10 People You Should Be Following on Instagram… and Why

Today, I’m sharing with you a post that has been the easiest for me to write in a long time.  I‘ve written all about 10 of my favorite follows on Instagram that are constantly inspiring me, motivating me, and producing the most iNsAnElY cool content!  Normally, I would stare at the screen for a while before slowly typing out a sentence, but the words were flowing out of me when I was writing about each and every one of these people.  They all bring something unique and important to the social media world, and I can’t for you to learn about them and hopefully give them a follow too!  

Before we get started, make sure you’re following me on Instagram (@absolutelyolivia) as well 🙂 #shamelessplug

KATE: @katebartlettblog

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KATE!! Omg, where do I even begin?!  Kate is so motivating and the exact type of gal you would want to be best friends with in real life.  Her vibrant photos (thanks to her love and affinity for finding the cutest murals) match her equally vibrant personality giving you the daily smile you need while scrolling through insta. She’s already a savvy business teen; hosting runway shows and her own events!  Everyone needs a Kate in their feed and in their life.

VEERA: @veeraelisabetht

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My Finland bestie is the ~coolest~ person I know, no joke about it.  Veera’s style is like nothing I’ve seen before and honestly, I wish she could personally style me every. single. day.  She uses a combination of retro and quirky modern pieces showcased in the most high fashion poses, edits, and locations that always has my jaw-dropping!  Veera is also an incredible artist and her creativity is never ceases to amaze me.  Also, she’s just as Harry Potter obsessed as me, which is hard to come by 😉

EMMA: @emmasedition

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Emma is a constant inspiration for me, and I have no doubt she’ll be one for you too.  This beautiful gal is constantly reaching out and engaging with her followers: asking them questions, listening to their post requests, and shining a spotlight on them in her Follow Friday’s. Building this type of connection with followers is not something you see a lot of other influencers doing, making Emma unique and showing off her true passion for what she does! Emma’s ever-present smile goes perfectly with her sunny disposition, and her outfits are always the perfect combo of trendy and timeless.  Highly recommend checking her out if in search of a boss babe!

TERRY: @terrytaft_

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With every post Terry puts up, I’m wowed.  His creativity, eye for photography knowledge on styling button-down shirts different ways is so cool! His shots are always so clean and he knows how to capture his audience’s attention as they’re scrolling through their feed. Terry is the sweetest human and has excellent music taste that he shares with his followers.  After all, Terry’s love for Lorde rivals my own which is an amazing feat!  Be sure to check out the photo series he did on his Instagram where each photo was inspired by a song from Lorde’s latest album Melodrama, and of course, give him a follow 😉

AUDREE: @simplyaudreekate

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Out of everyone I follow, this girl right here is the biggest #girlboss of them all.  Audree is a freelance fashion stylist, editor, and blogger and stays KILLIN’ IT!  She puts in insane amount of hours every week to work on shoots, articles, go to showings, events, and still has time to make her Instagram and blog next level amazing.  Audree knows what it means to hustle, and is constantly inspiring me to do a little extra and tackle new projects with vigor!  She always shares behind-the-scenes of her work and she is a layering QUEEN, which I love 🙂

BRYANNA: @_cominginclutch

2018-08-28 09.34.18 1.jpg

Need a little more rainbows and fUnK in your life??  Head on over to Byanna’s Instagram and your feed will thank you later!  Her style is so original and funky and I love it.  Bryanna manages to style the cutest, most colorful pieces in the best way possible with her many hair flips and fun poses making them even more stand-out than before!  Also, I live for her insightful and interesting captions, they’re always so fun to read and respond to!

BRYNN: @wearsbrynn

2018-09-03 05.23.38 1.jpg

I don’t know anyone who can make me as excited about checking out their latest post quite like Brynn does.  There hasn’t been a photo or outfit yet that I haven’t fallen in love with, and they always leave me feeling intrigued about what she’s going to post next.  Brynn’s photos are always the highest of quality and make me want to find her photo locations ASAP to hold my own shoot.  Along with her brilliantly written captions, Brynn’s Instagram can easily draw you in and make you feel like she’s living in a fairy tale world that you want nothing more than to join!  10/10 recommend Brynn (hey, that kinda rhymed)!

CAT: @cookiecat.herine

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Cat is such an amazing person, inside and out!  A slow-fashion blogger that sees her sustainable and ethical lifestyle as an extension of her feminism always has the right words to say, and the chic-est style ever.  From summer dresses to timeless accessories, Cat covers it all and offers so many resources to leading more of a sustainable lifestyle yourself.  She’s so sweet and if her insta stories of her cat don’t make you smile, I don’t know what will 🙂

PIPER: @piperpucetti

2018-09-03 05.00.05 1.jpg

Omg Piper!!  Piper is the most radiant soul out there and keeps it real as real can be with her followers.  Whether she’s just worked out hard for a few hours and is a sweaty mess or is super hype about a new beauty product, Piper is open to share it all on her insta stories which I adore.  She always has the inspiration you need to keep going and stay motivated in day-to-day life, I can’t tell you how many times our sweet conversations and her comments have been just the mood-booster I needed!  Piper’s positivity is something everyone needs in their Instagram feed.

TEZZA: @tezzamb

2018-08-28 09.34.24 2.jpg

Tezza has been my #1 source of inspiration for shoots for as long as I can remember.  Everyday this New York City gal amazes me with her perfect editorial-like shots.  Not to mention, her outfits and locations are on-point, giving me serious closet envy and wanderlust!  Tezza’s witty captions and stunning photos makes her account the most beautiful on Instagram (well… at least to me)!

Woohoo, now you have 10 more wonderful people to follow, so go!  I hope you all enjoyed this post and were inspired to head over to Instagram.  Leave a comment below with your favorite follow, I love finding new people to get inspired by.  Feel free to drop any questions or blog post ideas you may have down below as well.  Thanks so much for reading!!

💜Love, Olivia


10 thoughts on “10 People You Should Be Following on Instagram… and Why

  1. OLIVIA OH MY GOD YOU ARE SO COOL AND SWEET AND EVERYTHING THANK YOU SO SO SOOO MUCH!!! I literally got tears in my eyes while I read this, you really are so amazing person and I’m so glad I got to know you!! You really have no idea how much this means to me, thank you so much!! AND I HAVE TO: Are you still my best internet & blogger friend after… all this time? ALWAYS.

    Love, Veera

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