Why I Blog + What It Has to do With YOU

Hey heyyy friends! I hope you all had the most fabulous week, and welcome back to Absolutely Olivia 😉 Although I’ve shared on here blog posts about the Story Behind Its Name, Why You Shouldn’t Be Scared of Standing Out, and Why AND How You Can Pull Off Anything, I’ve never shared my mission/purpose behind my blogging. To be fair, I’ve only come to discover exactly why I blog in the past month or so, as I realized what I want you all to get out of reading the many posts I share on here. If you follow my Instagram, you might’ve seen the slight change I made in my bio a few weeks ago that reflects my mission: I’m here to inspire and empower YOU! So today, along with a cute spring ootd, I’m going to be taking you all deeper into what I believe my purpose is as a blogger! Here we go…


For the past year or so, every time I start to write a blog post, I ask myself: “How could this inspire my readers?” I do this because this blog is for YOU! Yes, in the beginning it was more for fun and for me because I didn’t even realize that people besides my family would find Absolutely Olivia, but when they did, I quickly turned my whole purpose ship around and began thinking up content specifically for my audience.

With style posts, my goal is to be the foundation for your own outfit inspiration. Whether our styles are only slightly different or worlds apart, my goal isn’t to have you all buy and wear my exact look, but rather adapt and change it to fit your own taste. Maybe you use a similar top, but pair it with completely different style pants. Maybe you replace my chunky and edgy accessories with more dainty and girly ones. Whatever it is, my posts are solely here to inspire, and not dictate, what you are to wear!

With lifestyle and beauty posts, my goal is to give you all ideas and inspiration for ways to accomplish and go about things in your daily life. Obviously, we live unique lives, and going to bed at 10:30 pm may not work for your productivity like it does for mine. With my favorites posts I’m recommending products that have worked the best for me, in hopes that you’ll find the holy grail product you’ve been needing, and with my advice blogs if one sentence helps you, then I’m doing my job!

Getting inspiration is extremely important to me, which is why I’m always on the lookout for ways to give inspiration to you guys in every blog post I write!

Realll quick before I get into the next point:  How bomb is this cute casual look that I’m sharing in this post?!  I am not the biggest t-shirt fan, and normally you wouldn’t be able to catch me in one… but here I am!  This amazing tee from Rani Bee is such a perfect fit, super duper soft, and of course, has the most incredible message.  I love wearing it for the comfort, but also to remind myself and others that us girls are powerful and have the capability of doing anything we put our mind to, just like a superhero who wears a cape!  Be sure to check out Rani Bee for more stellar girl power tees, and use my code Olivia10 for 10% off at check out!!



I am one of the biggest advocates for girl power AND human power overall because I believe we’re all capable of helping steps be taken towards change, and eventually make that change occur. And, believe it or not, I’m trying to help you all see this with many of the more intentional posts I write, and with every. single. outfit post I’ve ever created. And this is where the “empower” aspect of my purpose as a blogger comes in.

As you may know, I commonly write about topics that are important to me like sexual assault and gun reforms, just to name a few. These posts are meant to educate and explain (mixed in with some of my own personal thoughts) to you all what the problem with the topic is, why it’s happening, and how it can be fixed with the help of regular people like you and me. These more activism related posts are also meant to empower you all to be unafraid to take action and stand up for what you believe in through marches, your own blog/social media posts, calling your senator, etc. I’ve done these things, and I want you guys to see how easy, yet impactful it can be to take those steps towards making a change in your community and country.

Aside from direct empowerment posts like the ones I mentioned above, I also seek to do this in all my fashion-related blogs as well! As a girl, I strongly believe and support the fact that we should be allowed to wear whatever we want as long as it makes us comfortable and happy. If someone else is dictating what you should wear by telling you to take off your sweatpants and dress up more or telling you to put on more clothes because your thighs and shoulders are showing, I want you all to see that is NEVER okay because it’s your body and your choice. Also, I want to empower you guys to step outside of your comfort zone and try out outfits that you’re scared to because of what people might think or how you might look. Through my style posts, I want to help you all see that you CAN pull off anything, and deserve to wear anything your heart desires 🙂

After all, empowered women empower women, just as empowered people empower people, so that’s exactly what I’m trying to do as a part of my blog mission!

That was maybe one of the longest, more serious blog posts I’ve written, but I hope it helped you all see the real reason behind my blogging, and will possibly help you start to view my content and what you can get out of it a little differently. Let me know if there are any blog posts you would like to see that relate to either inspiring or empowering you, and I will be sure to add them to my ever-growing list! I love you all, and thanks so much for reading!!

💜Love, Olivia


30 thoughts on “Why I Blog + What It Has to do With YOU

  1. I am going through a phase right now of trying to find my style, and it’s really hard. I don’t want to look like I’m trying too hard, or not enough. (I always tend to be in the just-right ‘Goldilocks’ space for things 😂) I’ve never been very fashion-savvy, so I hope to keep reading your blog to see if I get inspired! *still wants to buy a watch*

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    • Finding your style can be super hard! I definitely don’t think there’s any certain path or directions to follow when it comes to finding the exact fashions you like, it’s really all in the experimenting. Be sure to try things out of your comfort zone and check Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration as well. I hope my blog helps a bit! Love, Olivia

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  2. I soooo love this post!!! I’ve been waiting for this since you announced in your IG story ❤ Anyway your outfits are the cutest and so far girl, you’re one of my favourite bloggers ever. Thank you for inspiring us!!! 💖

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  3. I think you totally achieve your goals and absolutely succeed with your blogging mission! Your outfits always have character, they’re unique and true to yourself and your more serious posts are so well explained and empowering! You truly do an amazing job here, I can’t stress that enough! But I guess you know by now that I’m fan nr. 1 right?
    Keep being so awesome,


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  4. 💕💕 very inspirational.. I love that you’re not afraid to be you.. currently trying to get my daughter on this track of self love.. 💕

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