How to Pose for Instagram Photos (part 2!)


Hey friends!!  I’m super excited about today’s post because a) it was fun to write b) I love sharing advice with you guys and c) this is my most highly-requested post EVER!  Since starting Instagram about a year and a half ago, I’ve learned a lot.  From how to scout locations to the best ways to get engagement, a lot of trial-and-error has gotten me pretty far.  So… today I’m writing to you about How to Pose for Instagram Photos!  This is a 3-part series (stay tuned for part 3 next Wednesday).  In the first two post, I am sharing 4 tips for posing and in the third I am sharing 10 of my favorite poses for your to try! You’ll be posing like a fashion blogger in minutes 😉  Let’s get into it!

Click HERE to read my How to Pose for Instagram Photos part 1!


However silly practicing your poses in a mirror sounds, it works.  Once I’m in my outfit before shooting, I’ll pull out my full-body mirror and try out different poses and faces.  Aside from preparing you for a shoot, this also helps you become more aware of your body and face.  Practicing in the mirror gives you a better idea of what poses look good on ya, and over time you’ll become a natural in front of the camera!


Omg, use your hands to create more interesting shots as much as possible.  Hands easily make photos look awkward if not used properly, and I cannot express how much more cohesive photos look with the slightest shift of hand.  Stretch your arms our, frame your face with your hands, play with your hair, put your hands in your pocket, swing a purse, throw up a peace sign, etc.  The possibilities of hand movement in photos are endless, so be conscious of that and use it to your advantage next time you’re posing!

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From time to time, it’s easy to find yourself doing the same poses over and over or simply run out of unique pose ideas altogether When this happens to me, I turn to my trusty post sidekick: Pinterest!!  I go on the app and scroll through my feed screen-shotting or pinning poses that catch my eye.  Then, I practice them in the mirror and also show them to my photographer (aka my mom) so we both know the look and pose I’m going for.  Pinterest is a gold mine of exciting new poses waiting to be found, so use it!

Poses I discovered on Pinterest:

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For my last piece of advice, I have to say it… just have fun!  Shooting photos is my favorite part of the behind-the-scenes- blog process, and in my opinion, shouldn’t be a chore.  Go out in an outfit that makes you feel good and look good and pose your heart out!  Laugh and be candid; candid photos always seem to turn out the best 🙂

2018-05-05 04.28.34 1.jpg


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Woohoo, I hope you enjoyed this post and were able to learn something new about posing as well as get ideas for your own posing!  Don’t forget to check out PART 1 of this series, and stay tuned for part 3 coming next week.  Leave a comment below with any thoughts, questions, or blog post ideas you may have; I love connecting with you all!  Thanks so much for reading!

*Also, I just got a Twitter (@abso_olivia) and would love if you all could check it out and leave a follow!  Thanks in advance :)*

💜Love, Olivia



20 thoughts on “How to Pose for Instagram Photos (part 2!)

  1. Your pics/poses are always so fabulous and moody!! I don’t think I can pull off the moody look, try as I might–hehe. And taking photos always feels like a chore to me! You’re right–it shouldn’t–but I always feel so bad about taking time away from my family to ask them to take my photos…I just need my own personal photographer, haha! Another great post.

    Miles of smiles,

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