“Long Live You” …finally sharing my poetry




You, who came into life the same way you live it;

screaming about the warm place the world is supposed to be

and the cold place it is instead.


You, unafraid to pin the misstep to them

being a wallflower then sprinting your way to the center,

showing them that it takes two to tango.


You, the muse of many and to others the antagonist too easy to attack.

Breathing in, you and your purpose (not once distracted)

silently take the stage; you’ve been waiting for this moment.


With a quick clap of your hands, the world abruptly awakens.

Startled by the heap of hurt humans and

overwhelmed by their desire to stretch out a comforting hand,

the world remembers their first purpose: to love.


You could rest now, but this awake world is still a child searching for guidance.

To love is to be happy, so you work ten times harder.


long live You,

the woman I am in my dreams.



20 thoughts on ““Long Live You” …finally sharing my poetry

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