2018 Goals Check-Up #2

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My very first post this year was my 18 Goals for 2018, and I have every intention to meet all of those goals. However, sometimes I start to forget and lose motivation to complete them, which is where this post comes in! This post is a goals check-up, where I list all 18 goals and whether or not I am on track to meet them by the end of the year (or if I’ve met them!). I did this last year, and it definitely kept me in line and made me remember what needs to get done to achieve everything I want to. Also, many of you said that this post motivated you to revisit your own year goals and to get yourself back on track! I hope that this post does the same, and make sure to let me know a few of your 2018 goals in the comments!

Check out 2018 Goals Check-Up #1 to see how I was doing on this list back in March!

1. 2,800 Blog Followers: Not gonna lie, I’m slightly off-track to meet this goal.  I was doing good at the last check-in, but with my small break from the blog in May, my follower count took a hit!  I’ll definitely be working hard to get my numbers where they need to be, so in the mean-time I’ll keep creating content for every single one of you that’s out there as I can’t wait to reach and meet more of you in the future!

2. Work with 10 Brands and 4 Bloggers I LOVE: I adore blogging for many reasons, one being the relationships I am able to build with various businesses and bloggers.  As of right now, I’ve worked with 6 brands (on track) and have collabed with 2 of my fav bloggers, Cal and Mia!  I’m excited and ready for more opportunities and experiences like these to grow as a blogger.  Here are links to all the blog posts I have made with these lovely brands and people:

Solo Style: The Jacket to Keep You Warm

2 of My Most ‘Olivia’ Looks

How to Style A Unique Watch

How to Spice up Your Hair for Spring

How I Edit My Instagram Photos (the shirt I’m wearing was sent to me!)

A Smart Casual Outfit + Collab with Mia!!

3. Create More Posts About Feminism, Activism, etc:  This goal is one of the most important to me because it’s a way for me to be more personal, while still educating you all on my beliefs.  So far, I’ve written 4 blog posts relating to activism topics, and have even taken to writing about political, environmental, and social issues on my Instagram as well!  It’s refreshing to be able to connect with you guys through my beliefs, and one of the reasons I love blogging so much.  Here are my Feminist/Activist blog posts:

#TimesUp on Sexual Assault

What Even is Feminism? (collab with Current Callan!)

Why the Gun Reform Fight is YOUR Fight

What It Was Like to March for My Life

hi, i’m insecure.

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4. Go Self-Hosted:  Ok, this one is a big goal, and one that scares me as I am not the msot tech-savvy person.  Going self-hosted on my blog would give me more freedom to customize and reach you guys the way I want the website to, but I’ve heard is a very long process.  I’m going to start doing my research, and hopefully will have completed this goal by the end of August!  *If you have any tips on going self-hosted, please leave them below.*

5. 2,500 Instagram Followers: It’s no secret that Instagram is incredibly hard to grow on, and I’m definitely having trouble.  It can be super discouraging to see other bloggers growing super fast, while I’m stuck at a steady amount for weeks!  Sometimes it feels like no matter how hard ya work, it gets you nowhere on Instagram, but the app does connect me with you all in crazy ways that I love, and it’s nice to let my creative side loose somewhere!  This goal is big, but not un-doable, so I’m gonna do my best to get us there 🙂

6. Run 3x A Week:  You guys, I’m gonna have to drop this goal.  I think about this goal at least once a week, but cannot find motivation ANYWHERE to go running for at least 10 minutes.  I work out in other ways, so it’s not like I’m getting no physical activity in.  I need to exercise in ways that make me happy and motivated, and running through my neighborhood doesn’t do that for me.  This goal is officially OFF THE LIST!

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7. Journal:  Like I said in my last goals check-up, this is a simple, yet hardly met goal.  If someone can please explain to me why I can’t just sit down for 5 minutes a day and write, that would be great!  Although, this goal is not cancelled, instead I am going to put my journal and pen right beside of my bed so that I’ll remember and get this goal started!

8. Finish 1-2 (Editorial?) Portrait Projects: Photography was my new-found passion in 2017, and I want to continue to build on it. I’ve been head over heels in love with any magazine editorial I come across, and would love to have a high-fashion type portrait series that I’ve created to add to my photography checklist. I have one in the works, so if everything works out, you should be seeing an editorial series on the blog within the next couple of months. 😉

9. DIY More Thrift Finds: Sooo turns out I’m not the most creative DIYer, but I am very good at cutting and fixing thrift finds that aren’t entirely how I want them.  I’ve hand-painted, stitched and cropped a handful of thrift items.  I am looking forward to doing more as the rests of the year goes on 🙂

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10.  Earn All A’s:  WAHOOO!!  My last semester of freshman year is officially over, and I’m proud to say I finished with all A’s.  Now I just have first semester of sophomore year to go, and this goal will be met!

11. Read 36 Books:  17 down, 19 to go!  This is on track to meet my goal this year, which makes me super happy.  I always feel refreshed and like I’m learning more and more with each book.  Highly recommend picking up an interesting book this summer 🙂

12. Travel Somewhere with 2+ Friends:  Alas, this one has not been accomplished yet.  I love my friends more than anyone can imagine and going on a trip with a few of them sounds like an absolute blast.  Definitely need to get something in the works to meet this goal before summer is up and we’re all back to our busy bee schedules!

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13. Find a New Hobby to Enjoy:  I have gotten really into channeling inspirations into poetry and collage-ing.  Although these are both things that I’ve done over the past couple of years, they’re quickly becoming a way for me to unleash my thoughts and creativity all at once!  Writing and creating collages is so therapeutic, it’s definitely a new hobby of mine.

14. Participate in 4+ Community Projects:  I’ve participated in a Red Carpet event at a local Children’s Hospital, which was super cool and out of my comfort zone.  Also, I’m leaving for Houston, Texas in about a week for the Lutheran Youth Gathering where I’l be doing service throughout my stay!  I’m excited to do that and take part in any other community projects that come my way.

15. ACTUAL Closet Clean-Out:  I’m lowkey a hoarder when it comes to clothes.  I’m terrified of donating something only to realize I need it later on.  That’s why one of my 2018 goals was to have an actual closet clean-out of 20+ items.  This hasn’t happened yet, but I’m planning to do it towards the end of summer.  Wish me luck!!

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16. Make 1 of my OWN Designs:  Ugh, making a graphic tee is my dreammm.  I have rough draft drawings, now just need to figure out how to get the drawings from paper to computer to shirt!  I’ll get there eventually, and when I do, I can’t wait to share the final product with you all (…and maybe sell it).

17. Find Healthy Alternatives at Restaurants/Fast Food Places:  This goal NEEDS to be worked on!  I am vegetarian again, so am already eating a bit healthier than I was earlier this year, but I still find myself heading for the fries and chocolate-anything whenever I go out to eat.  I forgot this was one of my goals, but will be on the lookout at restaurants for healthier and more sustainable options.

18. Turn Off Phone 30+ Minutes Before Going to Sleep:  This goal is an ultimate fail!  I tried for a couple of months and had pretty good results, so it is time for me to try again.  I’m addicted to watching YouTube right before bed, and it is 100% time to break that habit 🙂  From now on, I will read, write, and create at least 30 minutes before going to sleep.

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Writing this post has helped me remember goals I forgot, and I’m excited to start working on goals I have neglected! I hope you enjoyed this post, and that it inspired you to revisit your goals and become extra motivated. Make sure to leave a comment on a few of your 2018 goals and feel free to drop any questions or blog post ideas in the comments as well. Thanks so much for reading!!

💜Love, Olivia



32 thoughts on “2018 Goals Check-Up #2

  1. Heyy Olivia I definitely recommend going self-hosted! It’s not hard at all if you take the one-click WordPress download with the hosting service, it’s really really easy and a lot nicer than not being self-hosted!

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  2. Tips for self-hosted? Haha, I have a lot!

    -There’s this online place you can buy fonts, graphics, and themes from called Creative Market (creativemarket.com). If you sign up there, you get 6 things for free every WEEK. So that’s super awesome. But that’s where I bought my theme from for my own blog! Most of them say they’re for self-hosted, which is why I switched.
    -There’s a place called 1and1.com that you can go to and buy a domain and hosting. Now, if you’re adventurous and don’t mind lots of headaches, you can attempt to download WordPress.org! (Believe me, I tried. It ended with many tears. 😂) Your other option to buy hosting, which hosts WordPress.org so that it’s way easier for you! With this website, you can scroll down and click on that button that says WordPress Hosting. I am using the Basic package (I mean, I only have one blog 😛) and you can buy it for 0.99. Once you hit the continue button, you can get a domain (your own link! Whoo!) It’s super cheap with the first purchase, though you must be prepared to have enough by the time a year goes by to pay the bill.
    -You can then install the theme by following its directions (which comes with it) and set up your website to your liking.

    And those are my tips. 😂 I hope they help!

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