How to Make and REACH Your Goals: Motivation Tips for the New Year

How many of you have met every resolution/goal you’ve made at the start of a New Year?

Most of you probably have the same answer as me: never, and by the end of the year some of you may not even remember the original resolutions you first made! I’m also guilty of this, but last year I came close to meeting every single one of my goals, and this year I am determined to not miss the mark on any of the ones I talked about in my 18 Goals for 2018 post. Today, I’m sharing how you can make attainable goals like mine, and how to make sure they’re reached by the end of the year. This post is full of tips I’ve picked up over the years, and since I use them myself, you know they’re worth using! Here we go:


Make Your Goals Reasonable: Come December, everyone wants to be able to look at their list of goals they made at the beginning of the year and check everything off. The feeling of satisfaction is like no other when that happens, and it’ll leave anyone motivated and ready for the new year ahead. That’s why making your goals reasonable is so valuable. Obviously, having dreams and aspirations is super important, but remember a lot of the bigger plans you may have might not be reachable in only 365 days. Focus on the groundwork, planning, and money-making that goes into making that dream a reality for the first year, then go from there.

*It is totally possible to make a dream a reality in one year, but sometimes making that your goal can lead to discouragement if it’s not met!

Make Your Goals As Specific As Possible: DON’T BE VAGUE when it comes to setting goals. Instead of writing down “Exercise More,” write down specific lengths of time you want to work out each day or certain classes/exercises you want to do before the year is up. Instead of writing down “Eat Healthier,” write down exact foods you want to cut out. Give yourself little to no wiggle room, so then at the end of the year you can’t convince yourself you’ve met the goal if you haven’t.

Make Your Goals True to YOU: As people, it can be so easy to be influenced by the people around you, especially when it comes to goal-making. Although, one of the most important part of goal-making is that the whole process is for YOU! Even if one of the things you want to do most this year is help in your community (i.e. help other people), the goal is still being completed by you. Of course, it is a-ok if you make a goal someone suggest you should, but make sure every goal on the list is one you genuinely want to do (or else you could very well end up not meeting it) and one that will better yourself and/or improve the lives around you.


Goal Check-Ups: For those of you who have been with me since at least the beginning of December of 2017 know that I did goal check-ups quarterly on the blog (I plan on doing them this year as well!). I would revisit the goals I made at the start of the year to make sure I was working towards meeting them. This is vital to reaching your goals. It’s super easy to forget the list you made 3 or so months ago, and going back and looking at them is a reminder that’ll refocus you on your original intentions for the year. Also, once you meet a goal replace it with another similar goal to keep your hard work going. 🙂

Break-down Your Year Goals into Month Goals: Sometimes, goals you make can feel big and unreasonable, and can lead to you doubting your ability to meet them. One way to stop that feeling in its tracks is to break down your year goals into month goals. For example, one of my goals is to hit 2,900 followers on the blog. I could take that and figure out how many followers I need to gain in a month (100) to meet the goal by the end of 2018. Then, I can work towards that month goal by networking and engaging accordingly. It’s as simple as that, and easy to do for any goal of yours, whether it’s statistical or not. Breaking down your goals will release some of the stress in reaching a big goal by the end of the year, and gives yourself a better idea of what you need to do to meet it.

Find Someone to Hold You Accountable: One of the best ways to ensure you reach your goals by the end of the year is to get a family member or friend to hold you accountable. let them know what all your goals are and how you plan to meet them. Tell them that as you go through the year you want them to make sure you’re still on track to meet your goals and they can help you if you come across any road bumps in doing so. If you have a blog, take that as an opportunity to have your followers hold you accountable. Share your goals with them and hold check-ups throughout the year on your blog. I did this last year, and 100% percent believe that having my goals public for all of you to see really motivated me to work harder than I already was to meet them.

Smash those goals!!

Well, there you have it: all my tips and tricks on How to Make AND Reach Your Goals! I hope this post helped you in some way, and although the majority of you have already made your goals/resolutions for 2018; after reading this post feel free to go back and revise the ones you’ve made. Also, now you know how I reach my goals and hopefully that will help you as well. Leave a comment below letting me know a way you make sure to reach your goals, and drop any questions or blog post ideas you may have while you’re down there. Thanks for reading everyone and good luck on meeting your goals for the year!

I believe in you.

💜Love, Olivia


22 thoughts on “How to Make and REACH Your Goals: Motivation Tips for the New Year

  1. I definitely think having a person that holds you accountable is vital for reaching your goals. I always tell my husband all my resolutions so that if he can keep me on track. I also agree with not having vague resolutions – I used to do that in the past but that never worked out. Great post! 🙂

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  2. So helpful! Breaking down your goals definitely makes it so much more easier and realistic! I actually didn’t have any goals for the new year except being happy but this post definitely inspired me enough to maybe make a few resolutions… it’s not too late we’re still at the start of the new year haha! XD

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  3. These are all really helpful Olivia! I definitely agree with revisiting your goals. I never remember what goals I had set in previous years after a month, so I’d just forget and never go back haha. But writing them down and revisiting them in the blog will definitely keep me accountable! 🙂

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