What Even is a Feminist?

A few weeks ago, one of my blogger friends, Cal (from Current Callan), reached out and wanted to start a small blog project that we could take on together. The project was one where we would be gathering photos and blurbs from followers and friends who identify as feminists, in order to show that a feminist can be anyone and everyone. As you know, especially if you follow me on Instagram, being a feminist and sharing those beliefs with you all is super important to me. So naturally, I said YES, YES, YES, I want to work on the project! As I received submissions from you guys, the amount of empowerment, inspiration, and hope I felt was absolutely incredible. Today, I’m here to share 15 of the submissions with you all, in hopes to show how great the feminist movement is, and why we should all be feminists 🙂

First of all, I want to start off by saying: Feminism encompasses the rights of humans everywhere. Of course, at its core definition, feminism is the fight for equality between women and men, but over the years that fight has evolved into one for global justice for everyone in the human race. Lots of people see feminism has a man-hating movement or see it as exclusive, but the right kind of (intersectional) feminism is a movement about equal rights for women of all colors, for trans and non-binary people, for women of every class, and for women from all different corners of the world!

*Once you’re done reading my post, head over to Cal’s blog to read from 15 more beautiful and inspiring feminists!! You won’t regret it, I promise.*


Lia (@liasamuels_)

What does feminism mean to me? Two words – girl power. To me, feminism is all about girls and women (and some fabulous men of course) of all ages, races, cultures, and abilities standing up to society and demanding our basic rights back. There are so many things that affect us, from being denied an education or being sexualized from a young age because of what we are wearing. The feminist movement gives me the confidence and power to choose who I am and what I want to do without being told no simply because I am a girl.


Cameron (@cam_jams)

Feminism isn’t just about girl power and equality. It’s about human power and equality. People are people and deserve to all be treated with the same respect and be exposed to the same opportunities, whether you’re an Islamic woman, an African American man, a gay Asian man, or a freckled white girl like me.

20180113_152758 (1).png

Olivia (@oliviasangle)

Feminism is the notion that men and women should be equal. As a society, we should stop looking at feminism as threatening and work together to ensure equality for everyone. Last summer, I attended a workshop about Intersectional Feminism. This truly opened my eyes about what feminism truly encompassed, versus the white feminism I was used to. I learned that feminism included all people, and that oppression was so much more than just the wage gap.


Nabila (@hottowncoolgirl)

I am a feminist because I believe that all genders are equal. Because men are not better than women and vice versa. Even today women are getting paid less, terms like “like a girl” are still in use, and one of the most common questions of a woman who has been sexually assaulted is: “What were you wearing?” Does that make any sense? No. The answer is no. One of the ways I express my feminism is by talking about it with people both on and offline, and also going to things like the Women’s March.

Jana (@goldwrappings)

I’m a feminist because I believe no one should ever live in fear. Because I believe that both genders should get equal opportunities, and because no one should be punished because of how they were born.


Elena (@outnaboutweb)

I am a feminist because it is the right thing to be. I believe that everyone should be treated respectfully, regardless of their gender. I sometimes feel helpless and don’t know what I personally can do about sexism, but truly, talking about it with you friends, family, staying updated, and involved and somehow you will find your own opportunities to stand up for equality.


Anna (@anna_swear)

I’m a feminist because it seems crazy not to be. Feminism is such a beautiful thing, but so many people have preconceptions about what it means to be a feminist. No, being a feminist does not mean I hate men or think I’m better than men. By definition it is the equality of the sexes. Feminism has been such a powerful force in my life, and has given me the confidence to make my voice heard. I express my feminism in any way possible; I’m proud to be female, I’m proud to be a feminist.


Joanna (@jersey_fabulous)

I’m a feminist because I believe that females should have all the opportunities males have. I’m not a raging feminist by any means, but I will definitely voice by opinions on sexism and talk about equality. I think people have the misconception that feminism is about women being greater than men and it’s not. We just want to be equal and not faced with any prejudices because of our gender. I’m a feminist and proud.

IMG_0439 (1)

Faith (@livefaithfullyy)

Called out to the hallway and being told “You can’t wear a shirt that shows your shoulders because boys will be tempted,” is a statement I got told very much in school. I just remember being an elementary student and thinking “Isn’t that a boy’s problem for looking at me in that way?” Comments like that are told to women every day! Wear what makes you feel great and beautiful! If you get told or treated differently because of clothing that is all them! Not you! Dress codes are unfair. I feel as 90% of the rules are put on women, and give us limitations to what we can wear because of men. Be strong! Have fun with fashion! Just remember the future is female!


Ally Mont (allys_aesthetic)

I’m a feminist because when I became aware if the inequality between genders, I wanted to do something about it. The fact that we have come so far as a society and still experience this inequality absolutely baffles me and I wanted to dedicate part of myself to ending that. My hope is to make an impact in anyway possible, big or small, to help future generations of kids experience complete equality between genders.

Screenshot_20180118-154630 (1).png

Anna (@amaizylife)

I’m a feminist because of Genesis 1:27 and Pslam 139:13-14, which tells me that every person has inherent dignity and value. I live out feminism by sponsoring young women through Compassion Intl. and by supporting anti-human trafficking efforts as well as encouraging and building up the women I meet in daily life.


Grace (@gadaboutgrace)

To me, feminism is not about me but rather about all the women in less privileged positions. It is about recognizing that all women experience misogyny differently depending on race, gender, identity, sexual orientation, ability, and class. It is about combating all systems of oppression that oppress all women, so that all women of all identities are freed from oppression. As a feminist, I think that we all must center on helping the most marginalized women, and only then can we really achieve true equality!!

20180117_102510 (1)


I’m a feminist because I think that my body should belong to me, and no one else. The clothes of the victim should not determine whether or not the aggressor is guilty.


Virginia and Grayson.


Many people when they think of feminism, imagine crazy women who want to be put on a pedestal above men. However, this is far from true. Feminism to me is the belief that men and women are equal and should be treated as such. I am proud to be a feminist because I want equal treatment and opportunities for women, and I show this by being ambitious and not letting the fact that I’m a girl stand in the way. This is why I’m not ashamed to call myself a feminist.

Grayson (@graayyson)

I am a feminist because I believe in equality and equal opportunity for all genders. I want to make the world a place where women and men can coexist and not face the fears and discrimination facing women.


Grace (@graceuk13)

I think the movement of everyone being equal is huge. Without it, my family would not exist, my half sister is mixed. I want her to always know that no matter what color or gender she is, she is loved by the world. I think the feminist movement helps achieve that mindset.


Wannie (@its_wannie)

Feminism to me is fair and equal treatment of women and men. I express that by being aware of and pointing out any injustices I might see around me. Speaking out for people who can’t is important.


Lexie (@whatlexieloves)

I’m a proud feminist. To me, being a feminist doesn’t have to be about constantly screaming about how amazing women are (although that’s cool too!), but it’s just about truly believing and understanding that women are just as amazing as men, and that we should be treated equally. It shocks me that there is still a pay gap, and upsets me that one day I could do the exact same job as a man, but get paid less than him, simply because of my sex.

Isabella (isa_flysure)

Feminism to me means equality. It means receiving equal pay at a job. It means having women CEOs and presidents. Feminism to me means being in a world where gender does not matter.


Fallon (@volstatefallon)

I’m a feminist because I believe women and men are equally capable of accomplishing the same things. I have also heard stories from my family about my grandmother breaking the standards of the past and kicking butt in math. We also see women doing truly incredible things that men do every day. I also believe that men can do things that are standards for women equally as good as women can. I believe that we were all created equal, and should be looked at as equal no matter the gender.

Well, there you have it, 15 women and their wonderful beliefs for women and human rights! If you would like to know more/have questions about feminism or want to send me your own submission, feel free to shoot me an email or Instagram DM. Also, with this I want you all to realize that you shouldn’t be scared to take a stand for what you believe in because this world will never run out of room for people who want to speak up for injustices. Make sure to check out Cal’s post for 15 other empowering women that have things to share with you as well. Thanks so much for reading friendzzz!!

💜Love, Olivia


32 thoughts on “What Even is a Feminist?

  1. What an amazing post! It’s so lovely to see so many ladies coming together and promoting feminism 🙂 Equality is an inherent right, and seeing how much girl love and positivity has arisen lately around the word ‘feminist’ really warms my heart 😀

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  2. I LOVE this idea! The word “feminist” has been given such a negative connotation, so I’m glad you took this opportunity to share the diverse faces and meanings of Feminism. Amazing post!

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  4. Totally agree that people think feminism = man-hating and that is absolutely not true! I wish more people could see the true meaning and find their own spot in a movement that is growing.

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