The Myths of High School: What They Don’t Tell You About Freshman Year

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Quicker than the blink of an eye, it’s that time of year again: Back to School season!!  Some of us are more excited than others when it comes to having to dig out your backpack from the back of your closet to fill it with school supplies, but I’m just excited to be sharing some fReSh back to school content with you all 🙂  From outfit ideas to organization to dealing with dress code I have and will cover as much back to school subjects as I can on this blog throughout the month of August.  Starting with… drumroll please… FRESHMAN YEAR ADVICE a.k.a. what they don’t tell you about freshman year in high school.

The tips, tricks, and advice in this post were created from my personal experience as a freshman, and I also got a few of my friends to share their own tips as well for me to include!  Before we get into it…

Here’s a quick peek at some of the other topics I’ll be covering for back to school this August.  To make sure you don’t miss a post, subscribe to my blog with your email and my posts will go straight to your inbox!

  • Study Tips: How to Get A’s
  • Running Late: Hair, Makeup, and Outfit
  • Being Yourself and Staying Yourself Throughout the School Year
  • Comfy Outfit Ideas
  • and MORE!

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Alrighty, first piece of Freshman Year Advice:


Going into high school, a lot of people think “oh, I have 4 more years until college, I don’t need to try hard yet.”  FALSE!  Your grades from freshman year still count in your overall high school GPA and go on the transcript all colleges look at.  Since the easier classes are typically taken the first year of high school, do your best to study and get those good grades.  Don’t slack off in required classes like Health, Computer, Chorus, etc. because a lot of times since those are known to be extremely easy courses, people forget that their grades in those classes matter as well.  Since every year is only going to get harder after freshman year, be sure to give your all to classes you know you can do good in.  Just remember, grades do count every year of high school, no matter what!

Where I go to school, homework is a big portion of your final grade and can help you review topics you have an upcoming quiz/test on.  Instead of chilling out after you finish an assignment in school, start on your homework for that night.  Trust me, it can save you a whole lot of grief later on!  Also, if the homework is hard or you don’t understand it, it’s as easy as phoning a friend or going to talk to the teacher during their office hours (and of course, there’s always endless online resources).  Needless to say, there’s almost no reason why you shouldn’t be doing your homework, as it can help your grades immensely.

you’re not actually the BOTTOM OF THE FOOD CHAIN

One of the things people worry about most in being a freshman in high school is being the bottom of the food chain.  The upperclassmen all think you’re annoying, they’re going to haze you, they won’t talk to you, they’ll be mean… whatever you’ve heard about how the other grades treat freshmans is very untrue.  Sure, they might groan about the freshmans a little bit because they don’t know which side to walk on in the hall or where they’re “supposed” to sit at lunch, but in the grand scheme of things, the upperclassmen pretty much mind their own business.  Most of them will even talk to you like you’re a normal human being and not a freshie, imagine that!  So what I’m trying to tell you is: there’s no need to stress about being the youngest in the school, there’s plenty of other things to worry about (haha just kidding ;)).

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Freshman year is SUPER important when it comes to building relationships.  Whether it’s with teachers, guidance counselors, administration, old friends, or new friends, building relationships is a good focus for freshman year.  Get to know your teachers and set a good impression because teachers talk and you could have one more than twice!  Also, guidance and admin are there to help ya, so it never hurts to be kind and talk to them every so often.

You may hear this a lot, and it is 100% true, but I’ll say it again: friendships fluctuate A LOT during freshman year.  You’ll lose and gain some, but it’s always for the best.  I strongly believe people are put in your life for one reason or another, so it’s okay to drift away from certain people.  They could be put back into your life later on as well!  Because of this friendship fluctuation, freshman year is a perfect time to seek out new people to love and lean on, while simultaneously growing closer to those that stick near you!  Check out my How to Find Your (Girl) Squad blog post for tips on finding besties that’ll last during freshman year 🙂

After all, you’re gonna be in high school for the next 4 years, so might as well make it count with people who support you taking the journey alongside of you 🙂

you DON’T have to join everything, BUT you should TRY NEW THINGS

Everyone has heard the “you need to put yourself out there and try new things” spiel before going into high school, and it’s a semi-truth.  Yes, it’s super important to try new things freshman year to get a grasp of what you like, but you don’t have to join every club and sports team or go to every event.  My advice: don’t spread yourself too thin.  Pick a couple clubs that interest YOU (don’t do it just because your friends are), if sports are for you: pick one or two, go to at least a couple sports events each month with your friends, and go to all the other school events like dances, etc.

It’s your freshman year, so it’s best to try out stuff and see what fits.  Don’t think you’ll like a Friday night football game?  Go to one with your friends anyway.  If you hate it, never go again, but for all you know, you’ll love it!  Same goes for dances and other events.  Try it, and maybe you’ll like it!

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BE YOU in high school

When I reached out to my friends for help on this post, I wasn’t expecting to get as many responses about being yourself as I did.  A lot pointed out that while in middle school, they felt pressures to wear what everyone else was wearing and do what everyone else was doing, while in high school there was a lot less care about what everyone else thinks.  So mine and their advice to you is to go into freshman year being completely yourself.  Dress how you want, take the classes you want, go to the events that you want to.

For some unknown reason, high school contains way less pressure to fit in.  I can tell you first hand that my friends and I and the people around us were way more judgemental in middle school.  You could just feel it in the air!  Use freshman year as a time to expand on what it means to be you and really become the best version of yourself.  Also, being uniquely you can help you find friends that you can super relate to and share the same interests (friends fluctuate a lot freshman year, so don’t be scared to meet new faces).  Obviously, there are always gonna be haters out there, but try not to let them get to ya!  Being yourself is the best way to live, and just remember: people don’t care nearly as much as you think.


This tip is kinda random, and may depend on the school you go to, but make sure to bring along headphones to listen to music on throughout the day.  A lot of people walk around my high school with their headphones in, and sometimes it’s great to be able to listen to your fav tunes when you need a mood boost.  Also, if you’re sitting by someone you don’t want to talk to (no tea, no shade) or need a distraction-free zone while working on an assignment, headphones immediately say, “don’t talk to me!” Whether you think you’ll need them or not, headphones are always a good idea in high school.


Okay, I had to throw this one in here because this post had a bunch of info that leaves you with quite a bit to think about!  Overall, the main thing to freshman year is to HAVE FUN!!  It’s your first year so everything is new, interesting, and begging to be explored.  So far, freshman year has been the best and most exciting year for me when compared to all my other school years.  Freshman year is one to have fun getting to know the people and school, so don’t stress too much and have the time of your life!!  

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Woohoo!!  You got through this post!!  Now, all you gotta do is get through freshman year, you got it 🙂  I hope you enjoyed this post and gathered some valuable info and insights into what freshman year will be like and what to expect.  Leave a comment down below with some high school advice you may have, and feel free to drop any questions or blog post ideas as well.  Thanks so much for reading!!

💜Love, Olivia


16 thoughts on “The Myths of High School: What They Don’t Tell You About Freshman Year

  1. This is so great and full of genuine advice, not just the usual stuff you hear 😂❤ And yup, headphones are pretty much the best way to avoid all social interaction so naturally, I’m all for it 😂 Great post and I love your outfit! 😘

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  2. Hahah this is just for me! I’m starting the first year in high school in only two weeks and I’m soo excited! And notice that we have a different education system here in Finland, we have preschool, grades 1 to 9 and high school that lasts 3 years (or 4 to some people). Preschool starts that year you’ll turn 6.

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    • Yayyy!! That’s going to be so exciting, I remember your blog post about getting into the school you wanted 🙂 And yeah we have elementary school (grades 1-5), then middle school (grades 6-8), and then high school (grades 9-12). Good luck in high school and have fun!!

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