Instagram 101: Getting Connected + New Photo Series!

It’s Thursday everyone, and that means a new Instagram 101 post!! Today’s topic is all about getting connected on Instagram, whether it be with your followers or other bloggers around you. It’s essential to build relationships with both categories of these people because these are the people that read your blog, like your photos, can help you, and all around keep you successful (I mean, what’s an Instagram without it’s followers??). I know that I didn’t understand how important getting connected with other on social media was until a few months in to my Instagram journey, and boy, do I wish I had realized it sooner! The difference it makes having people you connect with and can connect to on Instagram is incredible, and can end up being extremely beneficial. Without further ado, here is Instagram 101: Getting Connected!

*Wait, wait, I was just kidding, there is a bit more ado 🙂  Once you’re done reading this post, be sure to check out the other two posts in my Instagram 101 series by clicking the links below:

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Now onto the post!

My top tip to getting connected on Instagram is to reach out to people! When you’re first starting out or whenever you need some advice, don’t be afraid to DM an instagrammer you love or look up to for help. Most likely, they’ll answer any questions you mat have, and may even give some extra advice. This is something I wish I did when I first got Insta because when I reach out now, I always learn so many new things about the Instagram and blogging community! Also, if someone you follow is asking a question or sharing something you like on their story, swipe up to DM them! People love getting feedback and kind messages, my day is made any time this happens to me.

Reaching out to people, whether you follow them or they are your own followers, can get you super connected in your Insta community, and easily starts valuable relationships between you and other boss girls and boys!

2018-02-17 05.18.38 1.jpg

I promise you I did not drastically change since you last saw me, these are photos of a friend that I took!  I hope you enjoy them, as I want to share more photography with you all on the blog 🙂

*If people are reaching out to you for advice, answer them honestly. Tell them what has worked for you, and how they can achieve whatever it is they are searching for. This can be the start of a great relationship between the two of you, and lets them know they can trust you as an influencer.*

Another way to get connected in the Instagram community is to do collabs with other bloggers. Collab with them on a blog post, Instagram post, or giveaway, etc. For the most part, this will be beneficial for the both of you, as you’ll have a way to reach each other’s audiences. Something that is similar to collabs, but on a smaller scale is shouting out accounts you love on your story or maybe even in a caption. This spreads the love throughout the blogging community (I’m a firm believer that we should all support one another), and can connect you even more with the person you shout out and your audience as they see you’re not all about yourself all the time 😉


If you’ve fallen in love with someone and their account; let them know! Comments and DMs that are heartfelt and genuine are liked by everyone, and lets them see that you connect with their content, so maybe they’ll connect with yours. Point out something about their personality/the way they use their voice in their captions. Don’t just comment, “I love your style,” add a because and tell them why their ootd speaks to you so much. If their Instagram story layouts have been bomb lately, tell them. These little additions to your normal comments make people happy (I get happy all the time from them) and in the long run is important when it comes to having people reach out to you.


These are both things that have touched on in this post or previous posts, but want to say a bit more about.

-GET REAL with them! My last Instagram 101 post was all about this topic (linked at the top of this post), and it is super vital when it comes to connecting with your audience. People tend to stick with people they can relate to, so share your bad experiences that you learned a valuable lesson from, share your beliefs, share bloopers, and more to show them you are as real of a person as they are! As long as you’re comfortable with what you’re sharing, don’t hesitate. Make sure to read my Instagram 101: Get Real post for more in-depth tips!

Let them know they are SEEN. Don’t ignore your followers, they’re the reason you’re doing what you’re doing SUCCESSFULLY. Go comment on their photos (make sure it’s meaningful), answer their questions, ask them specifically in your Insta captions for feedback, or do polls on your story. There are so many different ways you can ensure that your followers know you will listen to them, so just figure out what works best for you and them, and you’ll be good to go!

Instagram can be a tricky app to navigate, and I have far from figured it out. These are just tips that have worked for me, and I hope will work for you! Leave a comment below letting me know how you connect with others on social media, and drop your Instagram so we can all follow each other. Thanks so much for reading, you guys are the absolute BOMB!

💜Love, Olivia


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