Day in the Life: Newport, Rhode Island (the most beautiful place on Earth)

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If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that about a week and a half ago I wrapped up a 10-day road trip with my family.  We drove all over the Northeastern US (New England) with Boston, Newport, Block Island, and NYC being our main locations!  The cool (sometimes chilly) summer weather was beyond nice and I had loads of fun everywhere we went.  But Newport, Rhode Island was by far my favorite place we stopped!  That’s why today, I’m taking you all along with me on a Day in my Life in Newport, RI.  From cliff walks to brand shoots to swimming in ice cold water, this day had it all!  Here we go!!


That morning I had some brand photos to finish up, so I grabbed my blog photographer a.k.a. my mom, and set out to find cool locations for the shoot.  There are small side beaches along a lot of the streets in Newport, which turned out to be perfect for this shoot!  I posed, my mom snapped, and we got perfect shots in record time by the water and in front of a cool door!

I was shooting for J. World Luggage, an amazing company that has everything from backpacks to carry-ons to suitcases, and I HIGHLY recommend checking them out.  The backpack they sent me is more than big enough to fit all my school supplies, and is super padded so my shoulders don’t start hurting after I’ve been carrying it for awhile.  I used it tons throughout the trip for various reasons like carrying extra clothes, my camera, and notebooks.  You all know I only work with brands I capital ‘L’ Love, so trust me when I say J. World is worth your time!


Once everyone in our house was up and at’em (my family and I were sharing a rental with my aunt, uncle, and cousin), we all walked down to the Newport Shipyard for some yummy pancakes at Belle’s.  After eating, we walked along the docks and checked out some of the sailboats and big, fancy yachts 😉 My favorite part about this town is that you can walk everywhere, and everywhere you walk there’s always glistening water beside of you!  It was hard to go anywhere in Newport with being in constant awe of the beauty around you.

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Ahhh, the cliff walk.  The one time on my not-so-hot road trip that I actually broke a sweat (which is a record for me haha), but also one of the many times on my road trip that I thought, “wow, I must be living a dream.”

The cliff walk was a paved walking trail high above the ocean on the…cliffs.  There were stunning mansions that had been lived in by people like the Vanderbilts and Rockefellers from the 20th century, the biggest one had 60 rooms looked like a smaller version of the US White House!  It was a nice walk with waves crashing up around you at some points and walking on rocks at other points.  Totally recommend hitting this spot if you’re ever in Newport.  It contained scenery I only thought existed in movies!!

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After a quick sandwich lunch and a change into bathing suits, my uncle and aunt took our family to a place I could’ve stayed forever.  Like I mentioned before, Newport has tons of quaint side beaches along its roads, and that’s exactly where we went.  There was only a few other people at the beach, so it was like we had the whole place to ourselves!!  Compared to South Carolina beaches (the only other beaches I’ve been to), the water was FREEZING and the sand was a lot more rocky than it is down south.

I had a quick photo shoot in my grandma’s dress on the small cliffs at the beach with my cousin flipping over rocks to find huge crabs beside of me.  Then, I decided to brave the chilly water for the world’s fastest swim, and sat on the edge of the rocks to watch the sailboats go by until we left.  This small beach truly took my breath away by how gorgeous everything was.  I felt calm, relaxed, and like I could stay there for hours more than we already did.  It was another one of those places straight out of the movies!!

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sea glass I found on the beach!!


After quick showers back at the rental, my family and I walked across the bridge to a hotel to meet up with my uncle’s cousins and mom.  The hotel was super pretty, inside and out!  There were goats, a lighthouse, hammocks, and seating to watch the sailboats out on the lawn.  Needless to say, it was hands down a GREAT place to visit 🙂 My sister, cousin, and I decided to hang out on the hammocks and enjoy the view while telling stories.  It was relaxing… well besides the few times we fell out of the hammocks!

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Downtown Newport is exactly what you would expect the downtown of a cute coastal town to be like.  Brick buildings with the most aesthetic store front and lots of people dressed comfortably, yet stylish.  The streets were tiny and everyone walked everywhere, so unlike the downtown where I live, I didn’t have to worry about getting hit by a car 🙂  Naturally, my family and I decided to have dinner in the heart of downtown at a restaurant called Midwood Oyster Bar.  Me being the southern girl I am, I ate a cheeseburger with fries but don’t worry, I had a few bites of the famous New England seafood!  After dinner, my cousins and I headed to Ben & Jerry’s for some yummy yum ice cream that we ended up eating on the curb.


As the day came to a close, I had to do what anyone with half a brain for the beautiful would do: go watch the sunset.  A few of us headed down to a side beach (are you tired of me saying that word yet??) near our rental to hang out as the sun went down.  And my oh my was it the prettiest sunset of my life.  I got real cozy in my hoodie and jeans, and watched as oranges, pinks, and yellows crossed the sky over the sailboats and bridges in the distance.  If you haven’t thought of a good enough reason to go to Newport yet, the sunset is your reason.  It’s magical and fills you up with gratitude for everything around you.

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Now that I’ve successfully talked your ear off about my day in Newport, go start to plan your own trip to this historic and amazing Rhode Island town.  You won’t regret it!  Or at least travel somewhere in the New England part of the US because it’s all pretty magnificent 😉  Anywayyy, I hope you enjoyed this post and that it inspires you to travel a bit more in your own life.  Obviously, travelling is a privilege, but even taking a quick day trip somewhere nearby can be a wonderful experience full of new things.  Thanks so much for reading, and happy travels!

💜Love, Olivia






31 thoughts on “Day in the Life: Newport, Rhode Island (the most beautiful place on Earth)

  1. The photos you took are just so good! Looks like a really fun trip.
    Also, where’s your dress from (sorry if I just mised it if you said), it’s super cute.

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  2. I live in New Enbgland (near Boston) and I’ve been to Newport & Bristol (I don’t know why I added Bristol…) twice. I want to live there it’;s so amazing!

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