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Welcome back, gals and guys!!

Hi, I’m Olivia, and I rarely buy anything full price, unless it’s thrifted 🙂  I’m gonna take a wild guess and say that about one to two thirds of my wardrobe is second-hand, and I’m 100% not mad about it!

I’ve gotten a few q’s and lots of surprised comments whenever I post something cute and thrifted, so here I am today to give you all some insight on how exactly I find the needles in the haystack of second-hand clothes.  Along with the help of my grandma (a.ka. the thrifting goddess who finds a ton of clothes for me at the price of 49 cents at her local thrift store), I’ve created 5 tips that’ll help you thrift your way to clothing heaven!! … and a funky, sustainable wardrobe!

Before I get into the post, I want to talk about the AMAZING dress featured throughout this post.  It’s VINTAGE, and my mom bought it from one of her friends for $5 (the power of second-hand clothing, am I right??).  It combines two of my fav things, stars and the color red and is such a stand-out piece that I didn’t have to jazz it up too much.  I threw on white platform sandals, my Les Georgettes bracelet, a bunch of gold rings, and to make the look even more extra, I added some rainbow ball earrings 🙂

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Before you even being your thrifting in the store, it’s best to make a mental checklist of what exactly you’re hoping to find.  In big second-hand shops, there is stuff EVERYWHERE and it can be hard to find the piece of gold if you don’t know where to dig.  Stay away from setting your hopes on finding a very specific piece, like a polka-dot wrap dress or a rainbow button-down, because you may not be able to find it.  But, do make sure to know what broader type of clothing you’re looking for, such as a midi skirt, jeans, or a silk blouse.  This way you know which sections you need to hit, but don’t get too caught up trying to find a specific piece!

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Of course, you know your sizes… but no one can know their thrift sizesSince all the clothes are coming in from all different types of people, you don’t know where the clothes are coming from or how old they are.  Sizing can vary from store to store and vintage pieces typically run a lot smaller than the sizes now.  My advice to combat this: TRY-ON!!  This way you know you’re walking out of the thrift store with clothes that fit (because, hey, you can’t return’em!).

*The exception to this is if you’re specifically looking for over-sized pieces or planning to crop the pants or tee later 🙂

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Chances are, if a piece of clothing at a thrift store is already stained, the stain won’t come out.  Just like sizing, there’s no telling where the piece came from, and how long the stain has been there.  Unless you’re head-over-heels in LOVEEE with the item or have plans to cover it with a DIY, leave it on the rack, girlfriend!  Trust me, you’re better off with that $3 in your pocket 😉

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Here’s a tip from my grandma:  be prepared to stay in the thrift store for a longgg time… like 1-2 hours long time.  She said that in order to really find the pieces worth keeping and be there when they put out new stuff, you have to sift through the racks and have patience! Even I know from my own thrifting experiences that if you wanna find the good stuff, you can’t be in and out of the store in 20 minutes.  Spend time going through each item, and maybe even look in sections you weren’t planning on looking through if you have enough time.  After all, good things don’t come immediately, sometimes it takes a couple hours to find the motherload of AMAZING second-hand clothes.

Also, what people don’t tell you about thrifting is that sometimes it is a bust!  Sometimes, no matter how long you spend in the store, you might expect to come out with an armload, but you come out with nothing.  This isn’t unusual, so don’t feel the need to buy something just to buy something.

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Another great grandma tip that can make or break your thrifting experience:  Know the store’s pull days/times!!  Pull days and times are when the store workers bring out new items from the back to hang up.  Depending on the shop, this could happen once a week or a few times a day.  Knowing this insider info can help you decide when to go to the store for maximum clothing turnout.   You’ll know not to go the days right before they pull because all the clothes will be picked through, and you’ll know to go on the days when allllll the new stuff is ready for you to take home!

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Woohoo, you made it through all mine and my grandma’s thrifting tips!!  I hope these help and inspire you to take on your local thrift store or Goodwill, and realize that secondhand clothes are the best clothes!  Leave a comment below giving me some of your own thrift tips, and maybe I’ll do a part 2 🙂  Thanks so much for reading, friendzz!!

💜Love, Olivia


46 thoughts on “Thrifting Tipzz

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  2. I love shopping through thrift stores! It’s gotten to the point where around 80% of my wardrobe is thrifted haha! I agree with all your tips, especially trying them on! I’ve bought stuff in the past that I figured was my size but then wasn’t (oops) lol.

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  3. I’ve never been to a thrift store because my mom always thought me that those clothes are dirty, wouldn’t smell right and aren’t for people like ‘us’. That makes me a little sceptical for thrift shops because I still feel like the clothes might be dirty or might smell bad. After seeing so many people talking about how great these stores are, I think I should definitely visit a thrift store soon. Thrifting isn’t really a trend in my country, yet, so there aren’t a lot of them here. But when I visit Amsterdam, and that will be soon, I hope I can find some cute stores overthere. And before I go, I will definitely read this checklist again because it was so helpful! xo

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    • I totally get that. Many people are told that about thrift stores or hold that misconception, but they’re perfect! If your unsure of how clean a piece of clothing is, it’s as easy as hanging it back on the rack 🙂 And you can always super wash the clothes you do buy as well. I’ve worn thrifted clothes for as long as I can remember, and none of them are dirty or smell bad, so I say GO FOR IT! Go thrifting, find great things, and you’ll love it :))

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  4. First of all, WOW, girl you look incredible in all of these pictures! This shoot turned out SO great. And secondly, amazing tips. I totally agree on the fact to always try on, sizing is different in Thrift stores and sometimes it may look way too small or way to baggy, but it works. I convinced my friend the other day to try the only suit on that we could find in a thrift store, he was sure it wouldn’t fit, but tadaa, it did. So he got his prom outfit for 10$! That was my little story time, sorry about that. Anyways, you smashed this post, congrats!
    love, elena

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  5. I love your blog! It’s so cute and pretty helpful as well. I also don’t mean this in a bad way but you seem so young and I love that! Also Incase you haven’t heard this recently, but you are beautiful!

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