Q&A!! Answering YOUR Questions About Life, College, Activism, and More :)

I haven’t been so excited to share a post with you all in a while.  Maybe it’s because you will know heaps more about me after reading it, maybe it’s because I had the time of my life writing it, or maybe it’s because you all got to first-hand participate in it!  It’s Q&A time, and I’ve gathered tons of q’s together that you asked me on my Instagram about life, college, blogging, activism, books, and more.  In order to keep you from getting too bored with my lengthy answers (I am not a woman of few words), I’ve split this Q&A into two posts.  This one is everything life-related, while the one coming up this Wednesday is everything blog-related.

Thank you endlessly for all your questions, and let’s get right into it!

@bethlucyblogs: Where is the best place you have ever travelled to? Where is one place you want to travel to?

Hmm… I like places that I travel to for different reasons, so the best views is Chicago, the best atmosphere is New York, the best blast into the past is Williamsburg, and the best summer refresher are the Blue Ridge Mountains!  I talk more in-depth about all of these places in my Top 10 Places to Travel blog post.  The one place I want to travel to is either Italy or Spain.  I’ve always marveled over photos of both these places, and omg if I ever got to go there my life would be complete!

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@fallonwallon: How do you thrift shop?  Where do you buy most of your clothes from?

For me, thrifting takes 2+ hours when I’m treating it like a full shopping trip.  If we’re being honest, you can’t always go into thrifting with a plan since items are separated so generally.  The best way to do it is to sift through the racks in the section of clothing you’re looking for, and be sure to try on!  I can’t go too in-depth on this post, so feel free to check out my Thrifting Tips post for more of an insight into my thrifting process.

Given what I just talked about, I’m sure it’s not too surprising to learn that in the past year or so, most of my clothes have come from thrift stores, mostly Goodwill and Salvation Army 🙂  Also, I get a few here and there from Marshalls!

@styledbymckenz: What drives you to be so politically active?

Whenever I post a “political” post on my blog or Instagram, it always has to do with human rights.  Women’s rights, immigrant’s rights, refugee’s rights, LGBTQ+ rights, the rights Black Lives Matter fights for; they all fall under the greater umbrella of human rights.  Equal justice=Human rights.  So, what drives me most to be so politically active is just seeing injustice, and knowing the privilege I carry is the only reason I don’t have to sit in a cage at the US border or hide the fact that I go to school and know how to read.  My biggest motivation in being politically active is mostly just to spread awareness and empower others to go out and protest, educate their friends, write their government figures, or express their activism through creative content on Instagram.

Truthfully, I don’t think human rights should have ever become a political issue, but it has.  That’s why I speak out about calling your senators, representatives, and donating to companies who fight for human rights like the ACLU.  Since human rights are a political issue, I am politically active.

@terrytaft_: What is your favorite thing to wear rn?

This year, my summer staple has 100% been any type of skirt I can get my hands on!  I love them because you can style skirts with so many different tops and shoes to create entire new outfits everyday.  But out of all my skirts, I have to say that my white and light blue ones from Lilly Pulitzer (yes, I’ve shopped preppy before) are my absolute FAVS.  They are so comfy and a perfect staple piece for any look.

@adash_ofclass: Who inspires you most?

My parents (duh!), Rowan Blanchard (such a fantastic teen activist), Zendaya (who does she not inspire??), and a lot of the content creators I follow on Instagram (they always get me so hype about creating my own unique content).

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@stylerightupyouraisle: Yanny or Laurel?

I’ve heard both!  …but mostly hear Yanny :/

@bloggie.maggie: What do you plan on majoring in in college and where?

I plan on majoring in Marketing, but lately I’ve been exploring fields that help with human rights!  Also, I would LOVE to be a creative director for editorial fashion shoots and such.

For college, I know I want to go somewhere in the Northeastern US (I live in Southern US now), and my top choices are: Columbia University in New York City, Emerson College outside of Boston, New York University in New York City, and University of Virginia in Charlottesville.

@_.capturedmoments._:  What advice would you give to people who are trying to figure out their fashion style?

TRY EVERYTHING!!  I went through so many different periods where my style was different. It was super girly one day, t-shirt and shorts the next day, grungy the next day, and over-the-top flamboyant the next day.  I think this really helped develop my core style, feminine with edge, that I have today.  Obviously, you don’t have to have as drastic changes as I did from day to day, but I always think it’s best to try a few different styles to really find the one that makes you most comfortable and confident!

@xolorenaa: Do you ever feel like it’s hard to get political on Insta?

Yes and no.  I’m always ready to share whatever “political” topic is on my mind because I believe spreading awareness is the NUMBER ONE thing you can do to start making a change.  However!  Sometimes I get worried that I’ll post something with inaccurate information, and that someone will get on me about it or mad at me.  With that paranoia,  I make sure to research and get the real factzz before telling you all anything.  I want the truth for my people 🙂

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@lookshecanblog: Who are your style icons?

Toughie, toughie!  My main style icon is Zendaya because that girl ROCKS anything and everything!!  There’s never been an outfit of hers that I’ve not liked, even in the slightest.  Ugh, if I ever had the chance to meet Zendaya my life would be complete.  I also loveee any styles from the 70s.

@goldwrappings: What are your favorite books?  When did you start being an activist?

1.My favorite books are How I Resist (read the blog post I wrote on it HERE), The Da Vinci Code, and, of course, the entire Harry Potter series cuz I’ve read it 7 times… oops!

2.I started becoming aware of social and political injustices about 4 years ago.  People had started leaving the church I went to because they changed the marriage laws to make same-sex marriage allowed in that church; it was the first big act of injustice that really stuck with me.  Little ol’ me couldn’t understand why people were against LGBT+ rights and why the church had to vote to make it “allowed” in the first place.

Slowly, I started to watch the news more and became fascinated with activists making changes all around the world.  Then, I got this blog and began to share more activism-related stuff as time went on.  Whatever is running through my head about equal justice and current events I share on here or on my Instagram!  I’m still hesitant to call myself an ‘activist’ because I believe true activists are those who take serious risks to get their point across, but I haven’t gotten to that point yet… maybe one day!

@outnaboutweb: What kind of job do you imagine myself doing and why would you want to pursue it?

Like I mentioned before, I either want to work in Marketing, as a Creative Director, or do something related to Human Rights.  I can definitely see myself thriving in corporate America, but there’s something about bringing your creative vision to life for an editorial fashion photo shoot that really gets me excited!  Also, I feel like having a job related to Human Rights could be tiring, but very rewarding, and it’d be nice knowing that my field of work is helping people around the world.

All three of these jobs are ones I would potentially pursue because they all include a different side of me that is continually ready to be inspired and motivated.  I know that all of these jobs would be fulfilling to me in some way, so stay tuned for a few years to see if I become a Business Olivia, an Artsy Olivia, or an Activist Olivia 🙂

@therayofsunshineblog: What is your most used app?

This one is easy: INSTAGRAM!!  It’s so much fun to be able to connect with you all, my best blogger friends have been made on the app.  Also, every time I open the app I am inspired and motivated by all the creative content I get to scroll through.

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@thatrebeccarose: What’s it like to live in America at the moment (with Donald Trump and school shootings)?

It’s somethin’, that’s for sure.  In a way, it’s hard to explain because my experience in America is so completely different from everyone around me, so I’ll explain it how I feel.

Frustrated: It’s super hard to feel like even though the majority is for something, the government doesn’t listen.  There’s a reason the US is a democracy, but a lot of times it doesn’t live up to the original intentions.  Sometimes, it’s easy to get frustrated and even discouraged when you go to protests, call your reps, shout as loud as you can, yet still no changes are made.  You feel helpless, some people even more than me, because you’re not in a position of power.  It’s easy to question whether or not what you’re doing is actually making a difference at all, but…

Hopeful: Trump’s presidency has brought along a positive resistance to his constant disregard for human rights.  Every time I see a protest, a forum, a petition, another person taking a stand through social media, and teens like the Parkland kids, I become hopeful for the future.  It reminds that there are changes to be made and people who are willing to fight for them!  It seriously is so incredible, especially when you are able to experience it firsthand at a march.  Maybe Trump’s presidency will Make America Great Again, but not like he wanted.  The great part will come later, when he’s gone, and us outspoken teens have taken over.

Also, school shootings is a topic I could go on about for hours.  Some of my friends talk about how they feel like they’re surviving for the weekend, some of my friends think having a shooting at our school is inevitable, and some of my friends think there’s no reason to be scared to go to school because if a shooting ever did happen, there’s nothing you can do about it so, why worry?  I, myself, feel a mixture of all these, and was just thinking about how another good quality of summer is that my friends and I don’t have to worry about getting shot trying to learn.  Like I said, I could go on for hours about this, but that’s just more reason to keep talking and fighting for safer gun laws!

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Woohoo! I’ve answered the majority of your life-related questions, but be sure to stay tuned for Wednesday when I’m sharing my answers to your blog questions.  Some answers are gonna surprise you, I already know 😉  I hope you all enjoyed this post and got a peek inside of my brain.  Thanks so much for reading, friends!!

💜Love, Olivia




17 thoughts on “Q&A!! Answering YOUR Questions About Life, College, Activism, and More :)

  1. Girl this was such a fun way to get to know you better! I want to encourage you not to think you have to choose between your passions when picking your career. I intern for a counter human trafficking org and it has been so cool watching our marketing department full of creative women use their passions for graphic design, writing, etc to fight injustice!

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  2. Wow! Amazing post! When you talked about human rights, I loved how you accept that you fall under an umbrella of those who have privilege, but instead of using that privilege in a negative way or not using it at all, you are using it in a positive way to educate and help!
    Thank you for being you, open, and honest.

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  3. Great post!! I loved reading all your answers, especially the one about what you want to do when you’re older. You said you’ll have to see if you end up being Business Olivia or Artsy Olivia or Activist Olivia, but I say be all three! Who says you can only have one career or only be one thing? I think you should pursue all your passions, one way or another. That’s what my plan is. 🙂

    Miles of smiles,


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