March Photography + Moments

Ahh… the end of the second month of the year is here, and with that comes Monthly Moments post #2! These posts include blog round-up, my highlights (and occasionally low lights) of the month, and my photography from the past 28-30 days.

Looking back at March, I realize that I was busy with a lot of things, but most of it being outside of the blogging and Instagram areas. I really made an effort to spend time with my sister (and the rest of my fam!) and friends this month whenever I got the chance, which is part of the reason why I went back down to 2 blog posts a week instead of 3. Also, I took a short, yet intentional break from social media after a series of events at my school (head to the moments section to read about this), and it helped me focus and re-center myself, while also changing my perspective on life. I came back with new intentions in mind when it came to my blog and Instagram, and many new ideas for things in the future. I participated in my first ever march/protest, and felt so fulfilled in the relationships around me. Keep reading to hear more 😉

Here is the easy way for you to catch up on the posts you may have missed this March! The blog posts will be ordered by date with a small blurb to tell you what it is about.. Just click on the title of the post you want to view, and it will take you straight to it. After you finish this post, make sure to check out the blogs you never got a chance to read this January and February by following the links to those posts above!

Instagram 101: Answering YOUR Questions (Q&A): My first post of March was the final installment of my Instagram 101 Series! On my Instagram, I had asked you all for questions that y’all have about Instagram in regards to getting engagement, getting real, and getting connected, etc. In this post I answered those q’s and gave tons of advice 🙂20180301_161102.jpg

Why The Fight for Gun Reforms is YOUR Fight + How You Can Help: In America, gun violence has been plaguing the country for such a long time. Everything from police violence on black men to school shootings has caused so much fear in lots of people. Now is the time for change (actually the time for change was years ago, but we’re super pushing for it now), and in this post I talk about why the fight for gun reforms is YOUR fight and what you can do to help gun reforms become a thing! Please read this post, as it is super important to me.

2018-03-24 01.08.12 1.jpg

How to Spice Up Your Hair for Spring: When it comes to a seasonal change, I always feel like my style or hair needs a change as well. That’s why in this post I give you a tutorial and 3 tips on how to take your hair to the next level this spring season! You guys will be rockin’ new dos after reading this.


Spring Transition Style: My first official spring outfits were shared in this post, and they give me serious fun and flirty vibes. They’re geared toward that weird in-between weather that happens when the seasons are switching from winter to spring. This may be the most girly I’ve been in a while with my looks… so be sure to check it out for outfits with an absence of my usual edge 😉


Spring Essentials 2018: There are certain things that are needed in everyone’s wardrobe/life in the springtime, and I rounded up my Spring Essentials for this year. Everything from accessories to dress styles is addressed, and I really hope this post can give you some ideas of what to shop for in the next month or so!


Festival Lookbook 2018: OMG!! My favorite post of the month goes to this beauty of a blog! I’m obsessed with festival fashion and went ALL OUT for my second annual Festival Lookbook. I included outfits for everyone’s taste, from the girly to the grunge-y, it’s all there! I love how unafraid festival fashion is, and really tried to channel that in these looks to inspire you to do so yourself!

2018-03-15 01.21.33 3.jpg

2018 Goals Check-Up #1: My very first post this year was my 18 Goals for 2018, and I have every intention to meet all of those goals. However, sometimes I start to forget and lose motivation to complete them, which is where this post comes in! This post is a goals check-up, where I list all 18 goals and whether or not I am on track to meet them by the end of the year (or if I’ve met them!). Also, many of you said that this post motivated you to revisit your own year goals and to get yourself back on track!


What It Was Like to March for My Life: Because I’m such a strong believer in the need for gun reforms, I took part in the March for Our Lives in my city. It was such an empowering and incredible experience, that is the most powerful thing I have ever been a part of. Being able to stand on the steps of my state house and chant, dance, sing, and hold up signs to show what I believed in and to work towards change was amazing. In this post, I talk about why I marched, what I did at the march, and showed off some of my fav protest signs from the march.

2018-03-24 01.08.12 2.jpg

How I Edit My Instagram Photos: I get comment and questions all the time from you all about how I edit my Instagram photos, and I finally put up this long awaited post last Wednesday! I show you how I use the app VSCO to create unique edits that I hope will inspire you to play around with the editing apps you use to make edits that are so you!

2018-03-25 02.32.27 1.jpg


This month was busy and tons of fun, yet there were no major events that went down. School wasn’t terrible, as we were winding down the 3rd quarter and I’ve been feeling super fulfilled in my friendships lately, which always makes school a lot less dull. I’ve still been playing tennis 3-4 times a week, but with a lack of a load of homework, I’ve been able to think more creatively about potential blog and other projects for the future 😉 To not totally bore you guys, I’ve included a few of the most noteworthy moments from March:

March 4: My parents surprised my sister, Camille, and I with enos (the comfiest hammocks EVER!) in early February. After discovering that we had to buy the attachment straps separately, we had to wait until we got them to try the enos out. This day we were able to! You’re probably wondering what the significance of this event is, but Camille and I are always uber busy, and we got to hang out and talk while eno-ing! It was so nice having conversation with her and really getting to catch up on her life. This made me remember how important it is to focus on family with no electronics involved!

March 14-16: These couple of days were the complete opposite of highlights, and were very stressful and tiring. On March 14, I participated in the 17 Minute Walkout to recognize the 17 lives lost in the Parkland school shooting. Our school received multiple shooting threats that day, and later that night we found out 2 guns had been found on our school campus the day before the walkout. I swear I’ve never received so many texts in one night from so many different people. All my friends and I were texting about whether or not we should go to school the next day because of how unsafe the place felt after learning of everything that happened. Most of us ended up going to school, but ended up leaving early after the school received another threat! These events are what caused me to take a step back from social media and take time to focus and re-center myself on the people around me. All of this changed my perspective on life (cliché, but true) and made me decide to focus on the truly meaningful things, and be more meaningful in the content I share on here and on Instagram.

Also, I have zero photos from this day, which is super strange because I normally have about a photo per second each day, so that’s when you know something was up!

March 17: This day I headed to brunch with a few of my friends. It was a good break to laugh after all the hectic events in the previous days. I split the yummiest milkshake (it was like 2 feet high, no joke!) and a couple orders of fries with one of them. It was nice being able to catch up outside of school and hang out. Afterwards, we had an impromptu photo shoot because, hey, did you actually go to brunch if there wasn’t an impromptu photoshoot?! 🙂

March 24: I’ve already written a full blog post on this day (What It Was Like to March for My Life), and as I said earlier it was the most powerful experience I’ve been a part of. When I first heard about the March for Our Lives, a march for gun reforms in the US, I immediately planned to take part, and after the events at my school I was even more ready to participate. Marching with my friends and meeting amazing young people was incredible!

March 28: After months of telling all my soccer friends that I would come to one of their games, I finally went to one! I was 100% the loudest in the stands and loved watching them win 5-0 against one of our rival school teams. During halftime, I headed to the practice field to play soccer (I’m a tennis gal, and definitely failed at this) with some friends I was at the game with. Also, I got to catch up with a lot of people I hadn’t seen in a while. Overall, the night was so much fun and I can’t wait to do it again!

March 30: Finally, my Spring Break begun!! My mom, sister, and I drove down to our beach house where our cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents were! This day was a great start to a fun break. We went on a walk, hung out at the house, and ended the evening with a Fish Fry! I can’t wait for the week ahead to do more exciting things with my favs.


Here’s my favorite section of the Monthly Moments series! Just like the moments, March was lacking when it came to my photography (this month just flew by!), so there are a little less photos than normal. Anyways, enjoy!

Ahhh… and there’s my March in Review!  I hope you enjoyed this post and got to know me and my life going-ons a little better.  This month was busy, at times stressful, but overall a good learning and re-centering month!  Here’s to the good months ahead!

💜Love, Olivia

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