Study Tips: How to Get A’s + A Back-to-School Look

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The school year is quickly approaching for many of us, leading to buying back-to-school outfits and school supplies.  What, you may ask, will we do with the school supplies? Well, we’ll write notes and solve problems that we will have to study later on for the dreaded test or quiz.  Studying for tests can easily be the bane of existence for many high schoolers, which is why today I’m giving you all 6 study tips that may not guarantee an A, but will sure help you get there!  The studying advice in this post are all things my friends and I do to make reviewing notes easier and a little more fun.

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Okay, now into the 6 studying tips all high schoolers need to know!!


Oh my gosh you guys, I’m putting this tip first because if there’s anything I want you to get out of the post it’s this: USE QUIZLETQuizlet is a website and app that is in my mind and many of my friend’s minds the best study tool around.  You can make your own study sets for any and every subject, then use the several methods of studying the site provides.  I can safely say that I would not have done as well in many of my classes last year if it weren’t for Quizlet.  Although it is better suited for studying foreign language and vocab terms, Quizlet can 99% of the time improve your understanding and knowledge on any topic.

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Okay, I know re-writing your notes sounds like the greatest studying hassle of all time, but it is scientifically proven (and Olivia proven) that it works!  I use this method for all my classes that have lengthy notes with lots of specific information i.e. Biology.  A lot of times it’s easy to quickly jot down the notes as quick as you can without actually processing any of the information.  When you re-write your notes, make sure you’re in a quiet and focused area so you can really take in the information that you’re copying down.  This is also a good time to read over notes that you don’t understand a few times so they get ingrained in your brain!

If you love being aesthetic just like me, then when re-writing your notes make them super neat and use colorful pens!  Every time I had to re-write notes this past year, I would use a different colors for headings, subheadings, the actual notes, etc.  This way they look uber cute and puts a little bit of fun into studying 😉

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This tip makes me groan just as much as the next high schooler, but it is an absolute must!  Phones are probably the #1 reason for people’s inability to focus nowadays (there’s gotta be some scientific research out there to prove this), so when it comes to studying leave them faraway.  Whether all it takes is simply muting all your notifications, sticking your phone in a different room, or even having someone hide your phone from you; putting down your cellular device is vital when it comes to good grades!  Same goes for inside the classroom as well 😉

Less phone = More focus and you can quote me on that!

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An app that is perfect to help with the previous tip of putting down your phone is Forest.  Forest lets you set a timer for how long you want to focus for.  As you are away from your phone, trees begin to grow.  The longer you are focused on something other than your phone, the more tress grow and the larger they get.  If you get on your phone, the forest dies and you have to start all over.  It doesn’t sound like much, but it’s actually a fun game to see how many trees you can grow.  Forest uses reverse psychology to make you feel like you’re playing a game, while focused on your studies!  I highly recommend trying it out 🙂

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This piece of advice doesn’t have to be used all the time, but can be super beneficial once in awhile, especially when studying for BIG exams.  Getting out of the house can help you focus more on studies because you don’t have your typical distractions, and honestly, when I’m in public with all my books and notes spread around me, I am more likely to study.  Make sure to choose a location that is good for studying, like a library, coffee shop, a park, or even your school and you can bring a friend along too!  Study buddies make studying more fun, and you can bounce questions off of each other while being out of the house at the same time 🙂

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The last tip I have for you is one of the most beneficial ones, as it allows you to figure out exactly what parts of your notes you need to focus more of your time on.  Having someone quiz you using your notes is one of my most fav ways to study.  This can take the pressure off you having to read and re-read the same thing, and text what you know like you’re actually taking the test.  Definitely have someone quiz you, whether it’s a friend, tutor, or family member, because it’s an easy and interactive way to study!

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Well, there you have it friends, my top 6 tips to help you study your way to an A!  I hope you enjoyed this post and learned about new methods you hadn’t thought to use before.  Feel free to leave a comment with a study tip, so we can continue the conversation.  Thanks so much for reading, and happy studying!!

💜Love, Olivia



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