3 Ways to Style Mom Jeans!!

I have searched high and low for over a year trying to find this one particular item of clothing, but to no avail. Then, this past weekend happened. I walked into a secondhand shop with my mind set on finding some funky dresses for summer and as I breeze past the first rack, my original mission is forgotten as I spot something extraordinary. Could it be? *gasp* It is! I immediately grabbed the item from the rack and as I ran my fingers down the wondrous seams of the thick denim, I knew I had reached my thrifting peak. I tried them on, they fit like a glove, and as I walked out of the store with them in my hands, it felt like heaven.

So, it is with pride in my heart that I announce I am now the proud owner of MOM JEANS! I have worn them at least three times in the past fours day, and with that I have discovered that mom jeans are for every and any style. Today, I’m sharing three different looks featuring my mom jeans, each styled with a different personal style in mind. Let’s get into it!


The beauty of mom jeans is the diverse ways in which one can wear them. At first glance, you might not expect them to cater to a more feminine look, but guess what? They can and will go with a more girly style! I tucked my pretty Victorian-style blouse into the pair of denim, strapped my velvet heels around my ankles, and used the accessories of a French-knotted headband and an esteemed-looking glitter clutch to bring out the femininity of the mom jeans. If you’re feeling feminine and want to incorporate your own mom jeans into that, wear a gorgeous blouse and your favorite pair of heels to achieve utter feminine perfection. 🙂


My second look revolved around this amazing pair of burgundy combat boots that I have. I always see more grunge influencers paring their mom jeans with boots, so naturally, I had to try it for myself. To fit with the edgy style, I stuck with dark colors for the rest of the outfit. I paired my navy and black striped crop top and comfy black jacket with chunky silver jewelry to complete the look. Wanna rock boots with your mom jeans? Roll the jeans for a put-together look and make sure the top part of your fit matches the vibe you’re going for 🙂


Although I’m not one for casual looks, I definitely don’t lounge around on a Sunday afternoon in either of the previous outfits. Mom jeans are as comfy as they are stylish, so for my “day-off” look I laced up my pink high top Vans and threw on an old, but cool graphic tee that I mysteriously found in my grandparent’s beach house. I knotted the tee and with the addition of two simple gold necklaces, it was off to the races… or rather the race to the comfiest deck chair. For your own casual mom jean look, wear a pair of trendy tennis shoes that compliment the graphic tee. Knotting or french-tucking the tee is ideal, but if it is already cropped, that’s even better!

Well, there you have it, folks: 3 Ways to Style Mom Jeans! I hope you enjoyed this post and found new ways to style your own mom jeans, or were inspired to go out and find a pair for yourself. You won’t regret the purchase, I promise!

Feel free to leave any questions, comments, or blog post ideas in the comments below as I love getting feedback from you all 🙂 Thanks so much for reading!

💜Love, Olivia

35 thoughts on “3 Ways to Style Mom Jeans!!

  1. OH MY GOD OLIVIA!!!! You are a fucking model!!!!!!!!!!!! I love love love these outfits and pictures and omg I feel like I always comment the same things but!!! And I may need to use the poses from the 2nd pic of the 2nd outfit and the 3rd pic of the 3rd outfit whenever I’ll get to take pics again!!!

    !!!!!Love, Veera!!!!!!

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