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Ok it’s been an ENTIRE MONTH since I’ve posted a style post on here, and by golly, it’s time that changes!  Life gets hectic sometimes, but I finally got the chance to go out and shoot an exciting look for you all last weekend.  It was my birthday on May 5th (I’m 15!!), and, of course, I needed a perfect birthday outfit to go with it.  So today, I’m sharing all the goody-good details about this beautiful dress of mine that I wore for my birthday weekend (at the end of this post is some photos from my party, so make sure to check those out :))!

To start off, we have to talk about the AMAZING centerpiece of this birthday outfit, the dress!  If you follow me on Pinterest, it’s no secret that I love the boho/hippie style look, and this long, floral dress from Gap captured that vibe perfectly.  It’s airy and kept me cool in the warm South Carolina weather we had that weekend, and the cinched waist defines my figure exactly the way I like.   With buttons running down the front, small ties at the shoulders, and the ruffle half-way down the leg, even down to the details this dress didn’t disappoint!

I made sure to accentuate the bohemian style with layered gold necklaces (forgot to wear them for the shoot… whoops), stacked rings, and bold earrings.  My white platform sandals from ASOS were birthday presents that I immediately put on, as they’re surprisingly comfy and easy to walk in!  I am over the moon ecstatic with how this look turned out, and I’m supaaa ready to rock it this summer 🙂

2018-05-05 04.28.22 1.jpg2018-05-05 04.28.32 1.jpg2018-05-05 04.28.36 1.jpg2018-05-05 04.28.17 1.jpg2018-05-05 04.28.28 1.jpg2018-05-05 04.28.33 1.jpg2018-05-06 05.26.10 1.jpg2018-05-05 04.28.16 1.jpg2018-05-05 04.28.29 1.jpg2018-05-05 04.28.26 1.jpg




There ya go, everybody; my birthday suit in its full glory, and some photos of me and all my friends 🙂  I hope this post helped you in the outfit inspiration department, especially when it comes to birthday looks!  Leave a comment below letting me know what you normally wear for your birthday, and feel free to drop any questions or blog post ideas you may have as well.  Thanks so much for reading!!

💜Love, Olivia


17 thoughts on “Solo Style: BIRTHDAY SUIT!!

  1. Happy birthday! 😃 I didn’t realize that we were the same age. (I’m still 14, but will be 15 in August 😉) And all this time I thought you must be in college or something! 😂

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