4 Quick and Easy Hairstyles for ANY Hair Length

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My beautiful friends!!

Welcome back to Absolutely Olivia, and happy June 🙂  Back in April, I cut about 5 inches off of my hair, it didn’t seem like a lot, but I definitely wasn’t able to pull off some of the same styles I had with my long hair.  This led to a whole afternoon of trying (and sometimes failing) at new hairdos that were cute and quirky with my shorter hair.  As a month or so passed by, and my hair continued to grow fast, I realized that the hairstyles I had discovered back in April could be applied to any length of hair!

With that being said, today I am sharing FOUR hairstyles that are quick, easy, and perfect for whatever length of hair you have on your head!  From braids to up-dos and buns, I’ve got ya covered.  Keep reading, and make sure your brush is at hand 😉


Half-up dutch braids has always been my go-to for the past year or so when it comes to hair, and it’s time for me to show you how I do it!  They’re perfect for a fun summer outing that doesn’t involve too much heat.  Also, keep reading for a way to take this hairstyle from a day to night look!

  1. First, split your hair into two sides and section off the top portion of each side.  I recommend putting the hair you’re not using into a small pigtail to keep it from getting in the way.  Also, the closer your hair is parted to the middle, the better!

2. Next, begin to dutch braid the top section of your hair all the way down.  Secure with a rubber band, repeat on the other side and viola! you have a quick, yet super cute style on your hands.

If you don’t know how to dutch braid, watch THIS VIDEO, because explaining how to do it in writing is extremely hard (believe me I tried!).

Here are two photos of the final product of the Half-Up Dutch braids!


This hairstyle is a continuation of the previous one!  It only takes one step, but makes it look like you spent a heck of a lot of time on it.  I love this braided up-do for classier outfits or funky dresses!

  1.  The first and only step is to gather your hair, including the two braids, into a low bun at the back of your head.  Make sure to brush or finger comb out any bumps that may occur.  Use a hair-tie or a cute ribbon, and now you have a nice evening look developed from a casual daytime one!


My most favorite look of the four I’m showing you today are my beloved Fishtail Pigtails!  I love wearing these whenever i’m doing anything outdoors-y or am going on an outing at the beach.  These fishtails can definitely make an outfit, so I totally recommend trying these out!

  1. Make your hair into two pigtails.  Middle part not required, but go for it if ya wanna!  Ensure that the ponies are even with each other (as shown below).

2. Split one of the pigtails into two and begin to fishtail.  To fishtail, start by grabbing one piece of hair from the back on one side of the pigtail then wrap it around and being it to the other side.  Then, repeat this by alternating sides and continue all the way down the pigtail.  Secure with an elastic, and repeat on other side.

Here’s a video on How to Fishtail, in case my explanation doesn’t help :/

3. Pull apart the braids to give them more volume like shown in the above photo.

Here is the finished result:


For the fourth and final look, I am showing you how I accomplish my funky space buns!  These are great for a party, theme day, or a fun outing with friends.  The space buns I do are low on the head, which makes them more accessible to do for my short-haired gals out there, but you can always do them as high up as you please!

2018-06-05 11.10.36 2.jpg

  1. Begin with two pigtails on either side of your head, preferably with a middle part (which I quite obviously cannot do on myself), and make sure they are as even as possible!

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

2. Twist one of the pigtails like shown above.  Twist loosely for bigger buns, and tightly for smaller ones.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

3. Then wrap the twisted pony around itself so that it sits in a bun on your head.  Repeat steps 2 and 3 on the other pony and pull out some hairs on the sides and toward the front of your head for a more relaxed, messy look.  Now, you have yourself some space buns!

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

Whew!  There ya have it: four simple hairstyles that are cute, trendy, and perfect for the everyday gal!  I hope you all enjoyed this post and are inspired to try out these looks on yourself or some friends.  Remember that you can adjust all of these looks to better fit you and your hair.  Leave a comment letting me know if there are any hairdos I should try out next, and feel free to drop any questions or blog post ideas that you may have as well.  Thanks so much for reading!!

💜Love, Olivia


33 thoughts on “4 Quick and Easy Hairstyles for ANY Hair Length

  1. I love those dutch braid ones! I only just learned how to dutch braid, like, 2 weeks ago. 😂 My hair is too poofy to do the first one, but I think it would look good in the second. 😉 Thanks!

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  2. Nice hairstyles Olivia! I’ve been trying to look for more hairstyles to pull off instead of sticking to the same old ponytail since elementary. I’ll definitely try these out! I have curly and really frizzy hair, so is there a hairstyle that you think would work best for that?
    dialia | a scribbling fury

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thanks, Dialia!! I’m so excited that you are going to try these out. They may take a bit longer to do with curly hair, but they should work! You may also have to adjust some of the steps as well, just don’t forget bobby pins :)) I believe that the space buns or fishtail braids may work best, but they should all turn out good!

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  3. I loved these looks, especially the braided updo! You have an amazing blog and a wonderful way of writing – you always come across so energetic & it’s really nice! Where is your top from in these pictures, it’s stunning! Lovely post as always Olivia 😘❤️

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Ah! This is sooo cute! Your hair is such a pretty color! Thank you for sharing! I’m hosting a blog party on August 3! Please join us and share you by dropping your link! And get to know other bloggers from around the world 🙂


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