hi, i’m insecure.

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Earlier this week on Instagram, I posted the above photo.  I was thinking about not posting the photo though because of how my legs looked.  I’ve always been aware of how short and stocky they are; after all, the beauty standard is long, tall, and lean legs. For some photos, I’ve even thought about lengthening my legs in an editing app just to make them fit that warped standard.  But I decided to post the photo anyway with a caption talking about this insecurity of mine.

Right after posting, I began to stress that people would see me as fake because, after all, one of the biggest messages I promote through Absolutely Olivia is to LOVE YOURSELF and that you can rock any outfit.  As a fashion blogger, I feel like I’m supposed to be confident about every aspect of my life, or at least portray myself as that way.  But here I was, posting an Instagram with a caption all about my insecurities!  Even though transparency is a big part of Absolutely Olivia as well, I couldn’t help but feel like I was going against my message as a blogger.  Yet, I kept the post up.

And boy, was I surprised at all the positive and lengthy responses that began to roll in!!

So many of you were agreeing, sharing your own struggles with insecurity, and talking about the standards you feel like you have to fit into to.  That’s what made me realize how important it is for people to open up and show that they’re not confident all the time.  I know I’m not.

Clothing and fashion is where a lot of my confidence first came from, so when I know I’m going somewhere where everyone will be dressed up, I work super hard to be over the top.  In a way, this is another insecurity of mine.  Sometimes I put my worth into my clothes and think that if I’m not in an amazing outfit, there is nothing to make me stand out among others.  This is where I, and many other people who put their worth in appearances find their greatest insecurities.

Don’t define your worth by your appearances and material things, define your worth by your personality and the way you treat others.  Once you do that, NO ONE will be able to take confidence from you!

No one should ever feel less than they are because of a certain trait or quality they have because the truth is we all house some sort of insecurity.  Maybe for you it’s the shape of your nose or the way your belly rolls when you sit down.  Maybe it’s the thinness of your air or your thunder thighs.  Whatever it is that lessens your confidence and dims what you think you’re worth, that thing is BEAUTIFUL!  Also, as I discovered from my Instagram post, many people don’t even see your insecurities the way you do.  I had many people commenting that my legs look completely normal to them and others commenting that the first thing they noticed was how muscular and toned my legs were!  Most of the time, it really is just all in our head.

So next time you’re hesitating to post something or feeling self-conscious about your insecurities, just remember that trait is what makes you, YOU, and there are people out there who are questioning the same thing about one of their traits. We all have insecurities that we wish we could change, but these insecurities should be CELEBRATED instead 🙌🙌 Love yourself and rock those insecurities today!!

💜Much love and don’t forget to celebrate you,



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24 thoughts on “hi, i’m insecure.

  1. “Don’t define your worth by your appearances and material things, define your worth by your personality and the way you treat others” I love love love this line! This post was just beautiful Olivia, honestly we are all insecure about something but we just got to keep reminding ourselves that we are beautiful just the way we are 💕🤗

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  2. It’s crazy! Despite me having long legs and being tall, I still feel super conscious about it because around some people, I feel too tall! I guess we all have insecurities when really we are hurting ourselves for no reason. Loved this post Olivia! Thanks for being honest x

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  3. Beautiful post from a beautiful person inside out! I honestly think that nayone can relate to that, just because we are bloggers and post photos of us it doesn’t mean that we can’t have any insecurities. Having insecurities is fine, as long as you don’t let them define you! Which you didn’t and I am really proud of you and thankful that you spoke so openly about it!
    love, elena


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