30 Day Styling Challenge Recap + Final 4 Outfits


I will never ever get over how amazing this 30 Day Styling Challenge was, but first let me give you all a little run-down on what exactly the challenge is.   For all of January, I am styling outfits with stand-out pieces, outfits with overloads of accessories, outfits using only one color, and more; all to help me work towards the cool and unique wardrobe I’m looking for.  

The way my closet has expanded without buying barely any new clothes is insane.  I can now walk up to my closet and put together a unique outfit in no-time flat.  I understand the exact vision I’ve always wanted with my personal style, and I am able to make that vision a reality with the clothes in front of me.  Like I said in the Week 4 post, the looks I am creating on the daily are more ‘Olivia’ than ever making the satisfaction when I look in the mirror unreal.  I want you all to feel that too!!

  After you read this post, I challenge you to go to your closet and create an outfit that is so YOU, but you’ve been scared to try, or pull out all your fav clothing items and accessories and make an entire outfit out of them! Try mixing patterns, adding a bright pop of color, going monochrome for a day, or go all out with layering. It can definitely be hard to go out of your comfort zone, especially when it comes to something so public like your outfit, but I encourage all of you to try it like I have. And trust me, you’ll LOVE IT!!

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On Friday, the theme was Black Out for our school’s spirit week, and this was the outfit I decided to go with.  I did wear black ripped jeans instead of this skirt, but I figured the skirt is more fun and funky for da blog 😉  The pink fur and bodysuit add a punk feel to the all black, so try doing that next time you’re going for a thief-in-the-night glam outfit.

Black Denim Jacket (similar, ON SALE!!) // Fuchsia Bodysuit (similar) // Leather Skirt (similar) // Flatform Shoes ($14!!)

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Saturday was a chill day, hence the casual urban look.  For me, it was so weird to be wearing a basic gray tee and black jeans, so I threw on lots of gold necklaces, my new fav burgundy boots, and one of the most unique suede jackets I own.  This outfit just goes to show that even an ootd with a basic tee doesn’t have to be boring!  Try spicing up your neutral-colored t-shirt with accessories next time you go out.

Camel Suede Coat (similar) // Gray Tee // Black Ripped Jeans (similar) // Burgundy Boots (similar)

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I threw it back to New Year’s Eve with this metallic and black look.  This jacket with see-through stripes was too perfect not to wear as soon as I got it, and the gold top went perfectly.  Just to mess with people, I wore only silver accessories.  One of my fav things to do is mix silver and gold, and I dare you to try it for yourself!

Gold Metallic Top (similar) // Dark Jeans

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You’ll see later in this post when I list my Top 5 outfits from this challenge, but stripes are having a moment in my daily wardrobe, especially pairing lots of them together.  This dress was featured with a plain turtleneck underneath in an earlier challenge week, so I think this photo just goes to show how far I’ve come this month.  I went from a plain turtleneck to a belted look with a black and white striped turtleneck underneath instead!  Try upping one of your own favorite outfits like I did with this one.

Turtleneck (similar, ON SALE!!)// Striped Dress (similar) // Circle Belt


2018-01-14 04.08.26 1.jpg

MO Bomber (ON SALE!!) // Self-Love Tee (similar) // Plaid Pants // Red Purse (similar and ON SALE!!) // Retro Sunnies

2018-01-21 08.14.35 1.jpg

Red Zip Dress (similar) // Matisse Shoes (similar)

2018-01-23 06.29.54 2.jpg

Rainbow Striped Top // Blue and White Skirt (similar)  // Boots (similar)

2018-01-10 04.15.56 1.jpg

Red Denim Jacket (on sale!!) // Feminist Patch (on sale!!) // Embroidered Jeans (similar)// Flatforms (50% off!!)

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Linked above!!

And that’s a wrap on the 30 Day Styling Challenge!  Definitely be on the lookout for another 30 Day coming some time in the next few months 😉  I hope you all enjoyed this entire series, and that it has inspired you as much as I hoped it would.  Leave a comment below telling me which look was your favorite (it can be one not in this post), and feel free to drop any questions or blog post ideas you may have as well.

THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH FOR READING!!  To be honest, I was very nervous posting the first styling challenge blog because it was so different from anything I’ve done before.  I wasn’t sure how you all would receive it, but all the LOVE AND SUPPORT from each of you has made these posts a joy to publish.  Ahh, thanks a million!

💜Love, Olivia


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