A Music Festival Diary: what it’s like to be spontaneous


Last weekend contained one of the best days I’ve had all year, and hi, I’m here to tell you all about it and how you can have a day like it 😉  My family and I hightailed it down to Atlanta last Friday to escape the hurricane supposedly heading our way (our area ended up only getting a little bit of rain).  That Friday was also the night before Music Midtown, a HUGE music festival that takes place in Atlanta every year. Lemme tell ya: Earlier in the year, I had begged and begged to be able to go, and when the lineup came out three out of my top 5 favorite artists of all time were playing at Music Midtown. THREE!  I begged some more, but in the end it ended up not working out… right?

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Well, that Friday night my mom got a text from one of her friends that they had two extra tickets they were selling for Music Midtown.  Their asking price was cheap, we were already in Atlanta, I had packed a dress that would be perfect for a festival; it was absolutely perfect!  A little over 12 hours after buying the two tickets, I was on the Atlanta subway headed to my first ever music festival.  And wow, it was such an experience (even though I only ended up seeing one of my top 5 fav artists)!  Here’s what went down:


In this lengthy section, I’m breaking down the artists I saw, how it made me feel, and just my overall thoughts of their show 🙂  Feel free to read the whole thing or just skip around to ones you recognize!


We arrived at the festival around 3 after a few subway rides and a long walk to Piedmont Park, where Music Midtown was being held.  There were 4 stages around the park, and each had a host of different artists that would be playing throughout the day.  The first concert we went to was by lovelytheband!  I only know one of their songs (broken, listen HERE), but nevertheless it was a great way to start the festival.  It was fun to bop along to the beat and get accustomed to the festival.

2018-09-22 11.04.17 1.jpg

2018-09-22 11.04.19 1.jpg

First Aid Kit

We left the first show a little early to walk around the festival and take pictures, then headed to a stage on the opposite side of the park for First Aid Kit.  This Swedish sister duo had been a new discovery of mine within the past couple of months, and when I saw they were playing at Music Midtown I geeked!!  It was a smaller crowd because they’re not as well-known as other artists, but that made for the most perfect intimate show.  I sung loud and swayed to all of their songs, but “Stay Gold” was my favorite.  Their voices are so crisp and clear and remind me of the breeze on a mountain top a.k.a. my favorite feeling.

The last song I heard of theirs before hightailing it to another stage was “You are the Problem Here,” a song about sexual assault.  One of the sisters, Klara Söderberg, put it perfectly when she said, “The blame and the shame should always be on the perpetrator.  Always.”  What a note to end on!

2018-09-22 11.29.20 1.jpg

2018-09-22 11.04.30 1.jpg


Oooo, BORNS is my baby, you guys.  He is on repeat in my headphones half of the times I have them in, so seeing him at Music Midtown was a dream come true!  There was a humongous crowd for him, but my dad and I were able to snag pretty close seats.  There’s something about seeing one of your favorite artists ever (and my favorite male artist of all time) live and in person.  I danced hard at this show, sang along with the rest of the crowd, and fangirl-ed at literally every second BORNS opened his mouth to sing or talk. 

I might’ve teared up a little… I was definitely in my feels for sure at this show 😉  It’s a feeling I can’t describe and you can only understand if you’ve experienced too.  I guess it was sort of like a sensory overload: My brain was trying to process BORNS was in front of my, my eyes were trying to capture every moment, my body was swinging and swaying, and my ears were filled with the sweetness and pure joy of his songs.  The last song he played was “Electric Love” which some of you may know as it was a HUGE hit on the radio or may know it from my Feel Good playlist post 😉  Needless to say, everyone was in an ecstatic mood and singing at the top of their lungs.  I loved every millisecond of BORNS’ show!

2018-09-23 08.30.45 1.jpg

2018-09-22 11.04.41 1.jpg

The Revivalists

After sitting on the hill and eating some frozen lemonade, we headed to our second to last show of the day, The Revivalists.  Again, I didn’t know too many of their songs, but their show was so good!  The band is a mix between Imagine Dragons and Twenty-One Pilots, and boy, their lead singer could sing.  He was probably one of the most naturally-talented singers I’ve ever heard live, but then again, who am I to have an opinion on that topic 🤷  We watched their show from the top of the hill in front of the stage as to not get trapped in crowds once it was time for us to stage-hop again to…

2018-09-22 11.04.34 1.jpg

Thirty Seconds to Mars

By the time, my dad and I made it to our final show of the day it was dark out, and the park had these cool blown-up lamps set up everywhere that gave the festival a mystical and exciting feel.  The fields in front of the stage where Thirty Seconds to Mars was playing were jam-packed; there had to be at least 80,000 people surrounding it, which was so surreal.  We couldn’t get much farther than the back, but were able to weasel our way through to get a better view.

Jared Leto, the lead singer of this band and my lowkey celeb crush, had so much energy and adrenaline!  He bounced around the stage, twirling, sometimes waving around an American flag and the crowd was totally feeding off of his energy.  Although we only stayed for a few songs, this was my favorite show (experience-wise) for all of Music Midtown.  It was the coolest thing to me to see so many people in once place at one time just having fun with life!  It left me feeling so fulfilled and that feeling didn’t leave the whole walk and taxi ride back to my aunt’s house late that night.

2018-09-22 11.04.39 1.jpg

2018-09-22 11.04.38 1.jpg


I’ve already touched on the crowds a bit, but I have to talk about them again because strangely, that was my favorite part of Music Midtown outside of the music.  I’m big on people.  I love people-watching, meeting new people, and sharing experiences with other people.  Walking around the festival and seeing so many different and new people that made up the hundreds of thousands people there really tickled my fancy and was so exciting to me.  It was so cool to be in the middle of giant crowds watching incredible artists and bands that were just as happy and thrilled to be there as you were.  Okay, that’s my spiel about crowds, now for the outfits!

If you’ve been following my blog for awhile, you know festival fashion is my favorite fashion.  I’ve done a Festival Lookbook every March that I’ve had a blog, and they’re consistently some of my most favorite looks I’ve ever put together.  As I said in one of the posts, “the main reason festival season has a piece of my heart is because everyone’s look is so unique, so outside-of-the-box, and so inherently their style. No one is afraid to wear their crazy sequin pants or to smear on their sparkly blue lipstick. The looks that come out of music festivals are always so bold, and I love seeing people rock the pieces they love in an unafraid manner. It’s amazing!”

Back then, I wasn’t speaking from first-hand experience, only what I had seen on social media.  Now, I’m no longer and poser and have actually gone to a festival, and it’s just as amazing as I thought.  Everyone went all out with their outfit at Music Midtown and as a fashion blogger and as a person, it gets me hype to see people embracing the more wild side of their fashion preferences.  Although I didn’t get any straight-on photos of anyone else’s outfit other than my own, in some of the crowd photos I took you can catch a glimpse of some cool ones 😉

Processed with VSCO with dog1 presetProcessed with VSCO with dog1 presetProcessed with VSCO with  presetProcessed with VSCO with dog1 presetProcessed with VSCO with dog1 presetProcessed with VSCO with dog1 preset

Luckily, I had happened to pack one of my newest thrift finds from Goodwill: this beautiful rose print dress with cut-outs.  I got it for $6, and paired the dress with the festival staple of stacked necklaces and rings, bold earrings, and black booties to create a festival look that could keep me cool in the Atlanta heat.  To finish off the look, I threw on my France Luxe red headband over my braids and a brown cross body purse.  Viola!

Processed with VSCO with m5 presetProcessed with VSCO with m5 presetProcessed with VSCO with m5 presetProcessed with VSCO with m5 preset


One of the best days all year came from the quick  and spontaneous decision to attend this music festival, so I URGE YOU: next time there’s a cool and exciting opportunity thrown at ya, take it take it take it!! It could be gone within minutes, but when taken could give you the experience of a lifetime! I left feeling fulfilled and on-top-of-the-world and something tells me spontaneity had a a lot to do with that.  Whether the opportunity is last minute or months away, the worst that could happen is that somehow it falls through, which isn’t the end of the world.  I’m not the most spontaneous person, but I’m learning to be.  Let’s all start the journey to more spontaneity together, and take opportunities as they come.   YOLO, baby, YOLO 😜

2018-09-22 11.03.52 1.jpg

Woohoo folks, there ya have it: my first festival experience!!  I hope you enjoyed this post and it encourages you to add a sprinkle of spontaneity to your own life.  Leave a comment below telling me about a spontaneous decision you’ve made, and feel free to leave any questions or blog post ideas while you’re down there.  Thanks so much for reading!!

💜Love, Olivia


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