How to Write ENGAGING Instagram Captions pt. 2


Something I’m most proud of when it comes to Absolutely Olivia and all its platforms, are my Instagram captions.  Some days they are the bane of my existence, but most days I get super excited to type out something meaningful to go along with my insta photo for that day.  I strongly believe that captions have as big of a role in content creation and success as the photos themselves.  By including anything from a call-to-action to a funny pun in your caption, getting people to react positively to what you’re saying and then go DO something about that reaction is vital. 

This past Sunday I shared three tips on How to Write Engaging Instagram Captions, and today I’m back with three MORE tips!  Just like in Sunday’s post, my hope is that when you leave this post today, you’ll have a renewed sense of self when it comes to writing the BoMb Instagram captions you’ve always wanted to create!  Let’s do it!

P.S. Thanks so much for all the love on part 1; it seriously means the world 🙂

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I have found that it is a taboo within the blogger and influencer community to really open up, be transparent, and be vulnerable with followers.  However, as of late, I think this taboo is slowly being broken which is for the better, whether you’re the content creator or the consumer.  There is nothing that resonates more with a person than being able to relate to something someone else is saying or going through.  Talk about an insecurity you have with the photo you posted, touch on small things that have been affecting you negatively lately, tell a story that may be hard for you to tell, but could help others by just hearing it, etc.

On the follower side of things, being more transparent in captions (and photos) allows them to see that this person on-screen is just as much human as they are.  It allows them to feel less alone in their insecurities and struggles, and if you’re offering advice, can help them in their insecurities and struggles.

On the influencer side of things, getting real and raw in your captions, creates deeper connections between the two of you that previously could only be made if you met face-to-face.  I’ve found that my more vulnerable captions have garnered the most engagement as I’m giving my followers the power to get to know me as more than a face.  People like (literally and figuratively) seeing a more true side of people than what social media normally offers, and they won’t hesitate to let you know this through comments and DMs.

Being transparent and vulnerable through Instagram captions is a huge, occasionally scary leap, but in the end is a win-win situation for both you and your followers.


Asking a question to your followers is probably one of the biggest ways (if not THE biggest way) all Instagram influencers use to up engagement.  Obviously, questions are meant to be responded to and your followers will come through to answer.  When using this method, sometimes it is best to already have the question in mind as you are writing your caption and then add it in where it fits best.  Other times, the caption comes first and you can tag a related question onto the end of it.

For example, if I was writing a caption about my favorite fall trends, at the end I would add-on a question asking my followers what their favorite fall trend is.  If I was writing a more vulnerable caption about being stuck in a bad slump, I might ask for advice on getting back into a good mood or ask what self-care helps my followers when they’re feeling down.  There are endless possibilities, and almost any caption can have a related question created to go along with it.  I highly recommend this technique for those of you just starting out because not only does it up your comment engagement, it always gives you a way to get to know your followers!


My final piece of advice in this mini-series is a short one, but a good one.  It is to mix up the short and long captions.  People do love long captions, but when they’re always long, I’ve found people eventually stop sticking around to read the whole thing.  A good, healthy balance of caption length and light-heartedness is the way to go.  Mix in the deeper, longer captions with the shorter, bubbly ones and you’ve got yourself caption perfection 😉

Woohoo, there you have it, folks!  I hope you enjoyed this post and are ready to go out in the world and create some INCREDIBLE Instagram captions.  Let me know if you have any advice yourself and give me some new ideas on what my next mini-series should be in the comments below.  And don’t forget to read part 1 of How to Write Engaging Instagram Captions.  Thanks for reading!

💜Love, Olivia


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