4 ~WEIRD~ Facts About Me

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Hey friends!  As some of you may have noticed, I cut down my bi-weekly posts to weekly posts throughout the month of November.  This was mainly because of schoolwork and applications, but now I’m back with the bi-weekly posts!  I’ve decided my mid-week posts will be more light-hearted and shorter posts, while I save the more important topics and longer posts for Sundays.

To kick off this bi-weekly posting resurrection with something a bit more, I’m sharing five facts about me that are a little less than normal when compared to the rest of the general human population.  Some are weird, some are surprising, and some are a mixture of both.  Be sure to leave a comment below with a fun fact about yourself; I love getting to know the people reading my posts a little better!

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*Warning: This post is full of blooper photos from past photo shoots and events.  Enjoy!*

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1.My collection of odd trinkets:  Sitting on a designated shelf in my room or in pockets of my frequently carried bags are all sorts of small and odd trinkets.  I have an affinity for strange objects that I find in stores that shouldn’t be a real thing, but are.  Among these trinkets are a tiny hand, a tiny foot, a tiny hand for my tiny hand, a plug-in microphone for my phone, big steampunk glasses, a couple kazoos, and my esteemed sparkly fidget spinner.

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rockin’ my steampunk glasses for a football game 🙂

2.I don’t enjoy shopping:  I know what you’re thinking: Olivia, you’re a fashion blogger and must get your clothes somewhere, so how in the world could you not enjoy shopping?  Well, hear me out.  I thoroughly enjoy fashion and all the joy and creativity it brings to this planet, yet buying clothes isn’t even close to being my favorite pastime.  This could be caused by my knowledge of what fast fashion does to the environment, or it could be caused by the looming doom of being sucked into the whirlpool of consumerism.  Either way I shut down and go into a weird, unable-to-focus mode when going into a store.  However, there is ONE exception to my lack of joy in shopping… thrift stores 🙂

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3.Where I see myself in 5 years:  Whenever people ask me where I see myself in five years, my answer is: sitting on a comfy bed, proactively studying for my college finals at 4pm with a beautiful corn snake named Corduroy slowly intertwining itself between my hands.  What an absolute dream!  This isn’t entirely weird and a lot of you know about my obsession with snakes (they’re the cutest lil creatures!), but I can’t imagine a collegiate Olivia without a snake.  Let’s hope my roommate is down for that!

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4.Fan fiction:  I’ve always been an avid reader, but earlier this year that dropped off for while… until I discovered fan fiction.  I’m obsessed with Harry Potter (as must of you know, especially if you saw my 7 Lessons I Learned from Harry Potter post), and this summer I discovered the world of Harry Potter fan fiction.  I can now proudly say that I relate to this tweet:

2018-12-05 05.29.58 1.jpg

However unhealthy my obsession and need for fan fiction may be, as long as I make sure to read other, more esteemed literature from time to time, I will continue to read my Harry Potter fan fiction every night before going to sleep.  Now, whenever people ask what I’m reading, I politely respond “British literature” and hope they’ll be wiser than to ask any further questions 😉

That’s all for today, friends!  I hope you enjoyed this post and learned something about me that gives you a better overall view of who I am as a person.  Don’t forget to leave a comment below with an interesting fact about yourself!  Feel free to drop any questions or blog post ideas you may have while you’re down there.  Thanks so much for reading!

💜Love, Olivia


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6 thoughts on “4 ~WEIRD~ Facts About Me

  1. That was really interesting! I also think your steampunk glasses and that little microphone for your phone are cool. 😉 I remember that once, when I was trick or treating when I was waaaaay younger, a guy answered the door and he had a snake across his neck and twined around his arm! We got to pet it. I don’t really remember how it felt, but it was pretty cool. Yay little me for being brave. 😝

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