Q&A!! Answering YOUR Questions About Blogging… some answers may surprise you

It’s Q&A time, and I’ve gathered tons of q’s together that you asked me on my Instagram about life, college, blogging, activism, books, and more.  In order to keep you from getting too bored with my lengthy answers (I am not a woman of few words), I’ve split this Q&A into two posts.  This one is everything blog-related, while the one from last Sunday is everything life-related. In this post, you can find out what’s most difficult about blogging, if I want to blog full time, how I create content daily, and MORE!  I hope this post inspires you and helps you out with any questions you have about blogging.  If not, feel free to leave a comment with a question, and I’ll gladly answer it.  Without further ado, let’s get into it!


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@capturinglifeoncamera: Who takes your photos for you?

Of course, I have to start out with one of the most asked questions that I get consistently: who takes your photos?  The answer is: My mom takes the majority of my photos with my sister stepping in to take a few from time to time.  I always tell my mom she could make it in fashion photography… but she never listens 😉

@miajosiex: If you could change one thing about the blogging community, what would it be?

This question is so deep and I love it!  One thing about the blogging community I would opt to change is the use of bots/apps and follow-unfollow method to grow blog accounts.  I’ve noticed several of the people I looked up to use bots to make their account grow 10x as fast or buy followers and gain almost 500 a day (not saying that can’t be done, but it’s very unrealistic).  Personally, organic growth is the best way to do it because then you have an engaging audience that truthfully loves your photos and content.  Also, a lot of times un-organic growth can cause smaller bloggers to compare themselves to what they don’t realize is paid growth, causing lots of self-doubt and discouragement.

@terrytaft_: What platform do you use to blog on?

WordPress!!  I highly recommend it, it’s easy to use and easy to manipulate.

@wearsbrynn: Do you always want to do blogging full time, or do you have another dream job?

This is the answer that may be surprising to those of you who haven’t read my last Q&A post.  I have no intentions of blogging full time.  Does this make me any less motivated or in love with it? No.  Does this mean I’m going to give up blogging once I hit the real world? Nope!  I loveee blogging so much, as it’s a way for me to express my thoughts and ideas in a way that can impact and help others.  I don’t think I’ll ever give that up for the world.

That being said, my dream jobs are: working in Marketing, being a Creative Director, or doing something related to the protection of Human Rights!

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@itslexiclark: What’s something to do to get motivated in blogging/creating content?

Take some time off or at least some time to think.  Especially when you’re feeling extremely unmotivated, taking a tiny break (it only has to be 1-3 days), can make you more motivated than ever.  This is time for self-care and to surround yourself with things, events, and people that inspire you.  Make a new Pinterest board, start a list of blog post ideas, and create a bucket list for your upcoming content creation.  A lot of times the best ideas come when you aren’t even trying, and you’ll come back feeling refreshed and ready to CREATE, CREATE, CREATE!

@laughloveandhippie: How do you stay motivated?

Like I mentioned in the above question, I stay motivated best by taking breaks when I they feel most needed.  Times when I’m not wrapped up in blogging and social media are when I begin to be most productive in the motivation area!

@sweeethoneytee:  How did you get into blogging?

To be honest, one August day I sat down with my dad and we just did it.  I literally had no idea how many other blogs were out there, and I didn’t even have Instagram yet to follow bloggers on.  I had never visited or really heard of a blog in my life, but my aunt said it might be something I could share my sense of style on so I did it!  It wasn’t completely spontaneous, but it definitely wasn’t planned out either.  I wrote my About page (it desperately needs to be updated), and pressed Publish.  My, how far we’ve come!

2018-07-20 08.32.44 1.jpg

@simplyintrospective: How do you keep up with posting every day (on Instagram)?

Well, first off, it’s summer.  So I have plenty of time to post content on Insta and whenever I go places I make sure to take some shots for the ‘gram.  However, in the school year I do still post at least every other day.  My advice is to go out and shoot 3+ outfits on a free day at different locations near each other.  Do this about once every 2 weeks.  Combine those photos with random ones that you take throughout the week, and you should have almost a week or so worth of content.  Use Planoly to plan out your posts and schedule them at times you know you’ll be able to spend at least 30 minutes at your phone(Planoly will send you reminders for scheduled posts!).  Also, REMEMBER: Sometimes the amount of content you post doesn’t correlate to engagement.  Quality over quantity, baby!

@essentiallyember: How do you manage your blog, extracurriculars, and school?

This one relates to the previous question, so I thought I’d pop it in right here!  Balancing my blog with other aspects of my life is still something I don’t really have figured out at all, but what I will say is that you need to know what comes first.  For me, it’s school (as I’m sure it is for many of you), but for some for some of you it may be a sport or work.  Try not to prioritize anything over your #1, and work on whatever you want in your free time.

Another big tip is to plan ahead!!  Make a list of blog ideas and do extra work on your blog, including writing posts in advance, on weeks you don’t have as much going on.  This way you’ll have pre-written posts that can take the stress off of keeping up while you’re super busy with everything else.  Have a schedule, and don’t be afraid to cut back if you have to 🙂

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@itseffyphillips: How do you think people around you perceive your social media?  Blogging goals?

Hmm…this first q is a toughie.  I’m not sure how people perceive my social media, but I hope that they perceive it has a positive and inspiring space.  Whether they’re searching for fashion, beauty, activism, or lifestyle content, I hope that they’re able to gain valuable tips and inspo from my Instagram and blog.  But if you’re talking about the people I know personally in my life, I’m pretty sure they like it!  I mean, sure, you always have the people who think it’s strange and weird, some even think it’s conceited (if they actually followed along with me they would know my content is geared towards helping and entertaining YOU all, the audience), but that’s always gonna happen.

My blogging goals are to continue to grow AO to thousands of gals and guys who are here to support each other and genuinely engaged with my content.  I want to create better and better content, and take on projects I’ve only imagined of doing that can reach and impact more people!

@stylerightupyouraisle: What’s your method on styling outfits?

  1. Head to my closet and pull out anything and everything that could potentially work in an outfit for whatever event/theme I’m creating a look for.
  2. Go through those picks and narrow it down to my absolute favs.
  3. Start to try-on and mix-and-match different pieces together.
  4. Pick your best look that combines comfort and cuteness, while giving you incredible confidence too!

My process could definitely be more efficient, but it’s my favorite way to do it and honestly, I highly recommend it to all of you! :))

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@goldwrappings: How do you find your niche as a blogger?

I think the best way to find your niche as a blogger is let it come to you.  Start blogging or continue blogging if you already do, and eventually you will find the place where you feel you belong in the community!  Maybe you started out as a fashion blogger, but later realized you fit in better with the lifestyle community or vice versa.  Either way, I believe finding your niche is a part of your journey as a blogger and can only come with time 🙂

@izzy_manuel: Why did you start blogging and what’s your motive?

I started blogging as a way to share my fashion with more people!  My motive is to inspire and empower my readers (a.k.a. my people) in any way that I can through my blog.  Whether it’s through style, advice, more personal posts, or my activism posts, I want to have people leave my blog with a renewed sense of self and ready to take on anything head on!  You can read more about my blog’s purpose HERE.

@ariannanusher: What’s the most difficult thing about being a blogger?

For me, the most difficult thing about being a blogger is not being able to see my readers face to face.  It’s frustrating not being able to talk to you all, especially when y’all are the people my blog is for!  Also, it’d be cool to get to know you guys and see how my blog really affects you all in person:)

2018-07-19 05.27.05 1.jpg

Woohoo! I’ve answered the majority of your blog-related questions!  I hope you all enjoyed this post and got a peek inside of my brain. Be sure to check-out my Q&A post from last week where I answered life, college, and activism questions.  Leave a comment below with a fun fact about yourself 🙂 Thanks so much for reading, friends!!

💜Love, Olivia








20 thoughts on “Q&A!! Answering YOUR Questions About Blogging… some answers may surprise you

  1. Okay wow! Your Instagram and blog always inspire me so much so your goal has come true at least by one person! And some fun fact; I can make bad jokes about anything.

    Veera ❤

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  2. wow! i loved this post olivia! i will defo be hopping over here more often now! i just came from insta and i thought i would have a little read – turns out i love your blogs :)) can’t wait to read more in the future!
    ella 😉 xxx
    purelyella.wordpress.com (only if you wanna check it out aha)

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