30 Day Styling Challenge Intro + 7 SUMMER OUTFITS!!

Yay! My 30 Day Styling Challenge is back! If you don’t know what that is, let me take a few seconds to explain it to you 🙂 Basically, I have to style a different outfit everyday for the entire month. For the next few weeks, I am going to style outfits with stand-out pieces, outfits with overloads of accessories, outfits using only one color, and more; all to help me work towards the cool and unique wardrobe I’m looking for! I did this back in January, and I cannot even begin to explain to you how much it grew my personal style, and expanded the outfit pairings I had on repeat.

The reason I am doing this 30 Day Styling Challenge again, is because summer is quickly approaching, which means all my summer clothes are replacing my sweaters and jeans. Not gonna lie, I’ve been getting a little stressed thinking about having to come up with amaze outfits when you wear so much less clothing in the warmer months. Less clothes=less room to make an outfit ROCK! That’s why, for this challenge, I am solely focused on creating some great summer looks to grow my personal style for summer.

After you read this post, I challenge you to go to your closet and create an outfit that is so YOU, but you’ve been scared to try, or pull out all your fav clothing items and accessories and make an entire outfit out of them! Try mixing patterns, adding a bright pop of color, going monochrome for a day, or go all out with layering. It can definitely be hard to go out of your comfort zone, especially when it comes to something so public like your outfit, but I encourage all of you to do this styling challenge with me. And trust me, you’ll LOVE IT!!

Alrighty, here are the first 7 looks of the 30 Day Styling Challenge of May 2018!! (Stay tuned for 23 more coming your way in the next 3 weeks!!)

To kick off May, I paired my favorite summer srop top with cream high-waisted shorts. Although that look was cute on its own, I added my Cinderella blue MO jacket on top and a skinny leather belt around the waist. Skinny belts were typically on my fashion blacklist, so I figured I would style this dislike to get the challenge started! I challenge you to wear something from your own fashion blacklist this week!

I mentioned this on my Instagram (@absolutelyolivia), but more laid-back fashion has been my jam lately! I woke up a little late for school this Tuesday morning, so decided my comfy striped romper was the way to go. With a graphic tank underneath (it says “What Boyfriend?”), I was ready for school in no time. Rompers are a go-to piece for lots of people in the summer, so if it’s not too hot, wear a cute tank underneath 🙂

Woohoo! The third day of the challenge I decided it was time to push my limits a little more. Bermuda shorts (long shorts that stop almost at the knee) were forever on my fashion blacklist, and when I say that I mean that I DESPISED them. It wasn’t until I saw @wearsbrynn style a longer denim short, that I re-thought my beliefs on Bermudas. My mom was getting rid of a white pair, so I snatched them up, determined to find a way to style them. Paired with my pink high-neck tank and a floral-patterned bralette, Bermuda shorts are officially off the blacklist for me!

This thrifted dress is already a summer fav of mine. I’ve been in love with the look of layering dresses over tops lately, yet had never worn the style before until this outfit. I chose my garnet tee for underneath and viola! an Absolutely Olivia outfit was born 🙂 If you want to wear a semi-plain dress like this one in the summer, step up the look with your own graphic or sold-colored tee underneath to create a stylish, yet won’t make you hot look.

May 5th was my birthday!! So, of course, I had to wear the perfect birthday dress… This pink floral (the editing makes it look more orange)maxi dress was everything I never knew I wanted in a bday dress. It was the boho style that captivated me, and I styled it with layered gold necklaces, stacked rings, and stand-out earrings, as well as my new white platform sandals to accentuate the look. I think this goes down in the book as one of my favorite ootds!

For this look, I was rocking some of my birthday presents! I wanted to do a fairytale-themed photo shoot in my backyard, but couldn’t choose between two of the skirts (the silver mini or beige tulle), so decided to wear both layered on top of each other. I threw on a white crop top, and my gold sandals to complete the look. I highly recommend trying layering next time you;re being indecisive about what to wear, and the end result could be incredible!

For the final day of week one, I styled one of my thrift DIYs with navy shorts and a white tank with blue floral embroidery. The DIY was an old men’s shirt that I had cropped, and it easily upped the style points of the entire look. Layering was a big theme of this week, and throwing on an old men’s shirt or a light jacket is the perfect way to make a regular old summer look POP!

Whew! This first week went by fast, but planning outfits made it fun! I can’t wait to try more pieces from my fashion blacklist and continue to expand my wardrobe. I challenge you all to head to your closet tomorrow morning and pick out your own out-of-the-norm look to wear. Leave a comment below leaving outfir suggestions for the next 23 days 🙂 Thanks so much for reading :))

💜Love, Olivia


25 thoughts on “30 Day Styling Challenge Intro + 7 SUMMER OUTFITS!!

  1. Outfit suggestions? Hmmmm… I don’t really have any. 😛 And I pretty much wear everything in my closet (I don’t have that many outfit choices) every week, so I don’t have anything else I would not normally wear. 😂

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  2. I love all of these outfits and I can’t wait to see how you style when you start your styling challenge! ❤ Lovely post and I definitely love the challenge– it makes me think of an outfit that is SO me.

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  3. Hey Olivia! Such a great idea! It not only lets us to pick out clothes easily later, but it also sorts out our wardrobe into a whole summer one! I loved your shorts! And that thrift dress is perfect for a day at the beach!
    There are sooo many new clothes in my wardrobe, that I never wore because it was not something I don’t wear usually! But I will try doing it someday!
    I would love you to do beach looks, and summer outing looks! ❤️

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    • Yes, that’s exactly why I do the challenge!! You should definitely try out those clothes, you may be surprised, and it’s always good to go out of your comfort zone every once in a while :)) And thanks for the ideas, I’m at the beach right now, so will be coming up with outfit ideas!


  4. I love this style challenge idea! Even though I generally wear a different outfit each day, some are super boring compared to others. I’m definitely going to try mixing some more accessories and adding layers to spice it up a bit. 🙂

    Miles of smiles,


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