Day in the Life: Christmas

Christmas Day is arguably one of the busiest days of the year, but is just as fun as it is busy! Every year, I spend my Christmas with both sets of my grandparents along with all my aunts, uncles, and cousins. It’s really the most wonderful time of year as we’re able to spend time with those we don’t see every day, and the holiday season always leaves me full of love, laughter, and readiness for the new year with my family.

The beginning of the day is always hectic as we frantically unwrap presents as early in the morning as possible, and then the rest of the morning is spent playing and working with our new gifts. The Christmas Day speed picks up again as my close family and I travel to the other grandparents’ house for more crazy present opening later in the evening. Obviously, those last sentences were just a quick summary of what goes down, so today I’m sharing my Day in the Life: Christmas to take you step-by-step through the day!

7:21 am- I wake up and get ready, and only do my eyebrows and throw on some mascara for makeup to save time. I put on my warmest cardigan over my Christmas PJs, and headed downstairs quickly because my little cousins were yelling at everyone to wake up!

7:49 am- A fast breakfast (a doughnut) is necessary because everything on Christmas Day is double time, especially when presents are just waiting to be opened. It’s tradition on my dad’s side of the family to wait outside the closed living room doors for everyone to wake up and get ready, so that’s where us kids find ourselves. It’s really a great anticipation builder, and peering through the cracks in the doors is our way to pass the time and speculate about what gifts may be behind all the wrapping paper!

8:03 am- Finally, we got the go-ahead to race into the living room, and open our presents in our designated spots. First, the stockings are emptied, then the wrapped gifts. And boy, is it fun! By the end of it all, the room is covered with tissue and wrapping paper, but not to be missed are the shiny new products stacked in front of each person. Also, everyone is happy and laughing with each other, which is so so great!

Some of my fav presents I received were my DSLR camera (woohoo, get ready for some bomb photography), my Bando planner, and a couple aesthetically-pleasing notebooks.

9:13 am- It’s time for a hearty brunch of sausage and egg casserole and ham sandwiches before heading back to the family room to spend more time with the family and our new presents.

9:51 am- After 2 and 1/2 hours of being up and at’em, I changed into my velvet jumpsuit and black turtleneck. It’s the perfect look for a beautiful Christmas Day. One of my sissy’s gifts was the game Say Anything, so my cousins and I played. It was lots of fun and sadly, I lost, but that’s okay… I guess. πŸ˜‰

11:24 am- With my new DSLR camera, the photo opportunities are endless! I traveled aroun my grandparents house to take photos of all the Holiday madness. My 1 year-old cousin, Bess, smiled away as I snapped pictures of her. She’s the absolute cutest! It’s honestly amazing how incredible the quality of the camera is, I’m used to point-and-shoot ones. I can’t wait to use it for blog photos and portraits!

1:23 pm- I finished editing some of the photos I had taken (they go straight to my phone as soon as I take them on my camera!), and worked on my Bando planner. The planner comes with the cutest stickers and has weekly and monthly spreads! Then, I posted my Christmas OOTD on Instagram and wished a bunch of you Merry Christmas. After that, it came time for me to pack up my stuff to get ready to head to my other grandparents’ house.

2:02 pm- My family and I arrived at our other grandparents’ house and chilled out before the Christmas extravaganza continued later in the evening with my other cousins. It’s always so nice to slow down in the middle of a busy, busy day like Christmas, and enjoy my grandma’s beautiful decorations!

3:00 pm- My sister and I settled down on the couch to watch some Fuller House on Netflix, and I multi-tasked to work on this post. Leave some Netflix recommendations down below too, I’m open to anything. After that, I hit the bed to take a quick nap before my cousins came over for dinner and presents.

5:41 pm- My cuzzos arrived and we watched a little of How the Grinch Stole Christmas before eating a yummy yummy dinner of chicken, stuffed pork, deviled eggs, mashed potatoes, and green beans (I forgot to take a photo, I was just too excited to eat). We caught up on each other’s lives, and whenever I’m with my cousins and uncle I can never stop laughing, they’re some of the funniest people I know!

7:01 pm- Once everyone finished eating, which took a lot of waiting my cousins and I’s part, it was time for PRESENTS!! I love opening and seeing what other people got me because I feel like it reflects what they think of you or think you would like. I received a really comfy Snooze Queen night gown (I put it on right away), a huge box of popcorn, a pair of comfy boots, and really pretty rings and earrings. Also, I’m pretty much set for life in the sock department after this present opening πŸ˜‚

7:57 pm- For the next hour or so, my cousins and I shared with each other the gifts we got, and watched HILAIRIOUS videos on YouTube. Like I said earlier, laughter is always around when I’m with them.

9:30ish pm- After a tiring, yet super fun day, going to bed early was my #1 priority. I watched some of A Pocketful of Faith’ s livestream while I brushed my teeth and washed my face, then crawled into bed for my very important beauty sleep.

Christmas is one of my favorite times of year for the presents,of course, but mostly for the time spent with family. I think it’s safe to say that this day was absolutely brilliant because of all the people who know exactly what to get you, and can always make you smile. I hope you all each had a wonderful Christmas (or day if you don’t celebrate it), and enjoyed my Day in the Life post. Thanks so much for reading and up next: New Year’s!

πŸ’œLove, Olivia


15 thoughts on “Day in the Life: Christmas

  1. I LOVED reading this post!! A Day in the life posts are one of my faves, a Christmas one makes it so much better! It looked like you had such a lovely Christmas with your family, I hope you had a boxing day just as good😊
    Could I ask what camera you got? I’m saving up for one, only Β£30 off and it’s killing meπŸ˜‚


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