Why and How You CAN Pull Off Anything

“Wow, I could never pull that off!”

The above phrase has been said to me many times (and I’ve said it a few times myself), and it’s probably either been said to or been said by you before as well.  And I don’t stand by this phrase for a second!  I’m a firm believer that if you want to wear, you can pull it off; no matter your body size, skin color, etc.  The road to being comfortable enough to rock whatever can take a while, so my main goal for this post is to inspire you all to take steps towards feeling comfy in clothing items you thought could look good on you.  Here’s how I cut “I could never pull that off” out of my vocab, and how you can too!

Side Note: Feel free to leave a comment with if you’re having trouble styling an item in your closet or want to style a piece differently to make it stand out for, and I’ll leave some suggestions on how to style it!!


This post wouldn’t help anyone that much if I didn’t bring up the driving force behind the negative thought of “I could never pull that off.”  Confidence is talked about all the time, and there are countless blog posts, videos, and self-help books full with tips on how to gain more of it.  Truth is, different experiences, events, etc. will build confidence in different people and all those books, posts, and videos don’t work for everyone.  Although, I’m going to share with you a little snippet from my “Why You Shouldn’t Be Scared of Standing Out” post that shows why you shouldn’t let the confidence factor of things prevent you from pulling off anything you want!

I realized I had been holding back in fear of what others would think if I showed up wearing something too out of the ordinary.  Even if I tried on an item I really loved but was different than my normal attire, 9 out of 10 times I would put the item back on its hanger and return it to the rack.

It was not until about a month ago, that I went out on a limb and bought something totally different (at least for me) from Forever 21.  A metallic silver cropped hoodie.  I knew I had to have it and rushed into the dressing room to throw it on and check it out.  I immediately loved it, but as per usual the doubts poured in.  Is it too flashy?  Too “out there”? Too extraterrestrial?  Just too much in general?  Yet, I bought it anyway.

 Looking back, I honestly have no idea why I was so worried; it’s not like I had never worn anything weird and different to school before.  At the end of the day, I was glad I had worn it, because wearing the hoodie made me realize that it doesn’t matter what I wear if I like the clothing and feel comfortable.

Even though wearing a silver hoodie to school was a small feat, it kick started the confidence I needed to be comfortable wearing whatever anywhere.  This same self-assurance is essential to being able to pull off anything.  Gaining it can be as simple as donning a crazy clothing item for a day (like I did) or repeating positive affirmations to yourself as you go through a difficult process.  Find something that you think will give you the self-esteem boost and do it, and you’ll be well on your way to rocking pieces you never thought you could before!


One of my goals this year was to put on my outfit for the day then add an accessory or outfit piece that would make the look stand out more and extra unique.  This is an easy way for you all to change up your normal style without going to far out of your comfort zone.  Start out with a few of your favorite outfits,  and add something small to it (like a cool belt) that you’ve admired from afar, but never thought you could wear.  For example, the light pink sweater and skinny jeans you love can be easily spiced up with a pair of metallic shoes or a funky belt with snakes on it.


We’ve all seen our fav celebrity or blogger wearing an amazing outfit, but have immediately thought: “I could never wear that.”  Unfortunately, thoughts like that happen to the best of us, but I’m here to tell you that you CAN totally wear that.  No matter how crazy the outfit, I challenge you to try and recreate the person’s look and wear it for a day.  Recreating looks you love, but haven’t thought you could rock for whatever reason helps to slowly expand and create a more funky, I-wear-what-I-want style for yourself!


The last way to work towards pulling off anything, is to take the most beloved pieces in your closet and try styling them differently than you normally would.  Take a solid-colored tee (a graphic tee is even better) and instead of wearing it with a simple necklace and jeans, throw on a patterned bomber or skirt that’s eye-catching with bright colors.  Style a plaid skirt with a chunky knit sweater with bold embroidery or pair a navy-and-white skirt with a cropped black tee with patches.  Popular styles that some people might not think they can pull off are the Canadian tuxedo (denim on denim) and pattern-mixing, when in reality those looks create the most effortlessly chic outfits, and plus ANYONE can pull it off if they do it right.

Here’s one way I took an outfit up a notch.  In the summer, I just wore the tee with a denim skirt, but now as I’m trying to add more to my style, I throw on a yellow jacket as well.  This really makes the outfit my own!

I hope you all learned something from this post and feel a bit more inspired.  I challenge you to wear/buy an item of clothing you never thought you could wear, and I bet ya anything you’ll pull it off beautifully!  Make sure to leave a comment below if you’re having trouble styling a piece of clothing or want a new way to style it; I will help you!  Also, feel free to ask any questions or drop any blog post ideas in the comment section as well.  Thank you so much for reading!

💜Love, Olivia

P.S. I said “pull that off” 10 times in this post, including this one! 😂


13 thoughts on “Why and How You CAN Pull Off Anything

  1. Yeah, we all need a boost of confidence when it comes to what we wear. I think my own little mantra is more along the lines of “I don’t care what they think”. Of course, I care what I think, so this post is helpful in helping me like what I’m wearing. 😊

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  2. I think confidence is key in life. It is very important to feel confident in your outfit and if you don’t, wear something else. You’re totally right, taking small steps with creating a different style is very important. I still try to do that. Once a week, I wear an outfit that is not the boring jeans & top combination, but has a little bit extra. By taking this little steps, I feel confident in my clothes and I feel happy because I tried something new! I really enjoyed reading this post and it reminded me to do something fun with me clothes! xo

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  3. I usually wear jeans but today I decided to wear a pink dungaree dress for the first time and I really enjoyed it! It’s looks so pretty and it’s one of my favourite things I’ve bought this year 😄 I read your post just before I went out and it really helped to make me feel more confident! Thank you so much ❤️

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  4. I loved this post!! So inspiring! And you rocked that silver metallic hoodie! I think it’s so great that at your age you’re becoming so confident. It took me awhile to not care about what people thought about me. Probably why it took me so long to start my blog. But once I did just go for it and not worry about what anyone thought, my life couldn’t be better. Keep spreading those good vibes Olivia ❤

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