8 FUN Summer Photo Shoot Ideas

It’s officially summer, everyone!!  The solstice has come and gone, meaning there’s at least 2 months ahead filled with a bit more freedom and longer days to do more in.  One of my favorite things to do in the summer is to have fun fun FUN photo shoots with my friends and family.  And judging by everyone’s Instagram this time of year, I’m not alone in that endeavor 😉  It’s easy to run out of ideas or revert to copying other people’s perfect Pinterest photos (trust me, I’ve done it too), so today I’m sharing 8 summer photo shoot ideas!!  These are basic ideas that can be twisted and turned into whatever photos you want to create original…and Instagram-able… photos with you and your friends.


First, I’m sharing one of my personal favorite photo ideas, sequins, sparkles, and glitter!!  Throw it around, blow it at the camera,  place it around your hair, dance with it.  Whatever it is, get the shiny stuff going and get creative with it.  Although this shoot will definitely get messy, and it may take more photos than normal to catch the perfect shot, the end result is worth it!

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What’s summer without trips to pools, rivers, lakes, and the ocean?  Almost everyone visits a water place at some point during this warm season, so it’s one of the best places for summer shots.  The blues of the water are super gorgeous in any photo, and splashing in the water, posing near it, or a good feet photo is great.  Bonus points if you get in the water with your clothes on!!  That’d be amazing 🙂

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Flowers are a spring-associated thing, but they’re real good for cute summer photos as well!  You can buy them in a bunch, find a flower field, or just a bush in your back yard.  However you do it, it’s hard to not have a outer glow when posing with flowers!  Smile and get those beauties in the background or in your hand.  It’ll be super cute if ya add friends into the mix.

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Where I live there are morals galore! They’re all unique and perfect for spunky summer photos.  If you don’t have enough murals in your town, make a day trip out of it with your gal pals to go someplace that has these wondrous pieces of art.  I’ve never seen a mural I don’t like, and they’re the fashion bloggers go-to for a quick pic, so that’s when you know they’re good!



Sweet treats are a staple of summer, so why not add them to your photos?  I always see the cutest photos of people with ice cream, retro soda bottles, and other delectable looking foods/drinks in my Instagram feed this time of year.  Pose with’em, be cute, and it’s a win-win.  You get good photos and good food!


Bubbles: the ultimate kid toy for maximum entertainment… and the ultimate way to spice up your summer photos!  Bubbles are super cute and add plenty of laughs into the photos.  They make any random photo seem more planned and put together in the most perfect summer way 🙂

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You guys!!  It’s no secret that golden hour (the time right before sunset) can result in fantastic scenery, and being on top of a parking garage amplifies the amazing setting.  It’s a great urban setting that with a bomb outfit makes truly the most beautiful and golden photographs of anyone.  Also, one you’re done with taking the photos, take time to look at the sunset.

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If you watch YouTube, you’ll know that the Ugly Location Challenge was a hot video topic a couple months ago.  People would try to create stellar photos in un-stellar locations like Office Depot, Gas Stations, and fast food restaurants (McDonald’s anyone?).  I want to try this myself, and it just seems like a load of fun to traipse around trying to make the best out of not the cutest place.  If you try this one, make sure to send me the photos on my Insta!!

2018-06-21 01.33.41 1.jpg

Well, there you have it, 8 fun summer photo shoot ideas!!  I hope you all enjoyed this post and got some good ideas for your own photos.  Leave a comment on photo shoot ideas that I didn’t mention, and feel free to drop any questions or blog post ideas down there as well.  Thanks so much for reading, and for all your endless support!

💜Love, Olivia



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