2 of My Most ‘Olivia’ Looks

So as you know if you’ve kept up with all of my 30 Day Styling Challenge posts, this month I have really evolved my personal style and have utilized more clothing pieces from my closet than ever before (mainly because I’ve become a lot better at layering!). With that style evolution I’m going through, I have started to become better at creating outfits ON THE DAILY that scream Olivia. From wearing an overload of accessories to mixing patterns and showing off my “edgy” side, I’ve never been more in love with my daily ootds. That being said, today, I’m sharing with you all two of my most ‘Olivia’ looks that I’ve styled the past few weeks. With this post, I hope you get a better insight on what exactly my style is, and that I inspire you to go inside of your own closet and create looks that are so you!!

These next 2 looks have everything, yet nothing in common. They both have their feminine and edgy sides (haha feminine with edge is slowly becoming an over-used branding by me), but give off totally different vibes. Keep reading, and you’ll see 😉


This first outfit is one from back in December, and is one of the very first ones that made me feel super duper satisfied with the look I had created. I had gotten the J. Crew jacket on Cyber Monday for 50% off and knew immediately that I wanted to wear my black ripped jeans with it to create a certain contrast. Once I received the jacket I realized that this turtleneck I had with one pink stripe matched perfectly! Because there always has to be a stand-out accessory, I threw on my corset belt from Francesca’s to make this a very work-wear street style look.

Pink J. Crew Coat (ON SALE!!) // Striped Turtleneck (similar) // Ripped Jeans (similar) // Corset Belt (similar)


As you know, I ADORE Members Only bombers because just throwing one on over a t-shirt can take your look from 0 to 100 real quick 🙂  And that’s exactly what I decided to do with this next look.  Using my Self-Love Tee from Forever 21 and my beloved plaid pants, I gave my satin-y blue Members Only bomber the look of a lifetime!  With an addition of all the silver jewelry I own, a red purse, and some retro sunnies; this look gave off some serious retro vibezzz.  The amount of love I have for this outfit is insane, but totally understandable in my book.  I can promise you this won’t be the last time you see it!

MO Bomber (ON SALE!!) // Self-Love Tee (similar) // Plaid Pants // Red Purse (similar and ON SALE!!) // Retro Sunnies

There you have it, my most ‘Olivia’ looks!  I hope you all enjoyed this post and got some inspo to go make outfits from your own clothing that are so inherently YOU.  Leave a comment below about which outfit was your fav, and feel free to drop any questions or blog post ideas you may have as well.  Thanks so much for reading friendzzz!!

💜Love, Olivia


36 thoughts on “2 of My Most ‘Olivia’ Looks

  1. You. Are. So. Beautiful. I CANT!!! How are you so good at this!?! 😂😘 I definitely would not have the confidence to “pull off” those outfits, but one day I certainly hope I can as they are so unique and make such a powerful statement! ❤ Great job Olivia!!!!! ❤❤❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aw THANK YOU, Anna!! You could definitely pull off these outfits, but wear what makes you comfortable now 🙂 Honestly, some days I force myself out of the house when I’m wearing an outfit I love, but am scared of what people think. Because once ‘s no turning back! That’s the main way I started to gain confidence it what I was wearing, by making myself have confidence! Thanks for reading, and I’m so glad you loved all the looks


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