oh my GOD Olivia these pictures are so good! I have loved seeing some these on your VSCO during the winter! And also because of you I may become a contributor for the mag too and I am so. excited!! + I’m so gonna purchase the digital version just so I can read your articles 😉

    Love, Veera

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