18 Goals for 2018

Ahhh the New Year… It’s 2018 everyone!!  Knowing that it’s the new year always leave me feeling refreshed, optimistic, and full of fun ideas and plans for the 365 days yet to come.  One way I put those thoughts into the real world is by creating a list of goals to accomplish that can help me put all my creative and hard-working juices to the test.  Last year, I did 17 Goals for 2017, so, of course, this year I had to do 18 Goals for 2018!  These goals are for the betterment of myself, the people around me, and hopefully the community and world around me.  Without further ado (well, after the little side note I wrote below this paragraph:)), I give you my 18 Goals for 2018!!

Also, with a new year comes new content and I want to know what YOU want to see on Absolutely Olivia this year!  Whether it’s something general like “more Sister Style posts” or something more specific like “how to style *insert a clothing piece you have trouble styling here*,” I want post ideas that will keep you coming back to read more and keep you interested.  So don’t be shy, leave a comment below letting me know blog posts you want me to write in 2018!


1. 2,800 Blog Followers: Last year, my goal was 300 (my, how times have changed!) and you all went above and beyond on that one because I ended the year with 1,689. I can’t wait to have more and more new friends join our AO journey!

2. Work with 10 Brands and 4 Bloggers I LOVE: Creating relationships with brands and other bloggers is one of my fav parts abut blogging, and I want 2018 to be filled with new ones to carry on for years to come.

3. Create More Posts About Feminism, Activism, etc.: I’ve shared a few posts in the past about these topics as they’re extremely important to me, but I want to create more for you guys in order to help in making this world a better place for you and everyone else in between.

4. Go Self-Hosted: There’s a few things I would like to be different about my blog and it’s layout that can only be achieved by going self-hosted. The home page feels impersonal and I would like to be able to add more plug-ins than I can currently.

5. 2,500 Instagram Followers: Insta is one of the places I want to grow the most this year, and I’m going to be working hard to meet this goal. If you haven’t followed me already, feel free to help kick start this goal by following now 😉

Instagram: @absolutelyolivia


6. Run 3x A Week: This goal was a fail last year, but I really want to meet it this year. Running always leaves me feeling refreshed and gets my good endorphins flowing!

7. Journal: Also a goal from 2017 that I’ve decided to carry with me into 2018 (but proved to be more successful than running). Already it’s so cool to look back on entries from only 2 months ago, so I can’t wait to write about new adventures this year.

8. Finish 1-2 Major (Editorial?) Portrait Projects: As you all know, photography was my new-found passion of 2017, and I love portraiture (especially the editorial, high-fashion kind). I’m hoping to complete a couple editorial portrait series along with tons of regular portraits this year, so be on the lookout. Also, I’m going to be posting Monthly Photography posts, not just quarterly anymore!!

9. DIY More Thrift Finds: This is self-explanatory, and basically I want my thrifted items to be even more unique than normal by adding my own special touch. 🙂

10. Earn All A’s: I believe having this goal up for all to see in 2017 motivated me to work harder than I already was to meet it. I want that to be the same for this year because good grades=good college!

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

One of my favorite portraits I’ve taken so far.

11. Read 36 Books: When I was younger, you would never catch me without a book in my hands and I want that to be true in 2018 as well.

12. Travel Somewhere with 2+ Friends: 2017 was the year of growing old and gaining new friendships, and I would love nothing more that to travel somewhere with them. I always leave my time with friends feeling extra fulfilled and content, so going on a trip would double that feeling!

13. Find A New Hobby to Enjoy: I try to keep my goals as far from vague as possible, but this one is. I want to find something new to do in my free time, so that I’m not doing the same old, same old.

14. Participate in 4+ Community Projects: Focusing more on helping others and the betterment of the community around me is a big goal of mine in 2018. Out of all the goals on this list, I want to reach this one the most and go over the number I’ve set.

15. ACTUAL Closet Clean-Out: Every year I go through and “clean out” my closet several times, when in reality I only get rid of 5 or so items each time. This year, I want to go through and take out 15+ items to donate or sell.

16. Make 1 of my Own Designs: Another one of my un-achieved goals from last year, this is one I’m dying to meet, and I want to work super hard on making this happen, especially during the summer.

17. Find Healthy Alternatives at Restaurants/Fast Food Places: For me, eating out is inevitable due to my family always being on the go during the week. Finding healthy alternatives wherever we end up stopping will be something my body and mind will think me for.

18. Turn Off the Phone 30+ Minutes Before Sleeping: Falling asleep has become quite the struggle for me, and having restless sleep isn’t uncommon. I think some of it has to do with the fact that I’m on my phone up until I turn off my light to go to sleep every night. My goal is to stop doing that and read, write, or study instead.

With that final goal, I’m wishing you all a happy happy new year, and I hope you all have the most wonderful 2018 possible!  Be on the lookout for a post on how to keep your goals… 😉  Remember to drop blog post ideas in the comments below, I will be reading and writing every single one on my “Idea” list.  Also, let me know what one of your New Year’s goals are for 2018 as well.  Thanks so much for reading and Cheers to the New Year!

💜Love, Olivia



48 thoughts on “18 Goals for 2018

  1. Firstly, Happy New Year! Those are some great goals, especially number 3! Can’t wait to read more posts from you related to social issues! Also, I think it would be great to share with us your thoughts on some of the books you are going to read this year! I love those types of posts and I am sure other people do, too.
    I wish you good luck achieving everything on this list and I hope you have a wonderful 2018!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Yay! It makes me so happy that you would like to read about my thoughts on social issues! And if I read a few good books I will not hesitate to share them on here. Happy New Year, and cheers to 2018 being a year of meeting all of our goals 🙂


  2. Wish you a very happy New year.. Hope that you’ll achieve all your goals you mentioned.. I really liked your idea of dropping the phone before sleeping and writing journals.. This Post of yours motivated me alot. Definitely gonna try it.. keep this spirit alive.. 😊😊

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Great goals!! They were very thorough and I know you will achieve them. One of my goals is to be organized and use a daily planner this year, I didn’t use it last year and my life was a mess. Lol sn: I love your post and I can’t wait for more content!! Have a great year!! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aw thanks Elena! This comment made me so happy 🙂 Working with other bloggers really helps grow your relationship with them, and is totally beneficial to the both of you! I’m glad you liked this post, and thanks for always leaving the sweetest notes! Happy New Year and cheers to a great 2018 for both of us!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Great post! I have a running goal this year as well! I really do think it’s great to set goals so that you have something specific you’re working towards instead of just hoping for certain things to improve. Good luck at achieving all your goals and happy new year!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Happy New Year! Love these goals so much ❤ I am also trying to find a new hobby this year, let me know when you find yours because I think I'll be searching for mine for a while, haha!
    Also, really excited for you to go self-hosted. That's something I'd love to do in the future 🙂
    Incomplete Thinker xx

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Very impressive list Olivia! That’s what I call ambition! Congrats on reaching that amount of bloggers, you’re doing great!! Love being around people with passion in life, it’s so inspiring! xoxo Sarah

    Liked by 1 person

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