Upcoming Spring Trends As Seen on NYFW Runways

As most of you know, it’s fashion week season!!  From New York to Milan, there are runway shows galore, which is quite possibly my favorite way to have things be.  This means endless, and I mean ENDLESS, outfit and trend inspiration for the rest of the year ahead (or at least until the fall fashion weeks!).  Since spring is coming within the next several weeks, I decided to recap Spring Trends as seen on the runways.  I’ve included 7 of my personal favorite trends, all to help you guys start shopping for the right stuff before it’s too late.  Spring will come faster than you think 😉


Windbreakers and anoraks were all over the runway, but more specifically, trench-like coats made from anorak and windbreaker material.  Model after model walked down multiple runways with sassy athleisure looks or casual-dressy looks with these coats.  Personally, I’m super excited to start the hunt for a windbreaker trench as it will be a perfect transition piece between winter and spring, and would be a stylish cover-up when headed to the beach on a breezy summer day.

anorak 1


anorak 2

Marc Jacobs

anorak 3

Isabel Marant

Windbreaker Trench

UO Windbreaker

Multi-color Windbreaker Trench


By far, pastels were the most popular runway trend this past fashion week, especially pale yellows and lavenders.  Every year, pastels are always predicted as a up and coming fashion trend, but it never catches on.  I have a feeling this year will be different.  There wasn’t a single show that didn’t have at least one look using these colors.  From skirts and dresses to suits and jackets, we’ll be seeing a lot of the spring-associated pastels in the next few months.

pastels 3


pastels 2

The Row

pastels 4


Pale Yellow Dress

Pastel Pink Dress

Lavender Shift Dress


Accessories took a futuristic turn this fashion week, with models rocking matrix-esque shades.  The thin, triangle shaped lenses (Dumbledore, anyone??) were either made of bright colors or had weird designs along the edges.  Of course, these sunnies have been worn in the past by the likes of Bella Hadid, but they’ll be sold to masses in the coming warmer months!

glasses 1

Prabal Gurung

glasses 2


Black Matrix Glasses


One of my overall favorite trends for spring has to be square necklines!  The shape adds edge to any classy and elegant item to create a perfect balance; not too girly, not too grunge-y.  Summer and spring dresses with square necklines are sure to be all over the place.  This gives the perfect opportunity to layer delicate necklace after delicate necklace, or to just show off your stunning collarbones!  What’s not to love?!

square 1

Caroline Herrera

square 2


Reformation (linked HERE) has square necklines galore, so check them out for all your needs!!


Have you ever seen something in a store and loved it, but the print was too out-there? Florals and graphic tees have been around for a while, but now they’re bigger and better than ever!  The styles on the runways were all about being bold, and from what I can tell, they don’t want you to be afraid of flaunting a pattern you’re loving.  Their tip to flaunt it: wear the print EVERYWHERE!  From hair pieces to pants to shoes, it’s time for bold graphics and florals to shine.  Next time you’re out, buy that matching set with a crazy pattern!

bold graphics 2

Marc Jacobs

bolg graphics 1

Junya Watanbe

bold graphics 3

Dolce & Gobbana

Floral Pants

Bold Graphic Dress


Just like graphics and florals, fringe has been in, but that was western fringe, now it’s all about ANY fringe (but mainly flapper-like fringe).  Whether it’s all-over the clothing piece or s classy, toned-down take on it, fringe is fringe, and it’s here to instantly make your outfit an eye-catcher!  Fringe is fun and flirty, and is great for a night out, especially if dancing will be involved 😉

fringe 2 erdem


fringe 3

Christopher Kane

fringe 4


Fringe Dress (ON SALE!)

Fringe Skirt

Black Fringe Dress


This accessory trend has me living!!  Geometrics are my fav type of accessory to wear, and the fact that there were so many square, circle, even triangle bags on the runway is so exciting!  Also, the purses are taking a non-traditional turn with fur, sayings, and embellishments being added to make them even more unique.

geometric bag 2

Natasha Zinko

geometric bag 3

Christian Siriano

geometric bag 1


The Cutest Circle Bag

Spring can be a difficult season to shop for, but the trends coming are AMAZING!  I hope this post helped you all gain inspiration straight from the runway, and that now you have a good idea of what you should start looking for in stores for the next few months.  Leave a comment below on which trend you’re most excited for, and feel free to drop any questions or blog post ideas you may have as well.  Thanks so  much for reading!

💜Love, Olivia



6 thoughts on “Upcoming Spring Trends As Seen on NYFW Runways

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  3. Phenomenal trends are coming in this spring season. Have looked at the picture of futuristic glasses. From dresses to accessories, all the above mentioned are so attractive that one can hardly ignore this fashionable trend. The above photos of outfits are capturing attention, but the lavender dress is my favourite of all. Designed so graciously that it’s going to rock the fashion industry. Hope I could buy and wear it soon.


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