4 Ways to Layer A Turtleneck

Nowadays, plain turtlenecks are a winter essential. Although they can be cute on their own, cold weather calls for drastic measures in the fashion world, so that’s where layering comes in. Layering turtlenecks doesn’t take a clothing mastermind, but there are certain ways to do it that make it super stylish! Today, I’m using my trusty black and gray turtlenecks to show you 4 ways to layer your own turtlenecks. As always, these looks are my final draft, but your rough draft to make your own final outfit out of!! I hope you all learn a new way to layer from this post, and will use these in your own daily wardrobe. Here we go!


Cropped sweaters are perfect for fall, but not so great around this time of year. Never fear, turtlenecks are here! At first, I was skeptical on whether or not this style would work, but it does. Although my look isn’t totally high fashion (I was in a crunch for time) wearing turtlenecks under cropped sweaters definitely has major potential to be so. If you could find a patterned t-neck and a differently patterned sweater, your outfit would be super editorial and bomb as heck!


People have been doing this for a while now, and for some unknown reason I’ve only just discovered how great it is, so I’m including it for those of you that are in the same ‘missing out’ boat I was in! To me, dresses are comfy and I always want to wear my flowy tank summer dressed in the winter. My solution?? Turtlenecks!! (…and tights) Underneath my fav striped dress, I wore my gray turtleneck. The colors worked so well together, and it made for a great look. Next time you’re missing summer and its dresses, bring’em into the winter season with a simple turtleneck.


The final way you can layer your solid turtlenecks is by wearing them underneath (or even over if you’re feeling extra spicy) a button-down. This is probably the most far-reaching style in this post, but I can envision it being super cool! It would create a lot of warmth on chillier days, and leaving a few buttons open to show the turtleneck is the way to go. When you want to wear your button-down with a tank to keep warm, trade the tank out for a turtleneck. Just like with the cropped sweater, mix the prints when layering to make a unique look!


Layering a turtleneck under a tee or tank has to be one of my favorite ways to layer because of the edge it brings to any outfit. Personally, I love wearing them under darker colored t-shirts, but depending on your style you can change the color up. You could also find an over-sized tee in your closet or at a thrift store, pop on some tights, a cool corset belt, wear your turtleneck underneath with OTK boots and you’ll have a real vibin’ look on your hands!

Woohoo!! Now you all have at most 4 new ways to style your turtlenecks this winter. I hope you all enjoyed this post, and got inspired to reach deep inside your closet to layer your own pieces. Leave a comment below letting me know which style of layering was your favorite, and if there is a way I didn’t mention. Feel free to drop any questions or blog post ideas you may have as well. Thanks so much for reading and always supporting me on this AO journey!!

๐Ÿ’œLove, Olivia


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