Fall Favorites!!

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Friends!!  I feel like it’s been a hot minute since I’ve sat down and written a more casual, old Olivia style post.  That’s why today, I’m throwing it back to tell you all about my favorite items for fall!  Since, I haven’t done a favorites post in awhile, I have more than a few items to share in hopes that you’ll come across one in this post that you think you might want to try for yourself.  I’m discussing everything from beauty products to clothing to new websites, so let’s get into it!


One of my only non-thrift store purchase of the year is quickly becoming my favorite clothing purchase of the year.  My wide leg jeans are my baby and the versatility is everything I’ve ever wanted in a denim pant.  You can dress them up with a pair of cute heels and a fancy blouse or dress them down with a cropped tee and flatform tennis shoes.  Everyone needs some wide leg jeans hanging in their closet!

Recommendation: 10/10

wide leg jeans (similar)


I’ve talked about my Les Georgettes bracelet in my Spring Favorites post, but I’m going to talk about it again here.  The bracelet is simple, yet you can buy different reversible leathers to go inside of it to perfectly match it to whatever outfit or mood you have that day!  I recently was sent two autumnal leathers from them, and they’re gorgeous and perfect for the chillier season outfits.  I am not exaggerating when I tell you I wear this bracelet almost everyday (ask my friends), and it is the perfect gift to get or give this holiday season as well!  If you want to get one yourself, use the code OLIVIA15 at checkout for 15% off.

Recommendation: 9/10

les georgettes bracelet 

2018-04-02 01.23.59 2.jpg


Until a few weeks ago, I only used my Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade to fill in my non-existent eyebrows.  Then, I discovered the magic of brow pencils 🙂  Instead of doing a free-for-all with my cream eyebrow pomade, I now outline my brows with a pencil and blend it with the cream to create a brow.  This creates a more natural look that doesn’t have as harsh and dark of lines.  Get yourself a brow pencil!

Recommendation: 7/10

eyebrow pencil (similar)

2018-11-06 09.13.43 2.jpg


As you all know, I am big on keeping up with current events and staying aware about the world around me.  This involves reading and interpreting many different news sources like The New York Times, TIME, and BBC, but my favorite source for news at the moment is The Guardian.  Whenever there is a big event happening live (like the Kavanaugh Trials) and I want to stay up to date while at school or when I don’t have access to a TV, the Guardian is my go-to.  Their articles are written with facts from all sides of the argument, but are quick and easy reads for when on the go.

Recommendation: 8/10


Earlier, I said my wide leg jeans were my baby, but honestly, my camera is my true baby.  I take it with me anywhere and everywhere that isn’t school and I fill up whole memory cards within weeks.  I get questions about which camera I use all the time, so today I’m here to tell you that I use the Nikon D3400.  It is a little more on the expensive side, but a worthwhile investment if you use it almost everyday like I do.  The quality is unreal and it’s easy to work with.  Even though I’ve been using this Nikon for almost a year now, it still surprises me at how good my photos come out sometimes.

Recommendation: 7/10

Nikon D3400 (but you can get it on amazon for cheaper)

2018-11-06 09.13.45 2.jpg


Never in my life have I worn a pair of earrings for so many consecutive days in a row like I have with my face earrings.  My sister bought them for me, and if you know me, you know I was super ecstatic as these were exactly my style.  I love how modern and like art they are, and my favorite way to wear them is to mix-and-match them with other earrings.

Recommendation: 8/10 (depends on your style)

face earrings (similar)

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Although I bought this patent leather raincoat back in early July, I haven’t had a good chance to wear it until this fall.  Red is my favorite color to rock and this jacket gave me Billie Eilish vibes, so I knew I had to have it!  It’s one of the biggest statement pieces in my closet currently and I love to wear when AND when it’s not raining.  Paired with my matching red rain boots, this raincoat is a force to be reckoned with.

Recommendation: 9/10

2018-11-06 09.05.48 1.jpg


I have never been a big tennis shoe or running shoe person because I can never find a pair that are fashionable enough for me (Olivia may or may not be a lil high maintenace when it comes to shoes).  So, when I laid eyes on these flatform beauts, the last on the shoe rack, I snatched them up fast.  Luckily, they fit and I’ve worn them during everything from fancy events to hikes.  I highly recommend a pair of flatform tennis shoes to spice up your shoe game this fall 🙂

Recommendation: 10/10

flatforms (similar)

Woohoo, now you all have a set list of my favorites for fall!!  I hope that you enjoyed this post and found some inspiration for new items to add to your shopping list 😉  Leave a comment below with one of your favorite items for fall and feel free to drop any blog post suggestions or questions you may have while you’re down there.  Thanks so much for reading!

💜Love, Olivia


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