Get to Know Me Better: 10 Facts About the Girl Behind the Blog

About a week ago, I asked you guys on my Instagram (@absolutelyolivia #shamelessplug) what type of blog posts you all would like to see from me this year. And I was happily overwhelmed with way more responses then I could’ve imagined, with the majority of the requests being personal/chatty/lifestyle posts. Obviously, this means you all want to know a bit more about me (I’m flattered ;)) and my daily life, so I figured what’s a better way to kick off a year full of getting to know the girl behind the blog than with a 10 Facts About Me post! I’ve done one before, but that was in June 2017 (read it HERE), and many more wonderful people have joined me on this Absolutely Olivia journey; that it’s only fair to do a little bit of a re-introduction. Without further ado, here are 10 unique facts about me:

*Interrupting the scheduled program for a special announcement:  One of my blogger friends, Callan (@currentcalllan) and I are working on a small blog project where we are collecting photos of followers and people we know that identify as feminists to show that feminists are all different types of people.  Also, we are getting the participants to write a 2-3 sentence blurb about why they are a feminist/how they express their feminism/what’s something important people should know about feminism, etc.  If you would like to take part, let me know in the comments, and I will get in contact with you ASAP!  Now back to regular programming ;)*

1. I use to dread dressing up: If you had met me 5 years ago, there would be no signs of an aspiring fashionista. Athletic was the one word I wanted people to describe me as, so I made sure to channel that through my wardrobe. Off-brand Nike shorts with t-shirts and hoodies were what you could catch me in way back then. It wasn’t until the discovery of J. Crew on a trip to New York that I fell head over heels for the world of fashion!

2. Vines and memes are what I turn to on a bad day (and honestly everyday lol): I mentioned this in my 2017 Year in Review, but I’ll say it again. You can’t have a conversation with me without a vine reference coming out of my mouth, and I also have a meme for every situation 🙂 They’re definitely what makes me laugh the most, and never fail to cheer me up. Thanks to vine compilations on Youtube, I have yet to meet my New Year’s goal of turning off my phone at least 30 minutes before going to sleep!

3. I’m a shorty: At 5’3, I’m just tall enough to reach the top shelf at the grocery store by standing on my tip-toes. I don’t hate my height because I can get through crowds easier, but I would choose a pair of heels over tennis shoes or flats any day!

4. My zodiac sign is Taurus, and it 100% applies to me: I’ve seen and read countless horoscopes and character traits of Taurus and can safely say that they all apply to me. Taurus traits like focused, loyal, stubborn, and opinionated describe me well and although horoscopes are vague, I’ve had more than a few be relevant to my life at that moment.

5. My style in 3 words is “feminine with edge”: Style is ever-changing for everyone, but I feel like as my taste in clothing evolves, the same 3 words can be used to describe it. One day my outfits will be glam and girly, the next day they’ll be grungy and have an overload of chunky silver jewelry, and the next day the outfit will be a good mix of both, like black ripped jeans and a white flowy lace top. Feminine with edge is one of the best ways to describe my sense of fashion for sure!

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

6. I have a small fear of movie theaters: Sitting in the dark with a bunch of strangers for an hour and a half or more for a movie is not exactly my cup of tea. Maybe it’s because of the theater shootings or just the fact that I refused to go into one until I was in second grade (thanks Harry Potter!), but either way I get extremely nervous and get a knot in my stomach before going to the movies. Once I’m there it goes away little by little, so it’s only a minor fear.

7. What my sister thinks about me: Olivia is very funny and a little weird at times. She is always wanting to have someone with her at all times, especially when she is doing her makeup and taking blog pictures. She is always willing to watch Harry Potter movies with me and hang out with me. Olivia likes to have things to do majority of the time, she doesn’t like to be stuck in the house all day with nothing to do.

8. Zendaya and Kallie Kaiser are my style inspirations: With Zendaya’s ability to wear anything and everything and be killing the game always, and Kallie’s perfect mix of feminine and edge; these two and their outfits are constantly on my mind whenever I’m out shopping. I’m thinking, “Is this something Kallie would wear?” and “How would Zendaya style this top to make it more than unique?” Needless to say, if I ever got to shop with either of them, my life would be made!

9. One time I was pushed off a cliff by my Uncle’s dog: This is probably the biggest near-death experience I’ve had, which is good considering the cliff was only 10 feet from the ground. We were hiking and my Uncle’s dog ran past me, knocking me off the side of the trail. Luckily, I was able to grab onto a branch and hold on (if I hadn’t I probably would have gotten more than a couple broken bones) and scream until my uncle came to get me. It definitely wasn’t as dramatic as I always make it out to be, but hey, being pushed off a cliff is pretty scary!

10. I sniff after saying something I think is important or “profound”: My family has pointed out to me that whenever I say something that I think is important or I’m being full-of-myself about, I sniff at the end of the sentence. They’ve caught me in the act a few times, and I can’t think of an example to tell y’all, but just know that I do it 😛


Woohoo, there you have it!! I hope you all got to know a little more about me, and I can’t wait to get more chatty and personal on the blog this year. Leave a comment below letting me know what you would like me to chat about (I have a Day in the Life on the way!), and feel free to drop any questions or other blog post ideas while you’re down there. Thanks for reading and for all the love and support!

💜Love, Olivia


37 thoughts on “Get to Know Me Better: 10 Facts About the Girl Behind the Blog

  1. We have a bit in common! I ALWAYS have a meme or vine for EVERY occasion and I’m 5’3″ too (but my siblings are all like really tall so I do feel some kind of way about my height… but, oh well…) Neat post! Thanks for sharing 💕

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  2. Aww it was great to get to know you better! I am a taurus as well and I can definitely relate to so many horoscope traits/predictions too :’) And congrats on discovering a new love for fashion despite not always enjoying it! Xx

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  4. I actually can understand you with the Movie theatre part. I feel a bit strange before I go into the Theatre too and I have like a really weird anxious feeling. Also, I don’t like to go in without a bottle of water – I have this subconscious weird fear about going into the dark room without anything to drink, like, I might be really thirsty and not be able to have a drink for 2 hours. Xxx

    Abby x

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