Why Your Vote Actually DOES Matter

I invite you to dig deeper than your political affiliations for a moment and think about what I’m about to tell you is showing the rest of America.

A man goes out and assaults a woman, leaving her scared, scarred, and afraid.  He grows up and becomes a powerful politician.  She grows up and becomes strong woman and professor at a university.  But maybe sometimes, little spots of fear creep into her conscience as she remembers the night she was assaulted many years ago.  As the man is up for a political promotion, she comes out and lets the world know what happened to her those many years ago.

She goes before a court of people and ultimately, the world as it is broadcast on all major news networks. She tells her story of sexual assault in front of millions of strangers, some with her and some against her.  She is composed, but fierce with an ambition to uproot the truth.  Her assaulter, the politician, fights back with harsh words and strange excuses.  Despite his disrespect for others on the court, his country’s outcry against him, and his sexual assault allegations, he is pushed through and given his political promotion as a judge on the Supreme Court.  She is shamed again and again, and even has to move houses because of death threats, all because she dared to speak out against a man who committed an unspeakable wrong against her.

Yesterday, this horror became reality as Brett Kavanaugh, a man with multiple sexual assault allegations against him, was officially confirmed as a judge in the highest court in America, the Supreme Court.  Dr. Ford, an incredible and esteemed woman, is the woman I spoke of.

This is telling the rest of America that if you speak out as a victim of sexual assault you won’t be believed.  You’ll be silenced and shamed and end up right back where you were in the first place.  This is telling the rest of America that because justice wasn’t served in the highest court in the land, it won’t be served elsewhere.  This is telling the rest of America that if they are a victim of sexual assault they should stay quiet about it.  Which is never, EVER the case.

We could not vote in the Kavanaugh election yesterday, but we can vote in the Midterm elections this November.  

Obviously, the electoral college failed in the 2016 presidential election, as it has in years past.  The woman who won over the majority of America in the popular vote was handed loss as the title of America’s 45th president was passed onto a man who won over a system that was created to appease the slave-owners of the 1800s (a.k.a. the electoral college).  This is where I begin to understand people’s hesitancy to go to the ballot and vote.

After all, voting is just buying into the fantasy of “American” democracy that our corrupt government dangles before us.  Voting doesn’t matters and won’t affect the outcome of the elections.  So what if voting is buying into a fantasy? What if your vote doesn’t matter?  No one knows that for sure.

So, I ask you: why not vote?

Voting is an American privilege that deserves to be honored.  People in government play an indirect, sometimes direct, and big role in how we live our lives, whether you like it or not.  Ultimately and sometimes unfortunately our freedoms balance on the fingertips of those in power.  It’s scary that the ultimate way to choose who is in power is solely a vote, which is why it becomes more important to do so.   I cannot stress the vitality of showing up to the Midterm ballots this November and every election after that.

In the Midterm elections, the voting is for new state senators, governors, representatives, and congressmen.  Since these are more local elections than the Presidential elections, it is based off of popular vote, meaning everyone’s vote does, in fact, matter.  Your vote counts the same as the person’s next to you and as the person’s next to them and so on.  

Don’t know who to vote for in the upcoming November elections?  Scared who not educated well enough on politics?

Well, good news!  You don’t have to be a political-pro to vote.  Search online for the candidates in your state and learn about what they stand for. See who aligns best with your own ideals and values. Forming your own opinions and being confident is key when it comes to voting, as voting is all about citizens making an informed decisions on who they believe is best for office.  In the end, who we vote into office is making the highest level of decisions for us and your voice deserves to be heard when choosing those people.

How do you know who vote doesn’t matter until you try? 

Incredible people like Dr. Ford have continuously shown the American people the importance of speaking out and taking daily action against injustice.  Voting is included in that.

Voter registration closes soon in most states, so HURRY!! Google “voter registration” to figure out how to register online, in-person, or through the mail in your state. GO, GO, GO!! 🤗

Can’t wait to see all the “I Voted” stickers in less than a month.  Let’s do this thing, America!  Your vote matters!!

💜Love, Olivia



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