Charleston Travel Guide: Where to Eat, Shop, and Visit!

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When I was younger, it was easy to dread travelling because of the long car rides.  Now, I’m able to see past that to whatever destination that always provides new adventures!  A place I love to visit (and doesn’t take too long of a car ride for me :)) is Charleston, South Carolina.  The beautiful historical setting mixed in with delicious eats, cute boutiques, and  fun activities to do easily makes it a place all people should visit!

I put up a poll on my Instagram story asking whether or not y’all wanted a travel guide to this gorgeous city, and it was a unanimous YES.  That’s why today, I’m sharing with you all my top places to eat, shop, and visit while down in grand ol’ Charleston!  From crepes and macaroons to waterfront parks and markets I’ve covered all your travel needs in this travel guide, so keep reading 😉


Cafe Framboise

This cute breakfast and lunch place takes you all the way to France with its Eiffel Tower decor, French-accented workers, and, of course, the most magnificent French food.  With crepes, croissants, paninis, and more, Cafe Framboise is the perfect quick stop away from the crowd.  Also, it has free water for those super hot South Carolina days!

2018-06-09 03.56.45 1.jpg

Mercantile & Mash

Okay, this cafe is beyond aesthetic, and its rustic design creates a family friendly atmosphere.  Mercantile & Mash serves everything from coffee and delicious waffles to sandwiches, salads, and wine.  Also, there are games set up outside for anyone to play while waiting for their food.  I recommend going here for a nice brunch, and maybe an Instagram pic or two 😉

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Butcher and Bee

Butcher and Bee is modern and all-around super cute! With pastries, various sandwiches, and other fun food, it’s perfect for breakfast, lunch, and a casual dinner.  Their juices are super yummy, and the bakery inside the restaurant is good for a snack on-the-go.  Adults and kids could find their happy here!


Old City Market

Quite possibly one of my favorite places in downtown Charleston is the Old City Market.  This outdoor marketplace was used all the way back in 1733, and was renovated around 2010 into what it is today: a beautiful space full of original creations and clothing for sale!  It’s so much fun to walk through this place and take in all the sights that correspond to the unique Charleston experience.  You can’t go to this city without visiting this market!!

King St.

Outside of all its historical features and fancy buildings, Charleston is known for its retail, especially King Street.  King Street is the holy grail if you’re an avid shopper because it is blocks upon blocks of clothing stores.  From high-end boutiques like the Sapphire Boutique to affordable shops like Forever 21 and H&M, this street has you covered in the clothing department!  Hours can be spent walking up and down King Street, and even restaurants can be found here as well.

2018-06-09 03.56.45 2.jpg

2018-06-09 03.56.48 1.jpg


South Carolina Aquarium

When it first meets the eye, the South Carolina Aquarium seems a bit small, but the experience you can gain is HUGE!  There’s so many cool animals and many interactive exhibits (including a touch tank and 4D theatre), that you could spend a whole afternoon there.  Some of the animals you can see here are alligators, eels, otters, sharks, sea horses, and even a bald eagle!  All the exhibits have interesting features unique to the animal, which I love, and is quite amazing 🙂

Waterfront Park

Charleston also as the cutest park right on the water (hence the name Waterfront Park) with beautiful fountains galore.  It’s so calming to walk along the boardwalk with an ocean view and nice swings to chill on.  Also, some of the fountains you can walk through to get a nice mist… or soak on one of those humid and scorching days!

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Me at one of the Waterfront Parks called ‘The Battery’ in Charleston

waterfront park.jpg

c/o Luxury Land and Homes

Carriage Rides

For all my history buffs or people who like to know interesting facts about the places they travel to, the Charleston carriage rides are for you!  The tour guides take you around downtown Charleston and point out the old buildings and who lived in them, strange features that were a result of something you never would’ve guessed, where pirates landed, why some buildings are built the way they are, and more!  It’s amazing at the end of the ride and being able to look at Charleston and say, “wow! I never would’ve thought this place held so much history and unique pieces!”

Yay!!  My Charleston Travel Guide is officially a thing!  I hope you all enjoyed this post and it inspires you to travel or helps you in your travels to Charleston 🙂  Leave a comment letting me know whether or not you’ve ever been there, and feel free to share this with anyone you know headed to South Carolina.  Thanks so much for reading, friends!

💜Love, Olivia



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