Festival Lookbook 2018

Ahhh… festival season… IT’S HERE! This is one of my favorite fashion seasons of the year for many reasons. I love scrolling through Instagram and seeing the always amazing outfits, the makeup is incredible, and everyone seems like they’re having the time of their life which is always great! But the main reason festival season has a piece of my heart is because everyone’s look is so unique, so outside-of-the-box, and so inherently their style. No one is afraid to wear their crazy sequin pants or to smear on their sparkly blue lipstick. The looks that come out of Coachella and the countless other festival are always so bold, and I love seeing people rock the pieces they love in an unafraid manner. It’s amazing!

That’s why today, I’m bringing you my very own Festival Lookbook 2018!! I’ve been looking forward to creating looks and shooting them since well… last year’s Festival Lookbook. My style has evolved immensely (mostly in part to the 30 Day Styling Challenge I did in January), and although last year’s outfits were pretty doggone bomb, this year’s are even better! Without further ado, I give you my Festival Lookbook 2018 😉


Mesh and bodysuits have to be one of the most perfect festival combos, so that’s exactly what I aimed to create with this combo.  I paired my beloved star bodysuit with a black mesh skirt that is so perfect for dancing in (trust me, I tried it ;)), yet the outfit still didn’t feel like enough.  In a last minute decision, I snatched my thrifted white leather jacket covered in studs from my closet.  It finished off the look perfectly, and created the greatest mix of feminine and edge, just how I like it!  I highly recommend a look like this for those of you who are dancing queens, but are a bit more modest in your dressing.

White Leather Jacket (similar, I couldn’t find one under $200 with studs) // Star Bodysuit // Black Mesh Skirt (similar) // Black Mesh Skirt (without studs) // Pom Shoes (on sale)


All black makes the best grunge look for festivals, so there is no way I could leave one out of the mix.  I picked up this plaid romper and this pair of sparkly fishnets from Urban Outfitters with a look like this in mind, and boy, did it turn out stellar!  I added some silver accessories to up the look, but still keep with the grunge-y feel and, of course, my flatforms shoes because they’re super comfy and stylish.  An outfit is never complete without a pop of color, so I popped on these cat-eye sunnies and violaFor comfort at a festival, rompers with tennis shoes are a good choice, so go with a look like this if you want to be able to run and dance, but still kill the fashion game. 🙂

Plaid Romper // Sparkly Fishnets // Western Belt (similar) // Cat-Eye Glasses // Flatform Shoes (on sale!)


This last look is the epitome of festival fashion.  With the fringe, embroidery, leather, and mesh combination, you cannot go wrong!  I love how lightweight the mesh cardigan is and it’s perfect for spinning around in.  The white tank fits perfectly with the studded leather skirt, which looks super rad and is a perfect contrast to the cardi.  I felt so fun and free in this look, so definitely go for an outfit like this if you want move without feeling hot and dance like no one is watching!!

2018-03-15 01.21.26 1.jpg2018-03-15 01.21.28 1.jpg2018-03-15 02.08.52 1.jpg2018-03-15 01.21.27 1.jpg2018-03-15 01.21.29 1.jpg2018-03-15 01.21.25 1.jpg

 Studded Leather Skirt (similar) // Black Booties (similar, on sale!)

And now my festival looks are out in the world!  I hope you enjoyed them, and they gave you inspiration for your own festival looks or even an every day outfit.  Leave a comment letting me know which look was your favorite and whether or not you’re going to a festival (I’m not haha).  Thanks so much for reading, and happy festival season!

💜Love, Olivia


35 thoughts on “Festival Lookbook 2018

  1. Great lookbook Olivia!!! I LOVE fringe-tactic! The outfit is phenomenal as well as the captures of you~ such an editorial look. In the hint of sparkle series you look like a movie star in the closeup peering through your glasses! Im a big fan of your work and I will not be going to a festival this year either though they are lots of fun! x

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