Day in the Life: School, Tennis, Younglife, and MORE!

Today on Absolutely Olivia I’m bringing you another more personal, chatty post.  A Day in the Life was SUPER requested when I asked you guys what you wanted to see on the blog this year.  I set up a poll on my Instagram (@absolutelyolivia) to see whether you all wanted a regular or eventful Day in the Life, and the majority vote was for regular.  So here I am to share a typical school Day in the Life, with a couple extra exciting things along the way.  Keep reading to see what Absolutely Olivia is up to when it comes to daily life!

6:46 am- It’s rise and shine time! I don’t normally wake up this early, but my whole family had gotten up and I’m a light sleeper when it comes to noisy houses! Today was Pajama Day at school for Basketball Homecoming Spirit Week, so I threw on my onesie for a quick and easy #ootd. After I made my bed (a daily must), it was time for some yum yum breakfast of oatmeal and yogurt. I have this everyday, so it’s nothing special 🙂 Then, I pack for school and brush my teeth.

7:43 am- Ugh, I was headed to school for a new week full of quizzes, projects, and homework. Luckily, spirit week adds a bit of excitement into the mix of stress and boredom.

8:08 am- My first class of the day starts after announcements. It’s an AP history class, so I try my best to pay attention. We watched a bit of the news and took notes on the distribution of global religions. Super exciting stuff, you guys 😉 On to the next class, Gym. This class is hit or miss; some days we’re active the whole time, and other days we don’t do a single thing. It was a do-nothing day, except we did have to walk around the gym for 15 minutes (the public school version of being active). After that, I chatted with my friends and caught up with some I hadn’t talked to in a while. Then it was off to lunch!

11:20 am- The fun half-way point in my school day did not disappoint! I wandered around our lunch courtyard and talked to all different friends, and of course, complimented everyone’s bomb pajamas. Eventually, I had to eat, so I plopped down on the ground (there is approximately 4 picnic tables for the 300 or so people that eat in the courtyard for lunch!!) to chow on my daily bagel sandwich and fruit cup. Sadly, all good things must come to an end, so a few minutes later I was headed to… FRENCH!!! Although this class is far from my favorite, I have a good teacher and some great pals in it, which makes up for the bad parts. We had a quiz (fingers crossed I get an A), reviewed homework, then started on a group story project. Wish me luck on that!

1:35 pm- My last class of the day was Biology, a subject I’m not too keen on. This class is just filled with busy work, which I don’t hate because that ends up in a lot of free time because I always manage to finish early. We took so many notes that I thought my hand would fall off, but other than that it was smooth sailing!

3:15 pm- Woohoo! I was finally free from jail… I mean school. I walked to my car, rode home, ate a yummy snack of cheez-its and yogurt, then got ready for tennis. Thankfully, the weather was in the low 60’s, so I was able to wear a skirt and tank top. I had an orthodontist appointment before tennis, so they could give me rubber bands for my braces. My mouth is definitely sore, but I’m going to power through in the name of straight teeth!

4:45 pm- After the ortho, I went straight to tennis for 2 hours. We did a few drills, but it was mainly a playing points day. Not gonna lie, I didn’t play my best because of a huge blister on my hand that decided to pop! The pain when I was playing was like no other :/

7:06 pm- My dad picked me up from tennis and I ate some Arby’s really fast because I was going home yet! I was headed to All City Club for Younglife, a youth group for high-schoolers that is WAY more fun than youth group should ever be! Normally, Younglife club is just with people from your own school, but All City Club was one where all 7 schools in your area came.

7:31 pm- When I got there, there were already so many kids! There was a dance circle going on around the basketball court, and someone had a huge speaker on top of their car that was pumping the bass. When we were finally allowed to go inside we danced like crazy, played fun games, and had a nice devotional at the end. Club with just your school is always great, but it was cool to have so many other people share the experience with you. It’s hard to describe how much fun (and sweat) I had at All City Club, and it was such a nice break from all the school and life stress.

8:51 pm- Unfortunately, All City came to an end, and I was at last on my way home after a jam-packed Monday. I ate some caramel popcorn while watching TV with my mom then took a quick shower before going to bed.

9:56 pm- After watching David Dobrik and Kallie Kaiser’s latest YouTube videos, it was beauty sleep time for me! Yes, I go to bed super early, but I truly believe in the power of a long night’s sleep 🙂

Whew! This Monday was full of endless things to do, but honestly I wasn’t that mad about it. Even though Fridays are great, sometimes starting the week off on a happy foot can make Fridays worth the wait! Let me know in the comments below if you enjoyed this School Day in the Life, and tell me if you want to see another Day in the Life soon. Don’t be scared to ask any questions you may have as well. Thanks so much for reading!!

💜Love, Olivia


14 thoughts on “Day in the Life: School, Tennis, Younglife, and MORE!

  1. Hi Olivia!
    My name is Emma, and I just wanted to let you know how much I adore your blog! This is the perfect post (I genuinely enjoyed reading it) and it was a great introduction to who you are and what a day in your life is actually like. I can’t wait to read more of your upcoming (and previous) posts!
    All our love,
    Betty and Me

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